selling office 2010 to small and medium businesses n.
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Selling Office 2010 to Small and Medium Businesses PowerPoint Presentation
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Selling Office 2010 to Small and Medium Businesses

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Selling Office 2010 to Small and Medium Businesses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Selling Office 2010 to Small and Medium Businesses. IW Bootcamps June 20, 2011. Agenda. Market Overview Partner Opportunity Business PC Office 2010 SKU Lineup Resources. SMB Businesses are reinvesting in IT. PC Purchases. Top SMB Areas of Opportunity.

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Selling Office 2010 to Small and Medium Businesses

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Presentation Transcript
  • Market Overview
  • Partner Opportunity
  • Business PC
  • Office 2010
  • SKU Lineup
  • Resources
smb businesses are reinvesting in it
SMB Businesses are reinvesting in IT

PC Purchases

Top SMB Areas of Opportunity

Data source: Internal Microsoft finance dashboard, April 2010

* Organization size based on total # of PCs;

** Cost of maintaining PCs, TechAisle;

*** BusinessWeek Sept 2009

the fastest selling os productivity suite in history
The Fastest Selling OS & Productivity Suite in History!

350 million

150 million









More than 25% of all PCs worldwide are running Windows 7 today*

#1 software product in U.S. retail

Over 1 billion users worldwide



* Net Applications, June 25 2010; ** Lifehacker survey, March 2010

office 2010 servers increased value
Office 2010 + Servers = Increased Value

Better together for Small and Medium business needs





partner opportunity

Partner Opportunity

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

the value of office 2010 to you our partner
The Value of Office 2010 to YOU… our Partner
  • Meet evolving
  • market needs
  • Best productivity experience across PC, phone and browser
  • Easier to buy and sell
  • Simplified suite line up
  • More choice to buy, install
  • More demand
  • Enhances Partner revenue
  • Attach to new PCs
  • Cross Sell / Up Sell
  • Build solutions
  • & provide services

Selling Office 2010 will help drive your business

opportunities to sell office 2010
Opportunities to Sell Office 2010

Online Service


office subscription vs traditional licensing
Office Subscription vs. Traditional Licensing

Over a 10 year period, subscription licensing generates more revenue when the customer refresh cycle is greater than 3 to 5 years.

what to sell
What to sell?

Always access to the latest versions

Shorten the refresh cycle

Full experience (client + server/cloud)

Preferred SKU for VAR/Scale Reseller



Always access to the latest versions

Shorten the refresh cycle

Full experience (client + server/cloud)




Always access to the latest versions

Shorten the refresh cycle

Full experience (client + server/cloud)




Always access to the latest versions

Shorten the refresh cycle

Full experience (client + server/cloud)

Preferred SKU forOEM/Retail only

introducing the business pc

Introducing the Business PC

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

business pc market opportunity
Business PC Market Opportunity

The best time to sell Office is at the point of PC sale


Cross sell to Office Server products or Cloud Services


Best time to sell VL is at POS. Most customers want and expect Office to be installed on their PCs PC buyers that receive a recommendation to buy Office at POS or find Office at the same place as the PC are almost 3 times as likely to purchase Office the same day (but in reality, less than 12% of PC buyers receive such a recommendation!)

Office 2010 represents a great opportunity to cross-sell Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SharePoint Server, Microsoft Communications Server or Office 365 cloud services. FY10 Projected Customer Spend4: BI $6.1B, Exchange $5.7B, SharePoint $5.5B OCS/Lync $653M

business pc benefits
Business PC Benefits
  • Effectively market Windows 7 Professional and Office 2010
  • and create demand:
  • Increasing volume of Business PC and associated hardware
  • Driving Windows 7 & Office 2010 FPP/VL revenue and incentives
  • Solution Selling other Microsoft products
business pc windows 7 office 2010
Business PC = Windows 7 + Office 2010




  • Consumers / Retail: Office 2010 Home & Business OEM/FPP/PKC
  • Business / SMB Channel: Office 2010 Professional Plus VL

Drive Windows 7 + Office 2010 across all sales channels

selling office 2010
Selling Office 2010
  • Sell the Value
  • Sell the Right Version

Work Better Together

Bringing Ideas to Life

Consumer or Home Business

Small and Medium Business

Use Office Anywhere

selling the value of office 2010
Selling the Value of Office 2010
  • Work Better Together
  • Stay connected to customers
  • Bring Ideas to Life
  • Empower individual impact
  • Use Office Anywhere
  • Manage business from a PC, phone or browser

“Instantly brainstorm and share, that happens an awful lot between myself and the contractors and also the clients.”

“Anything having to do with making things simpler and easier to use and employees spending less time, that’s the bottom line. That’s productivity.”

“It seems it doesn’t matter what you do today, what business you’re in, everybody is on the go so that’s important.”

