whitestown strategic plan utility strategies
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Whitestown Strategic Plan Utility Strategies

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Whitestown Strategic Plan Utility Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Whitestown Strategic Plan Utility Strategies. April 3, 2007 Wabash Scientific, inc. Background. Whitestown has been lucky to accomplish what it has, because resources have been diverted by other parties. These issues must remain unresolved for now, and we must think to the future.

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whitestown strategic plan utility strategies

Whitestown Strategic PlanUtility Strategies

April 3, 2007

Wabash Scientific, inc.



Whitestown has been lucky to accomplish what it has, because resources have been diverted by other parties.

These issues must remain unresolved for now, and we must think to the future.

The primary policy issue before us tonight is how we respond to the demands of the situation, without burdening WT residents.

whitestown s existing growth
Whitestown’s Existing Growth
  • Existing Walker Farms & Eagle’s Nest will continue to build out.
  • Duke anticipates 2,500 residential units in Anson.
  • In addition to commercial & industrial water and sewer demands.
  • Note that NONE of this growth is dependent upon annexation.
utilities represent only 1 municipal service
Utilities Represent Only 1 Municipal Service
  • Clearly, utility services drive developmental density.
  • Anson has not provided developmental timetables.
  • Other municipal services are also important, but utility policies must be sound for the other services to be effective.
seeking utility policies which lead to green growth
Seeking Utility Policies which Lead to “Green Growth”
  • Include potential “green” policy alternatives for water, sewer and stormwater.
  • Might not be able (or want) to follow the path of previous municipal utilities.
  • Issues such as new alternatives for stormwater management other than polluted subdivision retention ponds.
  • Wetlands preservation, parks, trails, etc.
utility rate issues
Utility Rate Issues
  • The primary goal is to develop policies where new growth/development is not subsidized by existing customers.
  • Setting rate policy is complicated by lawsuits and other background noise.
  • IWC’s partnership is uncertain in many ways, and IWC cost changes must be passed on.
could iwc simply handle everything
Could IWC simply handle everything?
  • They don’t have volume/capacity, either.
  • They have a vast amount of systemic upgrading, as well as a rate increase pending.
  • IWC’s “growth” comes entirely from suburbs.
  • Are there other potential “partnerships” which should be explored to create Strategic Alliances & Strategic Resources.
the best possible service at the lowest possible cost
“The Best Possible Service at the Lowest Possible Cost”
  • The central WU goal must be broad-spectrum and information-driven/fact-driven.
  • Strategic policies to benefit existing customers, while demanding full participation from developers.
  • Policies & rates to cover water, sewer & wastewater.
whitestown sewer utility
Whitestown Sewer Utility
  • New plant site must be resolved.
  • Develop solid financial/accounting base to determine cost of service.
  • Indianapolis suggests that it wants satellite systems to be self-supporting (off Indpls system).
  • What alternatives for wastewater utility should be explored?
development impact fees
Development Impact Fees
  • Simple impact fees are already in place.
  • Use Cost of Service to perform more detailed research and manage the system.
  • Begin development of detailed impact fees system with full legal research.
  • Consider alternatives for utility service outside of context of annexation & municipal boundaries.
    • The system should stand on its own.