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Assessment Central Park 2014/15 PowerPoint Presentation
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Assessment Central Park 2014/15

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Assessment Central Park 2014/15
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Assessment Central Park 2014/15

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  1. Assessment Central Park 2014/15

  2. Central Park’s Vision for Assessment 14/15 • Children to be discussed in terms of abilities and next steps rather than numbers. • Assessments that inform planning and help us identify relevant and achievable targets for each child. • Parents and children who can articulate their strengths, their ‘next steps’ and how they can achieve these. • Children who are able to match their peers both locally and nationally.

  3. Tests • Central Park recognises that formal tests are a part of children’s school careers and as such we aim to make our students ‘test ready’ with the least amount of stress. • Reception and Year 1 complete the PIPs baseline assessments in September and at the end of the year. These are conducted 1:1 with a familiar adult on a computer. • Years 3-5 will take NFER tests each July. These tests will change each year and will provide a standardised score- comparing children at Central Park against a national sample. • Year 2 and 6 will complete SATs as per the current system.

  4. Teacher Assessments • Each class will have a profile that will follow them throughout Central Park. • Statements will be reviewed termly and highlighted if they are achieved. Teachers will then make a teacher assessment judgement from this information. • Children will be categorised as Emerging, Meeting or Exceeding within the year they are working. • Children’s targets will be created from gaps in attainment.

  5. Example 6

  6. What is expected attainment? • In the Autumn term children who are; • Emerging- are working at the expected level for their age and towards meeting the targets for their Year group. • Meeting- are already achieving the targets for their current year group and their attainment is above expectation. • Exceeding- are working toward additional criteria for their year group and their attainment is well above expectation. • By the Summer term children who are working at the expected level should be meeting the targets for their current year group. • If your child is not working on the targets for their current year group this will be notified on the report card and can be discussed further during parent consultation meetings.

  7. Theme/Assessment Weeks Central Park aims to make assessment purposeful as well as including all stakeholders in the process. Assessment weeks, which comprise the activities below, are held each term. • Time for children to review and reflect on their learning to date, assess themselves and suggest new targets. • All children have a 1:1 meeting with their class teacher to discuss progress and agree targets. • Buddy reading sessions- mixed ability and age groups listen to each other reading and make suggestions of where/how to improve. • Open sessions where parents will view work or attend a lesson to help them understand how their children are learning and the expectations. • Independent investigation activities, workshops and ‘off timetable’ learning to increase independence. • Awards assembly for meeting targets.