reduce your footprint by shopping ethically n.
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Reduce your footprint by shopping ethically PowerPoint Presentation
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Reduce your footprint by shopping ethically

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Reduce your footprint by shopping ethically - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With rising environment problems it is important that everyone in the world takes a step towards being more environment friendly. Not just food but clothing and other necessary changes. Buying organic clothing is one among them. Be it regular wear or sports wear make sure you buy something that is made ethically and in an eco-friendly manner.

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learn about what you wear

Learn about what you wear

  • It has to be produced ethically
  • Not exploiting cheaper labour
  • Not using chemicals to process the garments
quality over quantity

Quality over quantity

  • Having quality clothes is a better option. i.e. sustainable clothing
trends may not always match ethics

Trends may not always match Ethics

  • Blindly following the trend should not be the path you wish to follow. If you want to be more ethical then you must buy organic or sustainable clothing be it casual or sports wear.
know where to get it from

Know where to get it from

  • Look for clothes that are certified organic


  • Sustenance plays the most important role since once you adopt a certain lifestyle, it is important to be equally consistent. Living such a lifestyle once is defiantly going to make you live such a lifestyle forever.
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