The best productivity experience across PC, phone and browser

selling the value work better together
Selling the Value: Work Better Together

Working together in real time to get things done faster more efficiently




Stay connected to customers

  • Work together in real time with Word and OneNote Co-authoring
  • Gain control over email withconversation view in Outlook
  • Share Instantly with Broadcast Slide Show in PowerPoint
  • Communicate and share files with more safeguard features
selling the value bring ideas to life
Selling the Value: Bring Ideas to Life

Create professional multimedia material which captivates




Empower individual impact

  • Create professional materials that set you apart with picture and video editing
  • Create powerful data insights with Excel Sparklines
  • Increase productivity and reduce training costs with Backstage
selling the value use office anywhere
Selling the Value: Use Office Anywhere

Work from virtually any place or device




Manage business from a PC, phone or browser

  • Keep productive on the go with SharePoint Workspace
  • Respond faster when you’re away from the office
  • Do more on your phone with Office mobile
responding to your feedback
Responding to Your Feedback
  • Heavy Promotional Activity
  • Different Price Lists and Currencies
  • Different SKUs for Retail and Distribution
  • Inconsistent Applications between SKUs
  • Multiple Images
  • Consistent and Rational Pricing
  • Simplified SKU Lineup
  • Logical Application Groupings
  • Single Image on PCs
  • Constant Currency Pricing
  • Before…
  • Now…
new flexible p urchase o ptions
New flexible purchase options
  • Pricing reflects US pricing
  • *Voice currently requires an on-premises server
open license program comparison
Open License Program Comparison


  • Software Assurance included
  • More Software Assurance benefits thanavailable through Open Business
  • Three-year agreement
  • Software media included
  • Start with a minimum of five licenses
  • No reorder minimum
office subscription vs traditional licensing1
Office Subscription vs. Traditional Licensing

MOSA revenue is typically lower than eg. Open, but it generates more annual revenue if average/expected refresh cycle is taken into account

Product markup + incentives earnings per seat (over the lifecycle of the license)

All prices based on NET over a period of 3 years

** MOSA RPL includes Disti + Advisor fees

*** Refresh cycles based on average estimate

OV not included because of similar renewal behavior as Open

All partner revenues are based on estimated product markup %

simplifying office attach with new pcs
Simplifying Office Attach with New PCs
  • OEM
  • Pre-load Office Image
  • Includes all 3 Office suites
  • Same image for all Consumer and Small Business PCs
  • Resellers
  • Sell Office 2010 with pre-loaded PC
  • Customer purchases Product Key Card (PKC) or Disc (FPP)
  • Product key activates image on PC
  • End User
  • Easy Activation
  • Customer selects Office 2010 from Windows Start menu
  • Customer enters product key and is ready to go!


what is a pc pre loaded with office 2010
What is a PC pre-loaded with Office 2010?



Home and Student

Home and Business


Purchase Office 2010 to activate the preloaded software

- OR -

Product Key Card

Traditional Disc

what are product key cards pkc
What are Product Key Cards (PKC)?
  • Replacement for the Office 2007 Media-Less License Kits (MLK)
  • Retail-friendly packaging
  • Single Activation
  • Non-transferable
  • Optimized for Office 2010 preloaded PC (does not include media)
  • Traditional Disc (FPP) should be used instead of a Product Key Card if consumer wants to install Office 2010 on more than one PC
  • Benefits to System Builders
  • Drives higher attach rates: Value priced to serve as the best opportunity to sell Office with new PCs
  • Simplicity: Like traditional discs, Product Key Cards activate the corresponding Office suite on preloaded PCs
  • Customer Satisfaction: Great out-of-box experience lets customers get up and running on Office 2010 in minutes.
how does pkc compare to traditional disc
How does PKC compare to Traditional Disc?
  • Product Key Card
  • Traditional Disc

1 User / 1 new preloaded PC1

1 Household /

3 PCs

1 User /

2 PCs2

1 User /

2 PCs2

1 POSA-enabled version does not include a Product Key. Product Key must be retrieved online.

2 One user’s primary and portable PC

*Office for Mac is only available thru Traditional Disc (FPP)

office for mac

Office for Mac

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

office for mac 2011 delivers more
Office for Mac 2011 Delivers More

The most trusted and most used productivity experience on a Mac






  • Visual Basic Support
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Sparklines
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Ribbon across all applications
  • Dynamic Reordering
  • Template Gallery
  • Office Web Apps
  • Broadcast Slide Show
  • Coauthoring
  • Windows SharePoint Services Support
  • Communicator for Mac 2011
  • Information Rights Management
partner tools and resources

Partner Tools and Resources

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

the right tools
The Right Tools

Campaign Overview

Pitch Deck

Objection Handler




Top 10 Reasons Flyer

Copy Blocks

Email Template


sales tools from microsoft
Sales Tools from Microsoft

Web Sales




FREE Online Training for Distributors, Resellers and System Builders

sales tools from microsoft1
Sales Tools from Microsoft

Web Sales




Light Up Your Website Using Microsoft Resources

Contact your Microsoft Account Manager to find out how to participate!

oem partner center http oem microsoft com
OEM Partner Center –

1-stop site for sales, marketing and technical resources

3 Things a System Build or Reseller Can Do NOW to Sell/Market Office 2010


Train your sales teams

Online Trainings, Flyers, Scripts, Direct Mail

If you are a System Builder, use Office 2010 OPK to pre-load the Office 2010 image



