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http://www.houstonianonline.com/news/hacking-social-media-sites-become-easier-by-exploiting-cookies-1.2819362#.UVOKURenoXu Internet users may want to keep an eye on their cookie jar, because a new discovery has linked cookies with hacked social media accounts. Internet researcher Rishi Narang discovered a flaw in the way cookies are used by Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft Outlook/Live, and Yahoo. According to Australia’s SC Magazine, Narang found that cookies can be “stolen and used” in a “session fixation” attack. A session fixation is a method of hacking that tricks a victim into using a session identifier chosen by the attacker. If successful, it represents the simplest method with which a valid session identifier can be obtained. One student at SHSU however didn’t find the exploit a big deal. “If I got hacked like that, I wouldn’t really care,” senior student Christopher Valva said. “It’s just a Twitter account. It’s not my entire life.” See this video: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxyx4f_hass-associates-online-scam-du-jour-they-re-creative-everywhere-so-beware-deviantart_news#.UVGzshdTDCY Read this: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Hass-Associates-Online-Cyber-Review-4883972

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Hacking social media sites become easier by exploiting cooki

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