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PI System Development Roadmap PowerPoint Presentation
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PI System Development Roadmap

PI System Development Roadmap

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PI System Development Roadmap

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  1. PI System Development Roadmap Jon Peterson Christian Luckock OSIsoft, Inc. OCEANIA TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR 2008 © 2008 OSIsoft, Inc. | Company Confidential

  2. The PI System Support Managed PI High Availability Internationalization Events and Notification Security The Deliver Information for Meaningful, Better Business Decisions Visuals The Turn Valuable Real-Time Data Into Actionable Information Analytics The Gathers, Organizes, Distributes,and Stores Data from Many Sources Server

  3. PI as an Infrastructure

  4. Product Development Roadmap Technical Support Managed PI

  5. Interfaces We keep writing them! 12+ full time developers BACnet Delta V Headend systems DDS

  6. Interfaces Uniint ca. 1992 New challenges Configuration automation Managed PI Meta data Instrument systems Business systems Performance

  7. PI Server Microsoft Integrated Security Q3 2008 Authentication Windows SSPI AD (Kerberos) Local (NTLM) Authorization Windows principles Better grouping Flexible ACLs

  8. PI Security Configuration Server <= 3.4.375 Attributes Owner, Creator, Changer are PIUsers Group is PIGroup Access as String ACL Syntax “o:rw g:rw w:r” Server >= 3.4.380 Attributes New Security attribute as ACL Creator and Changer are PIIdentities or Principals (Windows users) Incompatible case: Owner = PIUserIncompatible Group = PIGroupIncompatible Access = “o: g: w: ” ACL Syntax “ID1: A(r,w) | ID2: A(r,w) | ID3: A(r) | … PIIdentity Names or IDs

  9. PI Server PR 2 (Q1 2009) Server Side Buffering Cyber security MDB -> AF support Horizon Future Data Archive Sets Performance HA improvement Aggregation Federation

  10. Federated PI Server

  11. AF Server 2.0 Released January 2008! MDB  AF tools Futures Event Frames License enforcement Notifications Event pipes AMI (scaling, indexing)

  12. Event Frames Batches Discrete Manufacturing Transfers Alarm and Event Interfaces Events/Incidents/Excursions/Accidents – Integrated with PI Analytics Demand/Generation forecast analysis for power Equipment start up and shutdowns 2007Aug06-ABC123

  13. Data Access Baseline Services PI System OLEDB Provider OPC UA PI SDK AF SDK Analysis Event Frame

  14. Analytics PIANO Overview Unification Ground work for future analytics Analytics AF support of ACE Formula DR, PE Configurable Analyses Targeting 12 month dev cycle

  15. Notifications Released January 2009! PR 2 Notification templates Auto creation More analysis support Historize sub-AR UI—Web Parts, ProcessBook

  16. Notifications

  17. ProcessBook 3.1 July 08 Notification add-in Formatting toolbar Format painter General UI improvements Vertical trends Scaling Statistics tool tips (min, max, average) Export to Excel

  18. ProcessBook

  19. ProcessBook 3.2 Internationalization Unicode Language selection 3.3 PR 2 AF support Element relative displays Playback and other time manipulation Cursor synchronization across trends ActiveView PR 2 Support docking windows Allows advanced features of PB

  20. RtWebParts 2.1 just released! Batch web parts Forms based authentication Printing improvements Table improvements Multiple condition column formats Language packs

  21. RtWebParts

  22. RtWebParts 3.0 PR 2 AF Support PI Notifications Acknowledgements Subscription Looking into 64 bit 4.0 SilverLight 2.0 SharePoint designer integration FrontPage site authoring

  23. Developer Studio Subscription to PI System components for developers To facilitate partner and customer development of custom uses of PI System components Simplify/Unify development offering Encourage usage of PI in Microsoft Office as a development platform

  24. Developer Studio PI Server Components PI Server, PI AF, PI Notifications , PI DLES, RtWP, PI ACE PI Client Components PI PB, PI DL (VBA, add-in development) PI Programming Tools PI OLEDB, PI OPC, AF SDK, PI SDK

  25. Office Business Applications “Office Business Applications are business applications built on Microsoft Office.” Paul Kaiser “Office Business Applications are a new breed of application that help businesses unlock the value of their line-of-business (LOB) systems and turn document-based processes into real applications.” OBA FAQ

  26. Dynamic Office Business Applications When the LOB System is PI or PI-based We Already Facilitate DOBA Construction PI OLEDB Provider PI ActiveView PI DataLink DataLink for Excel Services RtWebParts

  27. DOBA DevStudio Content Accelerators Including PI Data in Enterprise Search Results Easy Transition from PI Point to Trend in MOSS Using RtWebParts to Drive DataLink Spreadsheets Manually Entering Data Via InfoPath Business Intelligence Integration (PerformancePoint) Including complete demonstration of real-world energy management scenario White Papers Best Practices Architectural Guidance Training & Learning Labs

  28. Next Generation User Experience Research about users of the PI System Unifying technology in the PI System Tools

  29. Next Generation User Experience Developed through Interaction Design Operations Engineering Maintenance Enabler Corporate Investigator

  30. Next Generation User Experience Workflow between personas For example: Operators enact production schedule, follow accepted procedures Engineers support production targets Design imperatives For example: Operator’s activities reflect area of responsibility plus the manufacturing process in effect now Process Engineer is a Troubleshooter

  31. Enabling Agile Product Lifecycles NGUX findings will influence many products ProcessBook, DataLink, RtWebParts, AF Need to enable product feature agility Use modular, portable components Can be repackaged in many ways All features should be pervasive Traditional Thick Client – high performance Web Client - many operating systems Smart Client - thick client with web access Mobile Client – anticipate future platforms

  32. Enabling Technology Single code base for all platforms - .NET Based on Windows Presentation Foundation Uses Silverlight and WPF for web clients Portable to other platforms – Mac, Linux, Mobile Architectural agility Scalable up and out Throughput over various connection models Adjust for client capabilities Separate data access, data shaping and visualization Replaceable Data visualization

  33. Advanced Meter Infrastructure MDUS SAP for Utilities High Speed Meter Data Handler Meter & Energy Data Management Meter&Energy Data Repository AMI System 1 Meter & Device Management Meter & Device Master Data Marketing/Sales (Self) Service Billing/Invoicing AccRec/C&C Meter Data Repository AMI Enabling CRM/CIS Data Set of Enterprise Services along defined Industry Standards . . . . . Intercompany Data Exchange Master Data Synchronization Command Mgr & Event Handler AMI System Unification Service Provider Data • Enterprise Asset • Management • Service Mgmt EAM Data AMI System n Enterprise Management & Business Support NetWeaver SAP XI NetWeaver Enterprise Service Repository AMI-Vendors OSIsoft

  34. OSIsoft Business Gateway Service Enabling the PI System Response to outside Systems via Web Services OSIsoft Business Gateway . . . . Module Web Service Enhancement Package Module Web Service Request Manager Module Module Module Web Service Module Schedule Manager Web ServiceRequests from othersystems. Enhancement Package PI Server OSIsoft PI AF Module OSIsoft PI AF Module Module Web Service Module

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