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Splicing and Whipping

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Splicing and Whipping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Splicing and Whipping. Robert W. Brey Roundtable Staff. Rope work. Back Splice Eye splice Short Splice Whipping. Back splice. Un-lay 3 to 4 inches of the rope Identify the three strands as A, B, and C Lay strand A back on the standing part. Back Splice.

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splicing and whipping

Splicing and Whipping

Robert W. Brey

Roundtable Staff

rope work
Rope work
  • Back Splice
  • Eye splice
  • Short Splice
  • Whipping
back splice
Back splice
  • Un-lay 3 to 4 inches of the rope
  • Identify the three strands as A, B, and C
  • Lay strand A back on the standing part
back splice4
Back Splice
  • Wrap B around the loop formed by A
back splice5
Back Splice
  • Bring strand C through loop A
back splice6
Back Splice
  • Tighten all strands, pulling one against the other.
back splice7
Back Splice
  • Tuck strand C over one strand and under the next.
back splice8
Back Splice
  • Continue with strand B, then A. Complete sequence C, B, A a total of four times
  • To make the splice thinner, trim one third of each strand after the second tuck.
eye splice
Eye splice
  • Determine size of the eye that you want
  • Add 3 inches to size of eye
  • Apply whipping 3 inches from end of rope
  • Unlay 3 inches of rope
eye splice10
Eye Splice
  • Untwist rope where you want the eye to finish
  • Identify A, B, and C on unlayed rope
eye splice11
Eye Splice
  • Tuck strand B through one strand on the standing part
eye splice12
Eye Splice
  • Tuck strand A under the next strand on the standing part
eye splice13
Eye Splice
  • To complete the splice, turn it over
eye splice14
Eye Splice
  • Tuck strand C under the next strand
eye splice15
Eye Splice
  • Turn rope back to original position and repeat steps 2 - 5.
  • To make the spliced part thinner, trim one third of each strand as it is tucked the third and fourth times.
short splice
Short Splice
  • A short splice can be used in place of a knot to join two ropes or the two ends of the same rope together.
  • If two ropes are being joined with a short splice, they should be the same type of rope and have the same diameter.
short splice19
Short Splice

Take strand A of the left rope and take it over strand 1 on the right rope and tuck it under strand 2.

short splice20
Short Splice

Roll rope towards you and take strand B over strand 2 and under strand 3.

short splice21
Short Splice

Roll the rope toward you again and tuck strand C over strand 3 and under the next strand.

short splice22
Short Splice

Continue rolling the rope toward you and tucking the appropriate strand. Tuck three times with each strand. To make the splice thinner, trim one third of each strand as you tuck.

short splice23
Short Splice

Remove temporary whipping and do the same tuck and roll working to the left. Complete three tucks with each strand.

  • West Country Whipping
    • From an area in Bristol, England, consists of a series of overhand knots alternating on each side of the rope to be whipped. Make the whipping as long as the diameter of the rope. Finish with a square knot and trim the excess ends.
  • Sailmaker’s whipping
    • Unlay the three strands of the rope about 1 inch. Use 16 inches of whipping cord and form an open bight about 3 inches in length. Slip the bight over one strand of the rope and then relay the rope.
  • Re-lay the strands of the rope to the original twist. Wrap the cord clockwise, moving towards the end of the rope approximately six turns.
  • Complete whipping by bringing the bight over the same strand it was originally looped over. Pull the short end of the whipping cord until the bight is pulled tight.
  • Finally bring the two ends of the whipping cord up to the end of the rope and between two strands of the rope. Tie a tight square knot between the strands of the rope and cut off excess.
splices and whipping 2002

Splices and Whipping 2002

Pictures and text adapted from Pioneering merit badge pamphlet,

1995 printing of 1993 version, Boy Scouts of America