State-of-the-art Growth Chamber Facilities
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State-of-the-art Growth Chamber Facilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Saveer has introduced a state-of-the-art growth chamber with advanced features such as humidity, control, temperature control and hi-tech light sensitivity patterns that are essential for a plants growth.

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State of the art growth chamber facilities

State-of-the-art Growth Chamber Facilities

Saveer has introduced a state-of-the-art growth chamber with advanced features such as

humidity, control, temperature control and hi-tech light sensitivity patterns that are essential

for a plants growth. Plants can now be accurately grown and reproduced in accordance to

previous versions.

These growth chambers are useful for a range of plant based researches such as plant

breeding, genetic research, nutrition, photosynthesis and other aspects of plant based

research. This facility is used by researchers as various environmental conditions can be

replicated in it, which gives researchers a wider array of experiments to work on.

The types of growth chambers –

When you are looking for plant growth chamber, Saveer presents you with three different

options, mainly:

State of the art growth chamber facilities

Reach –in chambers.

Walk-in chambers.

Arabidopsis chambers.

Reach – in Chambers

Saveer manufactures Reach – in growth chambers that provide the most accurate possibly the

most surpassed readings and control in temperature, humidity and light sensitivity.

Reach-in chambers are primarily used for research and development purposes. They provide

controlled lighting to vascular plants, seed reproduction etc.

Along with light, temperature and humidity, Saveer also provides the option of carbon

dioxide enrichment. The purpose of such a growth chamber is to allow the research

segregation from the actual environmental conditions and allow for better results under

accurately controlled conditions.

Walk-in chambers

Saveer’s walk-in chambers are specifically designed for research work based on temperature

and humidity control for 24 hour cycles. The dimensions in which the chambers are designed

make it possible for users to directly walk in and conduct experiments. Depending on the

customers’ requirement, Saveer has a range of walk in growth chambers to suit all purpose

and they are available in one-door or two door versions respectively.


The entire unit including the temperature control, humidity control and the light

control is operated a central control system.

Top notch security with multi level password protection.

The lights can be pre-set on the cycle control system, and the light intensity goes up to

a maximum of 1100 micromoles.

State of the art growth chamber facilities

Temperature range varies from +40 to 500 when the lights are off and +100 to 500

when lights are on.

Humidity goes up to 90% when lights are off and 80% when lights are on.

Arabidopsis Chambers –

Arabidopsis tiny flowers and these are one of the best organisms to study plant biology.

Arabidopsis is only the first plant to have its entire genome sequenced. The Arabidopsis

Growth Chamber is hence used to grow plants.


All elements within the chamber are controlled by the highly user friendly Saveer

process Controller (SPC).

Turbo humidifier ensures quick humidification.

CFC free cooling system that controls the Cooling and Humidification.

Working chamber split into various compartments.

Interior cabinet is made of stainless steel which is also coated white.

When no cooling and humidification is required the compressor will run in a bypass

system, contributing to longer life of compressor.

SPC work in real time and checks temperature and humidity at fixed time intervals

responds by taking action when necessary.

Connects water supply directly, incoming pressure must be between 1 and 4 bars.

Science has advanced to unknown bounds in the 21st century, and Saveer is proud to be up-

to-date with all the science based equipments that it produces. Hence, if you think science,

think Saveer.

State of the art growth chamber facilities

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