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Strategic Objective 2 PowerPoint Presentation
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Strategic Objective 2

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Strategic Objective 2
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Strategic Objective 2

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  1. September 2013 Board Report 2013-2016 Division of Education Operational Plan(Graduate School, Training Program, Orton Memorial Library, and Biostatistics Area)Dr. Thomas Dormody, Dean and DirectorDr. Francisco Jiménez, Vice-DeanEl Equipo DE

  2. Strategic Objective 2 Strengthen scientific and professional learning in systems approaches through the development of innovative on-site and virtual educational products at the graduate and professional levels.

  3. Goal 1: Offerings • CATIE is the best option in Latin America and the Caribbean as an international university in agriculture and natural resources with interdisciplinary and systems approaches that differentiate us from other universities and with broad academic offerings that respond to the expectations, needs and demands of the countries through joint programs with other universities.

  4. Goal 1 Criteria and Activities • Broadened academic offerings • CATIE Ph.D. option in Spanish • Professional joint master’s in Public Management for Sustainable Rural Development • Possible new joint biometrics master’s • 3 new academic chairs • Coordinator of the Latin American Chair in Environmental Decision-Making for Climate Change • Master’s coordinators’ positions • Assessing academic excellence • Assessing the quality of academic advising

  5. Goal 1 Criteria and Activities • 2 accredited graduate programs • Start? M.Sc. in Management and Conservation of Tropical Forests and Biodiversity • 25 cooperative agreements/strategic alliances • Mexican universities • National Agricultural University, La Molina, Perú • 5 new cooperative graduate programs • University of Santander, Colombia

  6. Goal 2: Distance Education • CATIE is recognized as a leading university in virtual distance education in agricultural and natural resource topics.

  7. Goal 2 Criteria and Activities • 15 training and 10 graduate courses • Training course on the establishment and management of fruit plantations in Central America and the Dominican Republic • Training course in zoning and planning at the municipal level • Academic courses in sustainable development, participatory methods, and sustainable livelihoods from the MDP • Academic course in integrating adaptation to climate change in development planning (w/IICA) • 2 virtual or semi-virtual graduate programs • Professional joint master’s in Public Management for Sustainable Rural Development • Diploma or M.Sc. in Climate Change

  8. Goal 3: Training Area • Academic offerings in the Training Area are recognized and used internationally as the main option for excellence in technical and professional training and development in agriculture, natural resources and environmental economics.

  9. Goal 3 Criteria and Activities • Growth to 35 strategic courses per year • Forest management governance with emphasis on REDD + • Family farming: Contribution to food security and climate change mitigation. Challenges and opportunities. • Growth to 17 CSAP activities per year • Agroecology in Costa Rica, Florida International University and Miami Dade College • Impact of global policies and rural livelihoods, Saint Leo Univ, Florida

  10. Goal 4: Orton Library • The Orton Memoral Library strengthens its role and international reputation as a source of technical and scientific knowledge in agriculture and natural resources using the most advanced communication and information technologies and training in these technologies.

  11. Goal 4 Criteria and Activities • Digital library implemented • Orton open access repository • Institutional policy for open access to scientific, technical and educational materials • Innovation of bibliographic services • MAPand Finnfor open access collections • Outreach information service for coffee • 250 clients per year in training programs • Agricultural professionals trained in informational technology competencies

  12. Goal 5: Organizational Structure • The Division of Education has an organizational structure for development of funds and financial managment that ensures permanent financial sustainability, with a team that has the highest standards of professional, academic, scientific and technical quality to support, facilitate and promote innovation and leadership in graduate and training students.

  13. Goal 5 Criteria and Activities • Business plans for the Graduate School and Training Program implemented • Graduate School BP strategy areas: Scholarship development, high demand educational offerings, cost savings, correct price/cost relationships, improvements in the loan program and improved marketing • Training Program BP strategy areas: Managing teaching resources, high demand educational offerings, cost savings and positioning • Fundraising Office in the Division of Education established • Development foci in scholarships, faculty salaries and educational infrastructure

  14. Goal 5 Criteria and Activities • 20% more regular and affiliated faculty • Identify and add affiliated faculty • Regular faculty added as targeted funding is obtained • More external scholarships in line with the fundraising plan • New SENESCYT agreement • M.Sc. scholarships on the MAP II, Finnfor II, USAID, and other grants • Hershey proposal

  15. Strategic Objective 4, Goal 1: The Blue Ocean • CATIE strengthens joint work among divisions to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency in their operations.

  16. The Blue Ocean • In our operational plan • Inclusion of graduate students, Biostatistics and the Orton Library as direct costs in grants and contracts • Identification, prioritization, and development to meet infrastructure needs • Grow the faculty • OTN identify research topics for CATIE students • System to coordinate training programs • Strengthen marketing, diffusion and promotion of programs

  17. Thankyou!