5 year b suipacha sebastian and rodrigo
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5 year “B” Suipacha Sebastian and Rodrigo

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5 year “B” Suipacha Sebastian and Rodrigo - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Our portfolio. 5 year “B” Suipacha Sebastian and Rodrigo. Rodrigo’s opinion ….

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5 year b suipacha sebastian and rodrigo
Our portfolio

5 year “B”


Sebastian and Rodrigo


Working with a portfolio wasveryinterestingbecause I learned things aboutthe culture of Bahiawhich, I did not know. I really liked to work with it.I learned about the food they eat ,their history and geography and of coursesomegrammar!. Ourteacher guide uswiththiswork.


Itwasdifficulttoselect a themefromtheoneswehavestudied. Then, undelinethegrammarpointswithinthethemewas a bit hardbecauseweneededto revise grammar. Itwasuseful.

A recipe: Moqueca

Grammarpoint: PastPassive (in red) and prepositions (in green)

The dish is indigenous Brazilian and originally was made with leaves of various trees. There are two variants of Moqueca: Bahian moqueca from the stateof Bahiain the Northeast region of Brazil and Moqueca Capixaba fromthestate of Espirito Santo in the southeast..


Grammarpoint : In green, the use of specificverbsusedforcooking)

1 large onion,

Chopped 2 cloves garlic,

Peeled andchopped

400 grams. fresh tomatoes,

Unpeeled, seeded and fresh 2 red peppers,

Seeded and chopped 3 sprigs cilantro,

150 grams. coconutmilk,

3 tbsp palm oil 600 grams.

Freshshrimp 2 cups white rice previouslyboiled 1.

Peel shrimp, whole and must be set asidetomakethe sauce

HOW TO MAKE PREPARE THE DISH. Grammarpoint: the use of connectors (in green) and orders (in red)

First, put oil and fry the onion and garlic in a pan.Then, putthepeppers. Add, thetomatoes and mix . After, add a glass of water and allow to heat until the sauce reduce, afterthat, pour in the coconutmilk. Letitboil and cookfor 10 minutes in lowerheat. Addthe cilantro flavorchopped. Later, place the shrimp, about 2 or 3 minutes and finally, serve over white rice. (t


You can chop onion,carrot

You can slice tomatoes






History and geography of

Salvador, Bahia in Brazil.

Salvador has a great feature in its cuisine, as it is one hundred percent indigenous

The traditional cuisine of the place boasts for being spicy,veryelaborated and tasty by the number of species added.

Typical dishes of the local cuisine is moquecas, fish and seafood with coconut milk and oil dendê

Ourteacherwantedustoworkwith a portfolio. Thisworkmustbe done alonebutwepreferedtowork in pairs so weselected a themeworkedthroughttheyear and addedsomegrammarpoints . Finallyeach of uswroteanopinionThat’swhatwedid. …..