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Useful Tips For Landscape Design PowerPoint Presentation
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Useful Tips For Landscape Design

Useful Tips For Landscape Design

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Useful Tips For Landscape Design

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  1. Useful Tips For Landscape Design Pro Tips for the Beginners

  2. The purpose of your garden Everyone designs the garden spaces with one prime goal – a better living space with visually stunning design.So, before planning everything, ask yourself the reason for wanting a garden space. If you have a clear answer in your mind, you are able to turn the outdoor property into an entertaining and peaceful place. If you are planning to design your first garden or just rehabbing an outdoor space in your property, then you need to know certain rules of landscape design. Having a garden inside our property will make our lives a lot better as the air quality will improve rapidly. Besides, it will invite the sun and shades while providing shelter for strong winds and rain.

  3. The difference between eastern and western designs If you want your garden design to be based on western ideas, you will have straight lines, rectangles, and symmetry. If you are influenced by the eastern design, there will be irregular shapes, curves and specific materials like water or rock to symbolise nature. Once you understand the difference between both, you will have clearer ideas about designing your garden. You have to define a boundary for your garden space design and to do that you need to put your focus on one or two things, like a hedge or a fence in the distance. Draw a reasonable boundary that will allow you to have a sense of order in the garden.

  4. Right dimension for a path The best way to design a pathway is to make it as narrow as 18-20 inches in a comparatively tighter area. But, if you want your garden space to look wider, you need to create a pathway that is at least 48-50 inches wide. Of course, that will only be possible if you have a larger outdoor area. Wider pathways will allow 2 people to walk side by side while enjoying the beauty. This way, you can show your garden to the visitors while enjoying a walk with them. But that doesn’t mean narrow pathways will look boring as it all depends on the yard space you have. You can also use both narrow and wider pathways while adding curves to make your garden look more stunning.

  5. Choose the plants according to the climate While choosing the plants, make sure that they can thrive on the climate. You must have certain plants that you want to keep to beautify your yard. But if the conditions are not favourable for the plant, it will not live long.   

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