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Health Insurance

Health Insurance. An explanation of the programs for distributors. Zero Plus Source = Distributor solution. About the Program: Immunotec recognizes that a benefits program plays an essential part in the ability to retain valued distributors.

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Health Insurance

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  1. Health Insurance An explanation of the programs for distributors

  2. Zero Plus Source = Distributor solution • About the Program: • Immunotec recognizes that a benefits program plays an essential part in the ability to retain valued distributors. • A Benefit Program directly affects the well-being and lifestyles of all distributors • A Benefit Program assists all distributors in their ability to recruit and retain • A Benefit Program should: • provide comprehensive protection for its team and staff • offer everyone a seamless process for administration

  3. Providers Who we work with: Assurity at Work –Assurity has earned a rating of A- from A.M. Best Company, independent insurance analysts. In October 2003, Woodmen Accident and Life merged with Assurity creating one operating company with over $1.0 billion in assets. GE –GE has earned a rating of A from A.M. Best Company, independent insurance analysts. GE Financial Employer Services Group is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic, and financially secure consumer financial services companies in the world. Humana –One of the nation’s largest, publicly traded health benefit companies with approximately 7.0 million medical members. Humana has proven over its 43-year history that it embraces change and has seized opportunities that have helped transform its business. Today, innovation serves as Humana’s growth engine as they transform the company’s business model to give their customers personalized, actionable health benefit information in real time. Assurant Health – In business since 1892, Assurant Health provides health insurance coverage for more than one million people nationwide. Assurant Health develops and provides a wide range of individual medical, small group, short-term and student health insurance products, and consumer-choice products. Assurant Health's legal entities, Fortis Insurance Company and John Alden Life Insurance Company, have each been assigned an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent). Assurant, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIZ, has over $20 billion in assets and $7 billion in revenue.

  4. Health Care – A National Crisis The number of Americans without health insurance for all of 2003 hit a record 45 million or 15.6% of the population, the highest percentage since 1998 when it was 16.3% according to the latest Census Bureau figures Washington Post GM alone spends $4.8 billion for health care for 1.1 million workers, retirees and their dependents. The worlds largest automaker estimates that healthcare costs amount to $1,400 for each vehicle it sells in the US Detroit News In 2003 / 2004, about 85 million were uninsured for some period of time, an increase of 12.7 million over 1999-2000 estimates Washington Post For 4 straight years, Americans have paid double-digit increases in health insurance premiums bringing the price for a typical family of 4 to nearly $10,000/year Washington Post

  5. Most claims are small! • 92% of health insurance participants use less than $1,000 of benefits/year • Solution: Insert a plan to cover that need – A low cost Limited Medical Plan BCBS of Ohio Study of Claims Paid on 64,000 Insured

  6. Health Challenge Distributors • Competition to recruit and retain other qualified distributors • A tight labor market • A diverse work force • Time and manpower to communicate and administer benefits to new distributors “Next to salaries, employee benefit packages are the number-one way employers vie for the best talent.” -Don Fuller. “Sink-or-Swim Benefit Packages Offer Lifeline in Tight Labor Market,” Employee Benefits News, 9/15/2000.

  7. Solution • The Solution and Program: • Zero Plus Source is proud to present its program to Immunotec distributors. • Each component provides unique added value as part of the total benefit solution: • Part I: Limited Medical Program (No deductible) coverage from $0 to $300,000 • Designed to cover your day to day needs. • Part II: Major Medical Program ($5,000 Deductible) coverage from $5,000 to $8 million • Designed to keep your rates low, use your Limited Medical/Basic Medical program to cover day to day and accidents but provide protection in case of a catastrophic event. • The Immunotec Zero Plus Program can be purchased in its entirety, or purchased in segments giving you the ability to pick and choose what components offered by Zero Plus Source will best serve your needs.

  8. Benefit Offer – Part I Part I: Low Cost Limited Medical Program • Sure, you're in great shape, eat right, take your vitamins and get a little exercise every now and then. Why pay $200 - $300 per month for something you'll probably never use?  • Or why pay for coverage provided through your spouse? But what happens if you break something? Get in a wreck and land in the emergency room? • What if you are diagnosed with skin cancer? How about that annual checkup, prostate exam, mammogram or pap smear? Do your kids ever see a doctor? • Now, you can cover your assets for just a couple of dollars a day. • You can now afford reasonable protection for yourself and loved ones, at a reasonable rate. • For a couple of dollars a day, you can have that checkup you've been putting off, for so long and for a few dollars more, your whole family can be protected against those unforeseen emergencies that occur.

  9. Why have a Part I? Why use a Limited Medical Program as Part I? • Spreads the risk between 2 insurance companies lowering risk • It helps individuals who cannot afford the high cost of major medical coverage • It helps individuals who have been declined for major medical coverage. • It helps individuals who are looking for additional coverage to offset co-pays and deductibles on their existing individual high deductible plans. Hospital Stay Doctor Visits Surgical First Confinement Specialists Accident/Injury Intensive Care Same Age/Same Rates …and more

  10. (Embedded) Accident Insurance in Part I • Accidents happen in places where you and your family spend the most time; at work, in the home, or during sports and leisure. This plan is included with the Limited Medical Plan. • Why do I need Accident Coverage? • To offset medical costs • To pay for additional expenses covered by accident • Hospital Coverage Physician Coverage • Emergency Care Physical Therapy Care • Travel Expenses Lodging for family • Ambulance and much more !

  11. Summary – Part I Part I Limited Medical Program • No Deductible • No Discrimination (age, gender, smoker) • Single Rate Nationwide • Guaranteed Issue • Supplements and pays regardless of any other insurance program - The benefits are assignable at the doctor's office and hospital • Includes Accident coverage • Flat Rate Monthly cost:

  12. Benefit Offer – Part II • Major Medical Program - You never know when you or a family member will need to be hospitalized, or require surgery. • Why do you need a major medical program? To pay for events beyond the day-to-day medical expenses or to pay for a catastrophic event. • Minimal paperwork - You can apply for coverage over the website. • No hassles. Flexibility to fit your needs. An annual deductible of $5,000 that starts after a Limited Medical Program ends. • Guaranteed rates - You'll enjoy an initial 12-month rate guarantee, and your premium won't increase based only on your claims.

  13. Why have a Part II? • You never know when you or a family member will need catastrophic coverage. • Long term care needs • Great Rx program included • PPO Plan coverage Up to $8,000,000 in lifetime coverage • You select the doctor Deductible of $5,000 creates low cost • Prescription coverage

  14. Summary – Part II Part II Limited Major Medical Program • Freedom to choose your doctors - You can access one of the largest networks of healthcare providers in the nation. • Provides catastrophic coverage • Add these optional benefits to customize your Individual Health Plan: • Doctor's office visits at a flat co-payment • Pharmacy benefit with no deductible • Maternity benefits • $8 million worth of coverage - The Individual Health Plan covers each insured person with a $5 million lifetime benefit. Services include: • Routine physical exams • Inpatient & outpatient services/preventative care • Psychiatric services • Monthly cost varies based upon age, gender, location of residence, and health status. Provides viable benefits and Control Enrollment Cost • Sample rates (depend on age and non smoking status)

  15. How to Enroll: • Receive Email • Click on link to enroll or download more information • Complete the application • Follow up with Insurance Company Underwriters if necessary

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