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Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. Ltd Hungama PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. Ltd Hungama

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Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. Ltd Hungama - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. Ltd Hungama. Hungama Digital Group. Founded in 1999, we started by providing innovative experiential solutions online & offline for clients across multiple sectors.

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Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. Ltd Hungama

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Virtual Marketing (Ind) Pvt. LtdHungama

    2. Hungama Digital Group • Founded in 1999, we started by providing innovative experiential solutions online & offline for clients across multiple sectors. • Incredible journey in consumer engagement – more than 800 activations across more than 300+ brands – delivering more than 15+ years of cumulative consumer experience in a span of 8 years. • Clear focus in delivering technological solutions empowered by outstanding creative communications

    3. Hungama Digital Group • HDG a full-service company offering an integrated approach to interactive marketing and Web & Mobile technology solutions across multiple sectors. • The new entity with enhanced capabilities will be capable of responding to the increasing client demand for digital marketing services in the domestic and international markets. • The new entity aims to be truly full-service operation, international, that will be attractive to both customers and investors.

    4. Digital services • Internet, intranet, extranet and enterprise portals • E-commerce • Hosting solutions • Document & records management

    5. Media & Search • Media planning & buying • Analytics & Behaviourial Science • Search Marketing,

    6. Mobile Marketing • Net enabled applications for mobile marketing • SMS, MMS, WAP, IVR • Can be used standalone or along with our network connections • Content aggregation and provision Via 54646 or external short code • Service customization, implementation and management of end-to-end solutions. • Support clients to build brands and enhance services using the mobile space.

    7. Media Properties • • •

    8. IndiaFM

    9. IndiaFM • IndiaFM is the most popular Bollywood Movie site in existence. • Launched on 15 Aug 1997, it is the Oracle for Bollywood lovers all over the world. • It has maintained its leadership position and is the only site trusted by the Entertainment Industry for marketing decisions and consumers for their movie choices. • Largest aggregator of Bollywood content • Content agreement with 22+ companies. Includes Yahoo, MSN, Sify, BBC, etc. • In fact, IndiaFM is the only Bollywood site licensed to broadcast Indian music on the Net. • BBC rated IndiaFM as the no. 1 Bollywood site in its survey of the most influential sites in Bollywood.


    11. Youth centric portal in the business of building communities & providing sticky entertainment in the form of • Hourly Trivia • Games • International Music • Reviews + News + Artist Biographies • Hollywood Movies • Reviews + Trailers + Downloads + News • Loyalty Program • Redemption: Online transaction using Hungama currency & actual product experience/sampling. • Sweepstakes: Weekly sweepstakes on offer.


    13. • Gaming Hungama is the first Indian Multi-user Gaming site with original content. A pioneering effort in a fast growing market. • Forums and polls increase user interaction • Easy to play games (requires no software installation) • Has an intuitive gaming and chat interface allowing the users to chat as they compete. • Proprietary games based on popular themes. • Single player and mobile games for a complete online gaming experience.

    14. Our Work - Internet Case studies

    15. Coca-Cola India -

    16. Coca-Cola India - • Title: • The Client: Coca-Cola India Ltd • The objective: revolves around the key positions of Coca-Cola: Movies, Cricket, Gaming and Music. The website aims to serve the following objectives: 1. A complete integration with all offline activities & 2. Create a strong interactive interface that provides consumers with a unique, ongoing brand experience

    17. (Coca-Cola India) • Execution: Creation of a strong online loyalty programme – Coke Crownz Created a virtual city based on a multi-user platform wherein the registered members who have logged on to the multi-user section can see each other (as tiny digital people) in the various zones. They can even chat with each other and invite other members to play games with them. is the only website in India to have a multi-user interface. Awards: One of the most frequented brand sites in South-Asia • Winner of the PMAA 2004 Gold for ‘Best Use of Interactive Media’ • Winner of the ABBY 2003-04 (Silver) for ‘Best Use of Interactive Media’ • Winner at the GLOBES Awards 2004 (Silver) in same category

    18. Campaign For Real Beauty

    19. Campaign For Real Beauty • Title: Campaignforrealbeauty • Client: Dove, Unilever – SE Asia • The Objective of the campaign: To develop and maintain the 'Campaign for Real Beauty' websites for eleven South-East Asian countries • Target demographics: Focus on women from different cultures

    20. Campaign For Real Beauty • About the Campaign: • Through “ Campaign For Real Beauty” Dove makes women feel more beautiful by challenging today's stereotypical view of beauty. • It breaks the conventional definition of beauty by projecting that real beauty comes in many shapes, sizes and ages. • The websites were first launched for USA & Europe • Virtual Marketing is in the process of creating websites that aim to channelise the voice of Asian women • VMIL is developing & maintaining the campaignforrealbeauty website for ten South East Asian countries • The campaign in Asia is as per global guidelines the sites encompass polls, quizzes, a forum where women can give their opinion on beauty and more. • The sites will also be synergised with on ground events and other communication in the Asian markets.

    21. Campaign For Real Beauty

    22. Disney India

    23. Disney India • Title:,, • Client: Disney India • Objective: The web site to provide consumers with a unique, ongoing brand experience one that extends beyond the channel and indeed aids additional eyeballs onto our channels. The sites would be used to create a database of our core target audience via interactive promotions, contests, games, animated webisodes etc • Target demographics: The Key focus shall be to provide the consumer (child/parent) an unparalleled consumer convenience & experience.

    24. Disney India • Execution: Hungama ensures all the online activities are tune with overall brand strategy. Develops fresh content on a regular basis and in conjunction with the overall web site plan and marketing strategy. The site includes minisites, games, downloadables, viral /interactive applications, promos (these are also taken on the mobile)

    25. Axe India -

    26. Axe India - • Title: • The Client: Axe, Unilever – India • The objective: To create an interactive website that would encompass everything that Axe brand stands for, at the same time giving the consumer a vibrant and complete brand experience online.

