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Working with lists

Working with lists. Presented by Quality accounting solutions. Contact info. Vicki Borror 618-978-8558 www.QualityAccountingSolutions.com VBorror@QASVB.com My job is helping people with their QuickBooks & accounting problems. QAS. Quality Accounting Solutions

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Working with lists

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  1. Working with lists Presented by Quality accounting solutions

  2. Contact info • Vicki Borror • 618-978-8558 • www.QualityAccountingSolutions.com • VBorror@QASVB.com • My job is helping people with their QuickBooks & accounting problems.

  3. QAS • Quality Accounting Solutions • Have a MBA and BS from SIUe • Advanced certified in QB by Intuit • Lecturer at SIUe • Help businesses de-bug their QB and accounting processes

  4. Class Flow • Using Premier 2013 Accountants copy • Will have Q&A at end so please post questions • Recorded session & slides will be posted.

  5. Only 1 QB File • You should only have 1 QB company per legal structure or tax id. • Do not mix legal entities. • Can track parts of a business using Classes.

  6. Tips & tricks • Backup, Backup, Backup!!!! – Best not to do the backup on the same computer. • Offsite is the best solution. • If not, use a thumb drive or external hard drive that is stored offsite.

  7. Tips & tricks • Sample companies are provided with the software and are great resources to try new setups or journal entries. • You can also restore a backup of your company, with a different name, to use for experimentation.

  8. accomplishments • Create and work with Lists • Chart of Accounts • Customers & Jobs • Vendors

  9. Using Quickbooks lists • QuickBooks lists organize a wide variety of information, including data on customers, vendors, inventory items, and more. • Lists save you time by helping you enter information consistently and correctly.

  10. Saving time • Such as: • Names, addresses, and other information about customers • Contact information for vendors • Descriptions and prices for products and

  11. Chart of accounts • The Chart of Accounts (COA) may be accessed from: • Company menu • Home screen • Lists menu

  12. COA - Create new account • Can create\edit\delete accounts by using: • Edit menu • Right clicking • Account menu in the COA window • Need to know the type of account it is.

  13. COA - subaccounts • Use Subaccounts to group accounts that go together and where you want to have a subtotal: • Insurance • Building Insurance • Liability Insurance Do not book to the • Health Insurance heading account

  14. COA - Deleting accounts • You can only delete an account if it has NEVER had any activity posted to it (even if by mistake). • Make it Inactive so it can no longer be used. • This also applies to Customers & Vendors

  15. COA - Same names • Have 2 accounts that are the same thing? • Merge them by renaming one to the same exact name of the other. • Answer YES to the merge question. • This also applies to Customers & Vendors

  16. COA - rearranging • Rearranging the COA will also rearrange how they appear on the PnL. • Move them by clicking on the NAME or TYPE heading or dragging them.

  17. COA - reporting • You can create a report on any account by selecting it and right clicking • Select QUICKREPORT • Can change dates at the top of the report This also applies to Customers & Vendors

  18. customers • Customers are who pay (write the check to) you. • Job is the work you are doing for the Customer. • May have several jobs for 1 customer • Do not use OTHER NAME

  19. Customers – Quickaddvssetup • Accessed thru the Customer Center • QuickAdd – Name only • Set up – complete information. • Can be used for advertising\client touches • Better billing records

  20. Customers - editing • The same rules apply to Customers as did the COA: • Merging names • No deleting if any activity • Make Inactive

  21. Customers - jobs • Use Jobs to • Track the types of work or from year to year • Create job costing\revenue reports

  22. Customers - rearranging • Can click on the NAME or BALANCE headings to re-sort • Show only Active, All, Clients with balances, etc. • This applies to Vendors too

  23. vendors • Vendors are who you pay (give money to). • QuickAddvs Setup: • Set up needed if going to print checks directly from QB. • Do not use OTHER NAME

  24. Vendors - editing • The same rules apply to Vendors as did the COA & Customers: • Merging names • No deleting if any activity • Make Inactive

  25. Custom fields • Custom fields can be added to Customers & Vendors (Items too). • Hard to get to show up on reports though.

  26. Upcoming training • Lewis & Clark community College • Godfrey Campus - Benjamin Godfrey Campus 5800 Godfrey Road, Godfrey, Illinois 62035 • 618-468-7000 • http://catalog.lc.edu/content.php?catoid=2&navoid=57#Other_Non-credit_Learning_Opportunities • QuickBooks Intro • Using QuickBooks • 3

  27. Quickbooks intro • September 30 • Efficiently navigate using Toolbars and Home menu • Ensure your Company file is set up properly and how to edit it • Create and work with Lists • Chart of Accounts, • Customers, Vendors, • Items

  28. Using QuickBooks • October 14 • Create Estimates and convert to Invoices • When to create Invoices or Sales Receipts • Receiving payments and making Deposits • Do I Write Checks or Enter and Pay bills • Tracking Credit Cards correctly • Bank reconciliation

  29. October 28 • Setting up Inventory • Doing Payroll • Creating and customizing reports, exporting reports to Excel • Customizing forms & writing QB letters

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