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Evolution of CRM customer relationship management PowerPoint Presentation
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Evolution of CRM customer relationship management

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Evolution of CRM customer relationship management - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Establishing relationships with customers is an important aspect of any business and maintaining that bond is more important. This necessitates the need to implement a customer relationship management (CRM) system into your business operations with the help of your CRM solution provider. CRM software has been here for four decades. Initially, it wasn't sturdy or dependable as it is today. Here are 5 major developments that led to the evolution of CRM: - n1. RolodexnStatistical modeling, in which Rolodex played an important part was the first true development that allowed businesses to access, search and customize data.n2. CMSnThe first true Contact Management Software (CMS) was introduced in 1986, later boosted by the growth of the internet, it allowed the users to store, manage and find contact information in a subtle way.n3. Server/Client ArchitecturenThe advent of the server/client architecture amplified the growth of CRM in a surprising way. It was more related to the distributed application structure that partitions the job between the provider (servers) and the requesters (clients). n4. SFAnSFA (Sales Force Automation) are the mix of database and contact management. It helped the professionals with their sales target, closing rates, sales funnel, work on the target-specific silos, and gather product information. n5. CRM nBy 1995, SFA and CMS eventually evolved into modern CRM as we know it today.n

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Evolution of CRM customer relationship management

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