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Dana Kramova , Marie Hlavackova and Marcela Provaznikova PowerPoint Presentation
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Dana Kramova , Marie Hlavackova and Marcela Provaznikova

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Dana Kramova , Marie Hlavackova and Marcela Provaznikova - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Dana Kramova , Marie Hlavackova and Marcela Provaznikova
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  1. Conference of European StatisticiansWorkshop on Human Resources Management and Training in Statistical Offices Geneva, Switzerland, 14 – 16 September 2010 How to Attract and Retain “Digital” Generation?Experience from the Czech Statistical Office Dana Kramova, Marie Hlavackova and Marcela Provaznikova Human Resources Dept., Czech Statistical Office, Prague

  2. Czech Republic and Czech Statistical Office

  3. How do we define „digital“ generation? • Young people up to mid 30 ´s • Computers, mobile phones, digital cameras… • New technologies - part of their identities • Development of information technology (IT) has recently achieved exceptional progress • IT devices infiltrate through most branches of our life, including statistics

  4. How can we recognize „digital“ generation? • Generation Y – Millenial Generation, Generation Next or Net Generation, echo Boomers • Increased use and familiarity with communications, media and digital technologies • In 1975 total fertility rate 2.5 in the Czech Republic – pro-population policy

  5. „Digital“ generation vs senior statisticians • To master computers is not only accomplishment of young people • Age is not obstacle for mastering computers, older employees can master their computers as well • State statistical service accomplishes its mission – it has to have highly qualified statisticians, i.e. senior statisticians / experts • Senior statisticians should have both theoretical knowledge and master technological devices • Employer needs them both – young and old

  6. Age groups of the CZSO employees

  7. How to attract „digital“ generation? • New talent recruitment (cooperation with universities) • To find the right employees for the right position • To become a good statistician • Enthusiasm • To accept new methods for collection, process and interpretation of statistical data

  8. How to attract „digital“ generation? • New modern information and communication technology • Recent technology device attract young people • To recruit right employees is the first step for successful personal policy

  9. Potential drawbacks in recruitment of „digital“ generation • High rate at staff turnover at „digital“ generation • Possible reasons: • A young statistician does not accept methods for collection, process of statistical data • Lacks enthusiasm for statistics • Dislikes becoming of a civil servant

  10. Potential drawbacks in recruitment of „digital“ generation • Then … a young statistician finds better job – with better salary, in private sector • Scenario – a young employee gets in our Office and he/she leaves after some time • Costly matter to train a new employee • During these years of economic crisis the situation is quite different

  11. How to retain „digital“ generation? • A satisfied employee knows clearly what is expected from him/her every day at work • Changing expectations keep people on edge and create unhealthy stress • Employees should feel happy and satisfied in their jobs

  12. How to retain „digital“ generation? • Select the right people • Right person, in the right seat • Offer an interesting job • Offer an attractive, competitive benefits package • Provide opportunities for people to share their knowledge via training session, presentations, attending conferences

  13. How to retain „digital“ generation? • Provide high-tech computer equipment • Offer performance feedback and praise good efforts and results • Encourage employees to have team spirit • Encourage employees to have good, even best, friends at work

  14. Hint benefits in the CZSO • Training and education at workplace • Flexible working hours • Part-time hours • Extra 5 days paid vacation days • Subsidized meal plan • Company cars, portable computers, mobile phones – special benefits for survey interviewers, directors / executives • Smoke-free workplace policy

  15. Training Care for professional development • The right employee training, development and education at the right time, provides big payoffs for the employer – generates increased productivity, knowledge and loyalty • Lifelong training of employees improves professional skills • Necessary condition for work performance

  16. Training Care for professional development • Priority in Human Resources (HR) management • Internal and external lecturers provide training • External lecturers – academic field: University of Economics Prague, Charles University, … freelance lecturers.

  17. Training of new specialists by experienced senior statisticians • No special mentoring system in CZSO • Immediate superior – responsible for introducing of a new employee into the work process • An experienced senior statistician from the section takes care for a newcomer (replies inquiries, guides him/her) • Learning by doing is a continuous process • Employee grows professionally during solving of the job assignments

  18. Annual evaluation discussion proceedings • HR makes Rules for annual evaluation proceedings • Face-to-face discussion between superior and employee • Employee´s performance and his job duties/assignments are evaluated • Training and employee´s personal development – projected for future year

  19. Catalogue of courses • Training section compiles all requirements for employees training • Catalogue of Courses – submits for management meeting approval • Published annually on-line, at internal web-portal of the CZSO • The courses are organized by training section directly in the CZSO

  20. Catalogue of courses • Covers six subjects • Statistics • Specialized training for interviewers • Management courses and career development • Computer technology • Language courses • Other special courses

  21. Staff opinion survey • Annual questionnaire from 2003 • Feedback instrument for Human Resources Management • Five-scale evaluation is applied

  22. Conclusions • Right motivation – secret for retention of the employees • Employees´satisfaction – responsibility for all managers levels – from heads of the sections, to directors • To take care for employees´ satisfaction – strategic goal for managers • Goal - to retain highly qualified employees, enthusiastic conditions for statistics

  23. Thank You for your Attention! Dana Kramova Czech Statistical Office Human Resources Department Training Section Czech Republic