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EPA’s Social Business Intelligence @ Work

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EPA’s Social Business Intelligence @ Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EPA’s Social Business Intelligence @ Work. Brand Niemann Senior Enterprise Architect U.S. EPA November 7, 2010. Overview. National Computer Center Application Hosting Customer Workshop, November 2, 2010:

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epa s social business intelligence @ work

EPA’s Social Business Intelligence @ Work

Brand Niemann

Senior Enterprise Architect


November 7, 2010

  • National Computer Center Application Hosting Customer Workshop, November 2, 2010:
    • Purpose: To provide an overview of new tools, innovative technologies, and process improvements to support Agency business partners achieve their information technology goals. 
      • 1:45-2:30 pm Tools: Business Intelligence at Work: Discover how business intelligence tools can be used to analyze business trends and provide real-time information for decision-making. Timothy Hinds, OTOP, and Lisa Jenkins, OSWER. Excerpts from Their Slides in the Next Slides.
        • BusinessObjects XI, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, Informatica Power Center, and SAS.
  • Social Business Intelligence:
    • What is "social BI"? Is that Social networking?:
      • Empowerment of the User, Community Collaboration, Telling Stories with Data, and Self-Publishing:
        • See http://spotfire.tibco.com/silverspotfire/social-bi.aspx and http://epadata.wik.is/EPA's_Business_Intelligence_at_Work.
        • EPA’s Office of Communication uses Socrata and I use Spotfire.
business intelligence at work
Business Intelligence at Work
  • National Computer Center Application Hosting Customer Workshop, November 2, 2010:
    • The BIAC – Timothy Hinds
    • OSWER Projects – Lisa Jenkins
      • Cleanups in My Community (CMIC)
      • OSWER Performance Assessment Tool (OSWER PAT)
    • Engaging the BAIC – Timothy Hinds
    • Questions – Timothy Hinds & Lisa Jenkins
business intelligence analytics center biac
Business Intelligence & Analytics Center (BIAC)


business intelligence and analytics bi
Business Intelligence and Analytics: BI

$244.00 Versus Free by Me!


regional analysis
Regional Analysis


brand analysis
Brand Analysis


year over year analysis
Year over Year Analysis


download video
Download Video
  • Another Tab Option is Download Video:
    • 22 files, 62 MB!
    • One is Introduction.ppt, 7 slides.
      • Office of Underground Storage Tanks, LUST4, Demonstration and Training, Produced 2009.09.04 by the US EPA Business Intelligence and Analytics Center:
        • LUST4 Uniform Resource Locator (i.e., “Web Address”): https://oasext.epa.gov/pls/apex/f?p=101 (Requires Log-in)
        • For More Information: Matt Young, 703-603-7143, young.matthew@epa.gov, http://www.epa.gov/swerust1/eparecovery/index.htm
          • Found EPA has no “UST/LUST site-specific database” per Larry Zaragosa (just an unpublished Google Map of the sites). So I created a UST/LUST state database from EPA Public Web Page content (see next slides).

Note: Tried lots of other links, but found nothing.

cleanup site map service
Cleanup Site Map Service

Next slide

The Cleanup Site Map Service (CSMS) is a project of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Comments are welcome, and can be sent to the developer who will distribute them.

cleanup site map service1
Cleanup Site Map Service


cleanup site map service2
Cleanup Site Map Service

Unpublished Google Map

state and territory ust lust program status and contacts
State And Territory UST/LUST Program Status And Contacts



cleanups in my community
Cleanups in My Community


cleanups in my community1
Cleanups in My Community
  • About This Site:
    • Cleanups in My Community is a mapping and listing tool that shows sites where pollution is being or has been cleaned up throughout the United States. It maps, lists and provides cleanup progress profiles for:- Sites, facilities and properties that have been contaminated by hazardous materials and are being, or have been, cleaned up under EPA's Superfund, RCRA and/or Brownfields cleanup programs.- Federal facilities that have been contaminated by hazardous materials and are being, or have been, cleaned up under EPA's Superfund and/or RCRA cleanup programs.
  • Note: Currently, we can only show sites, facilities and properties for which EPA collects information by law, or voluntarily via grants. At present, this does not include state or locally funded cleanups. We are working with our state and local partners to expand the scope of cleanups to be accessed through Cleanups in My Community in the future. In addition, data in this system is updated according to the data update schedule and may not yet reflect real changes at the locations covered here.
  • Need Additional Cleanup Information?
    • Brownfields
    • Federal Facilities
    • Regional Emergency Management Links
    • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Information (RCRAInfo)
    • Spills of oil, gas, pipeline liquids and hazardous substances
    • Superfund (including non-NPL and archived sites)
    • Underground storage tanks - state web pages (recall slide 11)


