garda vetting arrangements
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GARDA VETTING ARRANGEMENTS. Garda Vetting - Overview. Current expansion programme of Garda Vetting services commenced in January 2006.

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garda vetting arrangements


Garda Central Vetting Unit

garda vetting overview
Garda Vetting - Overview
  • Current expansion programme of Garda Vetting services commenced in January 2006.
  • Within the current expansion programme the objective is to extend Garda Vetting, on a phased basis, to all organisations employing personnel in a full time, part time, voluntary and/or student placement capacity in positions where they would have substantial unsupervised access to children and/or vulnerable adults.
  • Organisations seeking Garda Vetting for their employees, volunteers or students must register with the Garda Central Vetting Unit before the Garda Vetting service is extended to them.
  • The Garda Central Vetting Unit does not provide‘clearance’ for persons to work with children, vulnerable adults or any other capacity in a registered organisation.
  • The function of the Garda Central Vetting Unit is to disclose details regarding ‘all prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed, and/or convictions’ in respect of an individual applicant to a registered organisation.
  • The responsibility of deciding on the suitability of an applicant for a position within a registered organisation rests with the decision maker(s) in the registered organisation.

Garda Central Vetting Unit

m anagement of garda vetting applications
Management of Garda Vetting Applications
  • Authorised Signatory in registered organisation is trained by GCVU. Authorised Signatory is liaison person between organisation and GCVU.
  • Following training and registration, the Authorised Signatory is issued with a registered number for utilisation on all Garda vetting application forms; and a security password.
  • The Vetting Subject gives their written authorisation on a Garda Vetting application form for the GCVU to disclose details of “all prosecutions, successful or not, pending or completed, and/or convictions” in respect of them to the registered organisation.
  • Application forms are validated by the Authorised Signatory and submitted by them directly to GCVU.
  • Garda Vetting applications will not be processed if submitted to GCVU by any party other than the registered Authorised Signatory.
  • For reasons of data security, details regarding individual applicants will not be discussed over the phone with anyone except the Authorised Signatory who submitted the application form.

Garda Central Vetting Unit

managing disclosures
Managing Disclosures
  • All Disclosures received from the Garda Central Vetting Unit should be managed within a Legislative, Human Rights, & Natural Justice framework. Registered organisations are advised of this during the registration and training process.
  • Registered Organisations should formulate a policy as to what disclosures affect what positions and appoint a decision maker or decision makers to assess the suitability of applicants for positions within the organisation.
  • The decision making process on Garda Vetting disclosures should be clearly established as a mechanism for deciding whether the disclosure has a potential bearing on the suitability of the applicant for the position within the organisation.
  • Registered Organisations must make their own decisions in relation to the suitability or otherwise of applicants for positions in their organisation. The GCVU will have no input into such decisions.
  • The function of the GCVU in the process extends solely to providing a disclosure to the Registered Organisation.
  • There is a dispute procedure in place to manage any incidents where a vetting subject disputes any detail contained in their Garda Vetting Disclosure.

Garda Central Vetting Unit

benefits of garda vetting procedures
Benefits of Garda Vetting Procedures
  • Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults.
  • Protection of the Registered Organisation.
  • Management of risk in respect of former offenders.
  • One component part of a Human Resource recruitment and selection process.
  • Key element in the delivery of robust child protection and vulnerable adult protection system in this State.

Garda Central Vetting Unit

Garda Central Vetting Unit

Racecourse Road


Co. Tipperary

Lo-Call: 1890 488 488

Garda Central Vetting Unit