5 ways to encourage employee referrals n.
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5 Ways to Encourage Employee Referrals PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Ways to Encourage Employee Referrals

5 Ways to Encourage Employee Referrals

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5 Ways to Encourage Employee Referrals

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  1. 5 ways To Encourage Employee Referrals

  2. INTRODUCTION As the competition to hire good talent intensifies, employee referrals have become a necessary tool in the recruitment arsenal. However, despite its many advantages, not many employees warm up to the idea of referring people they know, even when offered incentives. It needs much more than simply offering cash incentives to get employees to participate in the referral program to refer talent.

  3. Find below 5 ways to encourage employee referrals, some of which are intrinsic to the employee referral program itself:

  4. Involve the Senior Management Get senior management to endorse the program in company town-halls, newsletters and other company communications. It is important to get the message out to employees that the referral program is an organizational priority and employees who participate in the program will be recognized for their efforts.

  5. Keep it Transparent & Responsive A transparent and responsive employee referral program can be a huge factor in encouraging employees to refer. If employees are assured of getting feedback on their referrals within a definite time frame, or better still, provided with the tools to track the status of their referrals online they are much more likely to refer. Once employees are confident that their referral is going to be followed up with concrete action, they are likely to take the referral program much more seriously.

  6. Prioritize Referral Applications Give priority to employee referrals by fast tracking their application, prioritizing their interviews and expediting their selection process. Make it clear to the recruitment team that referral candidates are to be given a priority over all other candidates so that employees are able to see a fast closure on their referrals.

  7. Train Employees One key aspect that is often missed out is training current employees on building a larger more actionable network, particularly on social platforms like LinkedIn which can help in generating more referrals. Run exhaustive training sessions to let your employees know how they can refer and thus imbibe the value of employee referrals in your organization.

  8. Recognize every Referral Recognize employees for referring good candidates irrespective of the final outcome. While incentives can help in motivating employees whose referrals are successfully hired, it is equally important to recognize the efforts of other employees whose referrals were selected for interview, but could not be offered due to various reasons.

  9. If you are witnessing low employee referrals, consider implementing these steps to get your employees excited and engaged with the referral program.

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