Promote that you have Office 2010 NOW to deliver the best PC available


retail sales tips
Retail Sales Tips

Resources for your retail experience

3 Things to do in a Retail Setting NOW to Sell/ Market

Office 2010

3 Things to do in a Retail Setting NOW to Sell/ Market Office 2010

Drive paid conversion at PC Point of Sale (in-store, online)


Product Assortment: Product Key Card & Traditional Discs

Drive the Product Key Card and Full Package Product


In store assortment

Educate sales force on new sales motion


Merchandising solution for

Product Key Cards

office 2010 partner site http partners microsoft com office2010
Office 2010 Partner Site –

A great resource for partners who want a head start

  • Product Introductions
  • How-To Videos
  • Articles
  • Interviews with Microsoft Product Managers
  • Technical Previews
  • Links to Blogs
  • Links to Discussion Forums
map toolkit

MAP Toolkit

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

how map helps you win more engagements
How MAP helps you win more engagements
  • Creates a complete hardware readiness assessment for Windows 7 and Office 2010 — in matter of hours.
  • Lets you provide immediate, valuable, actionable information for your customer.
  • Also does readiness assessments for Office 365, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Provides information and assessments for SQL Server migration engagements
  • Assesses customer environments for Windows Azure Platform readiness.
sample office 2010 deployment opportunity
Sample Office 2010 Deployment Opportunity
  • Customer wants to move from earlier versions of Microsoft Office to Office 2010
  • Varying PC hardware configurations—running different, earlier versions of Office.
  • Need readiness assessment to help plan migration to Office 2010.
microsoft office 2010 readiness assessment
Microsoft Office 2010 Readiness Assessment
  • Inventory customer environment
  • Assesses the readiness of those computers for migration to Windows 7 & Office 2010.
  • Excel workbook
  • Details the readiness and inventory of the Office applications
  • Summary proposal
  • Outlines the readiness for Windows7 & Office 2010
  • Provides the next steps for deployment
partner co branding
Partner Co-Branding

Customize MAP Proposal Templates with Partner Logos and Language

Co-Brand MAP User Interface with Partner Logo

additional map resources
Additional MAP Resources
  • Learn more about MAP:

Download MAP:

Get MAP readiness and sales resources:

  • Check out other Solution Accelerators
  • for Office 2010:

call to action

Call to Action

IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

summary and partner action items
Summary and Partner Action Items


Action Items

  • With Office 2010, we are making it easier for you to sell Office with new PCs.
  • Office Single Image and Product Key Cards are great innovations that provide our partners with new opportunities.
  • Promote and sell PCs with a single image
  • Educate your sales reps and customers about Office 2010
  • Sell a Product Key Card or Disc at Point of Sale to activate a full Office suite
next steps
Next Steps
  • Start using Office 2010!
  • Get your organization trained!
  • Drive cross sell and up sell opportunities :
    • Windows 7:
    • Exchange 2010:
    • SharePoint 2010:
    • Office 365:


IW Bootcamp

Month d, yyyy

office 2010 suites and sa migration path
Office 2010 Suites and SA Migration Path
  • Suites

= New

    • SA Migration Path
    • Volume License Changes
  • Retiring 2 VL SKUS
  • On-premise rights to Office Web Apps
  • SharePoint Workspace
  • Deeper server integration

* Office web applications include Word web app, Excel web app, PowerPoint web app, and OneNote web app. Access to Office web applications included with Office license.

outlook for mac
Outlook for Mac

Manage e-mail, schedule, and contacts all in one place

Click images to expand

  • Stay in sync while you stay in touch.
  • Spend less time wading through email and more time with value-add activities
  • Easily connect with integrated e-mail and calendar tools
  • Manage workload from virtually anywhere

Business Value


Entourage EWS and Outlook for Mac


Web Services


Exchange Store & Transport



Active Sync


Conversation View

Unified Messaging


  • Database architecture is more resilient and open where the files are stored individually
  • Outlook is built on Web Services
  • Easily import your Outlook® .pst files when you set up your new Mac


Business Logic




Exchange Infrastructure

windows sharepoint services support
Windows SharePoint Services Support

Collaborate with other users from a Mac

  • Find and share the right information.
  • Access and share content from various platforms and people
  • Take advantage of SharePoint infrastructure from a Mac
  • Users can share documents with colleagues, manage projects with partners, and publish information broadly

Business Value

Click image to expand




  • Save and open files directly to and from SharePoint in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Co-authoring on SharePoint servers
  • Real-time presence info in the applications and documents
  • Integration through browsers commonly used on a Mac
communicator for mac 2011
Communicator for Mac 2011

Integrated functionality for presence and communication

Click image to expand

  • Improve business communication.
  • Reduce communication costs
  • Know how to reach anyone at anytime with organization-wide presence information
  • Speed communication via simultaneous modes including instant messaging, video conferencing, telephony, and file transfer

Business Value


Communicator for Mac 2011


  • New dedicated OCS Client
  • Rich Presence icons throughout applications, calendar and email
  • Desktop Sharing and joining conferences from a Mac

Join OCS 2007 Conferences