    27. Axe India - • Execution: The new look website was geared to deliver on two fronts: • Content • Interactivity USP of the site is its innovative loyalty programme that allows users to interact online and collect points to win Axe goodies and a monthly mega prize • Results: Winner of an ABBY (Gold) for Best Site Design, PMAA Gold (Best Use of New Media and the Golden Award of Montreux 2003


    29. Axeunlimited • Title: • The Client: Axe – HLL (Unilever – India) • Target Demographic: Young Indian urban males looking to score in the dating game • Objective: To teach young Indian males how to be a master of seduction

    30. Axeunlimited • Execution: The activity was executed in a phased manner - Phase 1 : A virtual academy which imparted knowledge on how to stay on top of the dating game and how to woo women. Phase 2: Online tests in the subjects related to dating. Phase 3: Big bash for the graduates • Result: The world's biggest university with almost 55,000 students (registered users) in 8 weeks

    31. Cornetto -

    32. Cornetto- • Title: • The Client: Cornetto, Kwality Walls (Unilever- India) • Marketing objective Increase penetration & frequency of consumption among current users • Communication objective: To create a youth centric social site, a place where the users can hangout & explore the fun side of life. To project Cornetto as a brand which can play the role of a Connector in the game of love

    33. Cornetto - • The Execution- Fear of rejection prohibits unambiguous/direct expression of love. This site acts as a platform to help connect by allowing the users to express their love as secret admirers through the integration of mobile activation The site also contains other sections containing interesting content complementing the core premise of Cornetto’s role of a love connector

    34. Advergames Making TVC’s Interactive

    35. Nike Shox (Singapore)

    36. Nike Shox (Singapore) • Title: Nike Shox 2 • Client: Nike (Singapore) • Communication Objective: Nike Shox began phase 1 in 2000 with “Boing”. Nike Shox phase 2 was more focused on the performance attributes of the brand. The objective of the communication was to create a viral buzz & re-energize the first campaign of Nike Shox & connect the second phase back to “Boing” This viral marketing exercise had to be fun, memorable and interactive

    37. Nike Shox (Singapore) • Execution: The campaign was executed at two levels – 1. A teaser Campaign & 2. A product launch campaign. An e-mailer was sent to a database of over 60,000 Singaporean youth inviting them to play exclusive Nike Shox games inbuilt in the mail in order to win cool stuff from Nike. AdverGames were created around the potential end user, client’s interest and product benefits. Three versions - running , basketball and cross-training kept the users playing to earn as many Nike Shox points as possible in order to increase their chances of winning. Forwarding the link to a friend earned them another Nike Shox point and the more referrals they gave, the more points they recollected. Participants with the most Nike Shox points won the weekly prizes.

    38. Nike Shox (Singapore) • Results: Within eight days, from the launch on November 15, 2001, 7054 registered as participants (out of 60,000 emails sent out) and 87,555 referrals were received.

    39. Movie Websites & Promos Adding to the Pre-release Hype

    40. HomeDeliveryTheFilm

    41. HomeDeliveryTheFilm • Title: Home Delivery - Aapko Ghar Tak ( • Client: Sahara One Motion Pictures • Target Audience: NRI's, Movie Goers of all ages and All Broadband Users • The Objective: India’s very first video website was conceptulised and designed keeping in mind Sahara One Motion Picture’s mandate to compliment the film an innovative manner, by breaking the conventional mould followed by the industry, thus creating something truly pioneering in the India web space. Scripted and directed entirely by Hungama - IndiaFM, the video website required the star cast of the film to shoot exclusively for it.

    42. HomeDeliveryTheFilm • The execution: As the user logs on to the Home Delivery website, he is welcomed by the pizza delivery boy played by the versatile Boman Irani, who then takes the user on a virtual tour to meet the characters in their individual settings, at their personal best - interacting with the users through dialogue and actions. Each environment, a fusion of real-time video and illustration was made completely interactive. For instance, when users would enter a certain character’s zone, the links would be represented as per the elements in sight. So when the user clicks the link, say a book representing the diary of the character, this character would actually interact with the link in question and say something pertaining to it. The site was available in 2 versions – the broadband video format and html format and recorded hits of over 49,100 worldwide.

    43. Darna Mana Hai

    44. Darna Mana Hai • Caption/Title : • Client Name : • Communication Objective: Six Stories One Ending, was an innovative offering and it's official site had to be just as novel, projecting the movie's fear factor at the same time.

    45. Darna Mana Hai • Execution: A site that preyed on the user's mind playing on the computer buff's ultimate horror - loss of data was created The moment a user logged on to the site he was greeted by a deadly blue screen. This was followed by a rush of data, all creating the impression that his system files were getting deleted. The DMH virus had struck! The application then opened up into the homepage where images like a lock with 6 holes and a candle with 6 wicks heightened the user's curiosity. To navigate, the user had to turn a key in the lock opening up the different sections of the site. The DMH application was also converted into a viral application that users could download from and forward to their friends. • Results: The contests as well as the virus proved very effective as a marketing tool for the movie.

    46. Interactive Applications Taking your Brand to the Desktop

    47. EPL Interactive Screensaver

    48. EPL Screen-mate

    49. EPL Screen-mate • Title: EPL Interactive screensaver & Screen-mate • Client: ESPN / Star Sports • Objective: To create a functional & interactive application for ESPN/Star sports to promote the EPL in India • Execution: An interactive screensaver & screen-mate were created. These gave details on the match schedule & teams. The screenmate resides on the PC users desktop, entertaining the user & also subtly endorsing the brand. The screensaver also had a date calendar

    50. My School Rocks - Disney