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MassHealth Defense Campaign. Presentation For: Grantmakers in Health Health Care For All April, 2003. Who is Health Care For All?.

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Masshealth defense campaign

MassHealth Defense Campaign

Presentation For: Grantmakers in Health

Health Care For All

April, 2003

Who is health care for all
Who is Health Care For All?

We are building a movement of empowered people and communities with the goal of creating a health care system that is responsive to all people, particularly the most vulnerable. We are dedicated to making quality care the right of all people and support a health care system that is universal, comprehensive, and equitable.

Hcfa s accomplishments legislation and regulations
HCFA’s accomplishmentslegislation and regulations

  • Medical Security Plan

  • CommonHealth

  • Children’s Medical Security Plan

  • Chapter 203 – Access expansion to 300,000

  • Prescription Advantage

  • Non-Group Reform

  • Non-profit Hospital and HMO Guidelines

  • Interpreters’ Law

The last five years
The Last Five Years

  • Between 1998 and 2000, uninsured in Massachusetts decreased

    According to state survey:

    • 5.9% of population, 365,000 people in 2000

    • vs. 8.9% of population, 496,000 people in 1998

      Kaiser Foundation CPS analysis:

    • 10.6% in 99-00, 575,000 people

Masshealth enrollment increases
MassHealth Enrollment Increases

  • MassHealth enrollment has increased by 300,000 since 1997

    • 44% increase in enrollees

  • In 2002, 988,000 people were enrolled in MassHealth

    • 15% of the state’s population

      • 21% of kids

      • 7% of adults

Masshealth costs surge
MassHealth Costs Surge

Source: MTF, 2002e based on Governor's supplemental requests to date; 2003p Medicaid based on House 1, total budget based on MTF projection of 3% growth over 2001.

The perfect storm
The Perfect Storm

  • September 11, 2001

  • Economic Recession

    • Increasing Unemployment

  • State Budget Pressures

    • $3B deficit projected for FY04

  • Rising Health Care Costs

Leaders target masshealth for cuts
Leaders Target MassHealth For Cuts

  • Adult dental benefits eliminated (1/02)

  • Dentures, eyeglasses, prosthetics, orthotics, chiropractic therapy eliminated (1/03)

  • Children’s Medical Security Plan capped (11/02)

  • Coverage for 50,000 eliminated (4/03)

The masshealth defense group
The MassHealth Defense Group

  • With key support of Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation and The Boston Foundation, Health Care For All takes “big tent” approach to building a coalition

    • Physicians, nurses and other providers

    • Hospitals

    • Insurers

    • Labor Unions

    • Health and Public Health Advocates

    • Grassroots Advocates

    • Unusual allies – business leaders, etc.

Masshealth defense campaign budget
MassHealth Defense Campaign Budget

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation

  • The Boston Foundation

  • Boston Medical Center

  • Cambridge Health Alliance

  • Children’s Hospital

  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

  • Massachusetts Medical Society

  • Neighborhood Health Plan

  • Partners Health Care

  • Tufts Health Plan

  • UMass Memorial Health Care

    $167,500 Total Budget

Elements of the campaign
Elements of the Campaign

  • Consumer Involvement and Public Action

  • Communications

  • Research and Education

  • Coalition Building

  • Legislative Advocacy

Consumer involvement and public action
Consumer Involvement and Public Action

  • Identify and organize consumers affected by MassHealth cuts

  • Mobilize community leaders

  • Organize providers

  • Organize demonstrations, phone banking and letter-writing campaigns

  • Establish a committee of prominent leaders


  • Develop strategic plan

  • Explore earned media opportunities

  • Faces Campaign

    • Images and stories of consumers

    • Images and stories of providers

  • Internet & Web-based advocacy

  • State polling & focus groups

Harris Berman, M.D. (at podium), CEO of Tufts Health Plan

Research education
Research & Education

  • Develop policy briefings:

    • MassHealth: What It Is. Why It Works.

    • The MassHealth Cuts: What They Are. Why They Don’t Work. What We Can Do.

    • What to do about Uninsured Adults Losing Coverage in MassHealth Basic

  • Detail economic and human impact of MassHealth cuts

  • Develop alternative cost saving proposals

Coalition building maintenance
Coalition Building & Maintenance

  • Establish broad-based coalition of 150 members, including: Massachusetts Medical Society, Massachusetts Hospital Association, United Way of Massachusetts Bay, Massachusetts Teachers Association, Tufts Health Plan, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

  • Maintain internal communications:

    • bimonthly meetings

    • email updates

    • action alerts

    • up-to-date website

Legislative advocacy
Legislative Advocacy

  • Develop legislative strategy

    • Identify legislative allies

    • Engage legislators to disseminate materials to colleagues and act as sponsors of public events and media outreach

    • Mobilize sub-committee of MassHealth Defense Group to implement strategies

Next steps protect masshealth from cuts
Next Steps – Protect MassHealth From Cuts

  • Document impact of cuts

  • Develop policy briefings:

    • Veterans

    • People with disabilities

    • Children

  • Work to expand revenue base

    • Partner with education and other advocates

Next steps over the next year
Next Steps -Over the Next Year

  • Redefining Victory

    • Protect core programs

    • Significant revenue increase

    • Create framework for future expansions

    • Develop stronger coalition to keep health access on political agenda

    • Develop stronger voice for MassHealth recipients