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Packing up wet wipes with shemesh

Packing up wet wipes

with Shemesh


wipes packers offer an all-in-one Monoblock

design. These innovative systems boast the

only technology in the world to date capable

of delivering complete, 30-35ppm, round

wipes packing all in a strikingly small

footprint. The XPANDER serves both

entry-level operators and high volume

wet wipes manufacturers looking to diversify


Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes, exhibiting at

Booth 1241, is the world’s leading manufacturer

of round wipes packaging machinery. With over

25 years’ experience, it is uniquely positioned

to offer dedicated expertise and support to the

wet wipes market, and provides innovative, high

quality solutions not found elsewhere.

Revealed to the public for the first time will be

the XPANDER machine – read more on this debut

equipment further below!

Products supported include rigid canister

or bucket packs, and ready-made/pre-made

flexible pack bags, stand up pouches and refills.

Equipment modules manufactured include

feeders, wipes canister loaders, liquid fillers,

sealers, cappers, labellers, form fill and seal case

packers, and full quality control.

Complete line throughputs offered range from

30ppm up to 60ppm, 120ppm and 200ppm.

To complete its product portfolio Shemesh

Automation Wet Wipes has built a longstanding

partnership with Elsner Engineering Works Inc –

the US based converting machinery manufacturer.

Through this relationship the company is able

to further enhance its range with the ENR-1000

Fully Automatic Nonwovens Rewinder. The

company says this means it can provide a one-

stop-shop solution for the complete wet wipes

process, from master roll to finished, packed and

boxed product.

ex-investment banker who is spearheading the

company’s London operation and its 11 locations

around the world.

Global wipes


Global demand for wipes is forecast to

increase 5.2% annually through 2018 to

US$13.5bn, according to Freedonia market


Worldwide, sales of wipes will benefit from

rising incomes and urbanisation, as these

factors will boost the number of consumers

who can afford wipes and those who have

access to wipes. In addition, increases in

manufacturing activity and modernisation in

healthcare practices, especially in developing

countries, will drive gains as wipes provide

better protection from linting or cross

contamination than do more traditional cloth

or paper products.

In general, wipes benefit from being

convenient, disposable, and easy to use.

However, because wipes are considered

convenience products rather than

necessities, developed nations represent a

disproportionate share of sales. For instance,

although Western Europe and North America

had only 12% of the world’s population in

2013, they combined to account for 52% of

wipes sales. The US was the largest national

market, accounting for 23%. However,

developing markets will account for a rising

share of wipes sales through 2018. For

example, China, India, and Brazil will together

represent 29% of additional global sales

through the forecast period.


1. The FORTRESS is designed to create flexible

packs from a master roll of film. It forms the

bag, loads the wipes, fills, seals and

discharges the finished product. The

FORTRESS provides two levels of efficiency

through the economic use of raw materials

and savings gained from process


2. The SAW-MB200, an all-in-one monoblock

packer is designed for ready-made bags.

With the SAW-MB200, bags are stacked in a

magazine and fed into a rotary index table

where they are opened, loaded with wipes,

liquid filled, sealed and discharged.

The FORTRESS and SAW-MB200 are made to

service the jumbo rolls, standard wet wipes in

flexible packs and refill markets.

Shemesh Automation Wet Wipes is a division

of Shemesh Automation Ltd, a family owned

and run business operating across the pharma,

consumer goods, cosmetics, food and beverage

and chemicals industries.

Shemesh Automation is currently celebrating

its 25th year servicing and supporting over

750 Shemesh machines installed in nearly 30

countries worldwide. The company was founded

in 1990 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Mr Eli Shemesh, an

industry veteran with over 40 years’ experience

and is co-managed by Mr Shai Shemesh, an

Key products


1. In-line turnkey systems. Starting at 60ppm

and running up to 200ppm these systems

feature the company’s flagship canister

loader – the SAS Series. Officially launched

in 2013 and with more than 15 units already

installed globally, the SAS Series is the only

truly proven vertical nonwovens donuts

canister stuffer in the world.

Eli Shemesh (president and CEO) and Shai Shemesh (managing director) at the Xpander global rollout in London, January 2015



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