5 ways to boost your employee referral program n.
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5 Ways to Boost your Employee Referral Program PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Ways to Boost your Employee Referral Program

5 Ways to Boost your Employee Referral Program

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5 Ways to Boost your Employee Referral Program

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  1. 5 Ways to Boost your Employee Referral Program

  2. INTRODUCTION Ever wondered why your employee referral program is not performing as well as that of some other company? As with all other initiatives, referral programs also need to be continuously reinvigorated to give it new life and meaning, otherwise employees are bound to lose interest in it after some time and stop referring candidates. Breathing new life into your referral program is not all that hard. If the basics of the program are already in place, all you need to do is re capture excitement in the referral program through some well thought out interventions.

  3. Given below are 5 ways to breathe back life into your employee referral program :

  4. Market your referral program well Market the referral program extensively to recapture employee imagination. This involves giving it a new, more interesting and relevant name, logo and title. Reinventing the program under a different name gives the program an opportunity to disassociate itself from the failures of the past program in the minds of employees and establish a newer, more interesting perception with employees. Conduct an employee event to re launch the referral program and follow it up with emails, posters etc. to keep the referral program top of mind with the employees.

  5. Add Gamification Gamification is one of the most successful trends fuelling the program with a new vigor. Employees are bound to be attracted to the challenge of beating their peers in the referral game and promoting and encouraging employees to compete against one another through leader boards etc. can be the best way to make your program interesting and exciting for employees.

  6. Innovate the Reward Mechanism Rewards system can also get boring for employees after some time if the incentives and prizes remain static for a long period of time. When you introduce gamification into your referral program, you can move to a points based reward system where you can accumulate points based on how successful you are in the referral game. These points are redeemable by employees against prizes of their choice.

  7. Integrate Social Media Social media integration can also help breathe new life into your referral program. By allowing employees to share job postings easily and automatically with their connections on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc, as well as uploading profiles directly from these sites, organizations can benefit from enhanced reach of the program and greater employee involvement.

  8. Train your Employees Lastly, training is a critical but often neglected aspect of referral program. Very often a referral program simply dies down because many employees do not know how to navigate the world of connections to find best fit candidates. Conducting workshops that educate employees on the ways to effectively leverage their connections and pin point good candidates can go a long way in drawing more employees to participate in the program.

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