epa response to pb oil spill in the gulf of mexico
EPA Response to PB Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico
  • EPA Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico:
    • Click here for BP Deep Horizons Oil Spill Data
      • http://iaspub.epa.gov/apex/cimc/f?p=255:59
  • View BP Deep Horizons Oil Spill Data:
    • Air Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/air.html
    • Water Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/water.html
    • Sediment Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/sediment.html
    • Waste Data - Oil Sample Results: http://epa.gov/bpspill/waste.html#samples
    • Dispersant: http://epa.gov/bpspill/dispersants.html#bpdata
    • Data Interactive map of air monitoring locations: http://iaspub.epa.gov/pls/apex/f?p=100:2:908430046142441
      • See Next Slide.
bp oil spill sampling and monitoring sites
BP Oil Spill - Sampling and Monitoring Sites

Note: Error Occurred


air data from the gulf coastline
Air Data from the Gulf Coastline


epa sampling data response to the bp oil spill
EPA Sampling Data: Response to the BP OIl Spill

Export to CSV


data sources
Data Sources
  • Looking for Data in Socrata this time (previously I used the Data Download Tool):
    • Air Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/air.html
    • Air Monitoring: http://www.socrata.com/Government/EP...pill/n63a-2n37CSV
    • Air Sampling: http://www.socrata.com/Government/Ai...ling/hwcu-fexfCSV
      • Note: For all hydrogen sulfide (H2S) data posted before May 17, the detection limit is 1 ppm. For all H2S data posted May 17 or after the detection limit is 0.1 ppm. 
    • Water Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/water.html
      • Dispersant analyses from water samples: http://www.socrata.com/Government/EP...rom-/iy8m-cbcuCSV
      • Dispersant analyses from sediment samples: http://www.socrata.com/Government/EP...s-fr/5e5d-45awCSV
      • Analysis of water samples for chemicals and compounds associated with oil:http://www.socrata.com/Government/Su...ling/82gb-zn72CSV
    • Oil Sample Results: http://www.socrata.com/Government/Oi...ions/zhpf-r9rnCSV
    • Sediment Data: http://epa.gov/bpspill/sediment.html
      • http://www.socrata.com/Government/Se...ling/dhdf-vsziCSV
    • Waste Data - Oil Sample Results: http://epa.gov/bpspill/waste.html#samples
      • http://www.socrata.com/Government/Wa...ling/p9z5-dbi3CSV
    • Dispersant: http://epa.gov/bpspill/dispersants.html#bpdata
  • Data Interactive map of air monitoring locations: http://iaspub.epa.gov/pls/apex/f?p=1...08430046142441
  • UST/LUST State Data Summaries: http://www.epa.gov/swerust1/states/statcon1.htm in Excel: http://epadata.wik.is/@api/deki/files/947/=UST-LUST.xls
  • Google Earth Maps: BPGulfSpillResponse.kmz, dhorizon_apr2010_main.kml, dhorizon_apr2010_nlink.kml


social business intelligence
Social Business Intelligence
  • Empowerment of the User:
    • Cloud Computing-no hassle with IT investment
  • Community Collaboration:
    • Social features supplement traditional BI for broader information sharing
  • Telling Stories with Data:
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Self-Publishing:
    • Does not cost $244/hour! Socrata is free to Data.gov users. Spotfire Silver is free (one year and up to 3 files of <10MB).

August 25, 2010, Webinar: BI in the Cloud: The Pervasive, Self-Service, Social Approach


Desktop PC


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some conclusions and next steps
Some Conclusions and Next Steps
  • The EPA Response to PB Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico provides data in both a Data Download Tool and Socrata. The former was used previously and the latter used in this analysis because it is a Social BI Tool.
  • Social BI differs from conventional BI in a number of ways, especially cost.
  • Social BI should be applied to additional EPA data sets, especially water geospatial data downloads.
    • http://www.epa.gov/waters/data/downloads.html