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Flipped Classroom

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Flipped Classroom. Reaching Every Student. Inspiration for the Flipped Classroom Do You Know These Students?.

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flipped classroom

Flipped Classroom

Reaching Every Student

inspiration for the flipped classroom do you know these students
Inspiration for the Flipped ClassroomDo You Know These Students?
  • Struggling student. Teacher talks to fast, he can’t keep up with the note taking, and the notes he does take, he does not always understand when he gets home. In turn, he struggles to complete his homework.
  • Active Student. In clubs and athletics. She often misses her last period Science class in order to travel to away games. Very conscientious tries to keep up but sometimes has difficulty.
  • Compliant student. This student has spent the better part of their school career learning how to “play school.” She masters every detail of the grading rubric, but never really absorbs the key concepts. Her grades are A’s and B’s, but are not really reflective of her true knowledge.
reasons to flip
Reasons to Flip
  • Helps busy students, struggling students, and students who are absent
  • Allows students to pause and rewind teacher
  • Increases student-teacher interaction, and allows the teacher to get to know students better.
  • Increases student-student interaction, and allows for collaboration
  • Allows for differentiation
  • Changes classroom management
  • Changes the way we interact with parents. Our classrooms become more transparent.
tips to flip
Tips To Flip
  • Keep your videos short
  • Work with colleagues
  • As your skills improve add new elements
  • Don’t read from script
implementing the flip secondary resources
Implementing the Flip Secondary Resources
  • Kahn Academy- Bay of Pigs
  • I Tunes U
  • Ted Talks- Mr. Kahn
  • Ed X-https://www.edx.org/
  • Coursera- Duke University Writing Course
implementing the flip secondary resources1
Implementing the Flip Secondary Resources
  • Udacity- https://www.udacity.com/
  • Pearson Learning Solutions Sky Blue-
  • OER Commons Open Education Resources http://www.oercommons.org/
  • Hippocampus- http://www.hippocampus.org
implementing the flip primary resources
Implementing the Flip Primary Resources
  • Screen Chomp
  • Show Me
  • Explain Everything
  • You Tube
  • West Freehold Township Elementary Ms. Layman
implementing the flip
Implementing the Flip
  • Make your own videos
    • Screencastomatic- http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/
    • We Video- http://www.wevideo.com/
    • Digital pen annotation
    • Record live lecture
    • Power point
    • Interactive white boards
    • Web cams
    • Video Cameras
    • Screen Recorder in Active Inspire
how do i know if they watched the video
How do I know if they watched the video?
  • Notes and Questions are primarily the best way to evaluate.
  • This also helps you as the instructor to evaluate your video. If every student has a similar question, something may be missing in the instruction.
  • Some resources such as the Kahn academy have follow up questions for the students to answer.
  • Remember, you want to keep your video and your evaluation brief.
where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?
  • Explore the resources that you have been given.
  • Watch for inappropriate material, language, and make sure that what you choose is age appropriate.
  • Go slowly…..but move forward. Choose a lesson or two to flip, and then continue to add to and improve your flipped lessons.
  • Share your flips with colleagues and administration. We would love to see what you are doing with your new knowledge!
  • Encourage parents to view your flips!
  • Good luck!