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Student Financial Management System

Student Financial Management System. Manage your money easily. Contents. 1. Introduction. 2. Problems. 3. Solution. 4. Future Plan. 5. Demo. 6. Q&A. Truong Minh Song. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao. Truong Van An. Nguyen Van Phong. Team Members. Supervisor: Team Memebers :.

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Student Financial Management System

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  1. Student Financial Management System Manage your money easily

  2. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Problems 3 Solution 4 Future Plan 5 Demo 6 Q&A

  3. Truong Minh Song • Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao Truong Van An Nguyen Van Phong Team Members • Supervisor: • Team Memebers: Mr. Nguyen Huy Hung

  4. Problems • How to spend effectively?

  5. Solution Create a website that has functions: Tracking all transactions with detail information (include account, category, time, amount) Planning for spending, include system help user add transaction automatically Limited spending bases on category or time A mini forum where student can share tips about how to manage their daily expenditure

  6. Tools

  7. Technologies Javascript

  8. System Architecture • Model: Communicate with DB • View: Presentation layer • Controller: Carry data, Transaction & Auto service

  9. Process Model

  10. Database

  11. Main flow Account Transaction User Category Report Event Reminder Web server

  12. Functions Groups Transaction management Event reminder merit Budgets Forum Administrator

  13. Transaction Management Transaction management Accounts Categories Transactions

  14. Transaction Management

  15. Groups Groups Group member management Transaction management

  16. Groups

  17. Event Reminder Event reminder Set Foresee Event Auto Add Transaction Remind User

  18. Event Reminder

  19. Budgets Budgets Set Category Limitation Alert Status Set Overall Limitation

  20. Budgets

  21. Forum Forum Topic Topic Category Comment

  22. Forum

  23. Administrator Administrator User Management Forum Management

  24. Administrator

  25. Advantages Keep track transactions d Events planning Manage spending easier

  26. Future Plan • Send alert via mobile message • Develop app which runs on mobiles • Connect with banking system • Develop alert unusual spending

  27. SFMSDemo

  28. SFMS Thank You!

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