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UnitedHealthcare Buy-Up Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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UnitedHealthcare Buy-Up Plan

UnitedHealthcare Buy-Up Plan

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UnitedHealthcare Buy-Up Plan

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  1. UnitedHealthcareBuy-Up Plan Health care coverage for your real needs

  2. A Better Health Care Experience We strive to make the health care system simpler to understand and easier to use We know that you have more confidence when your doctor, not a health care company, makes the decision We know if you are given quality information about health care and prevention, you will use it Our mission is to keep you healthy

  3. Common Sense Health Care See any specialist in the network without a referral: • Care Coordination puts the decision making in the hands of you and your doctor. National strength and stability allows us to offer you access to one of the broadest networks in the country. No copay due for annual exams: • This includes both primary physicians and ObGYNs’. Coverage extended to: • Legal spouse or domestic partner/civil union • Children defined as age 19, or 23 if enrolled full-time in college Both Plans (Buy Up & Base Plan) use the same Network of providers.

  4. Please Log on to the following website: You can search by Physicians or Doctors Which health plan are you in? Please select; United Healthcare Choice Plus Enhanced Physician Finder

  5. Deductibles and Coinsurance • Deductible - the amount of eligible expense a covered person must pay each year out of pocket before the plan will make payment for eligible benefits. • The deductible will apply to all out-of-network services such as inpatient hospitalization, outpatient surgery, outpatient diagnostic therapeutic services, ambulance, etc. • Deductibles; $2000 for single and $4000 for family • Coinsurance – The percentage amount due after deductible is met (max of $3,000 for single/$6,000 for family for deductible/coinsurance.) • Buy Up Plan’s Coinsurance: 20%

  6. Your Medical Benefit Plan • Choice Plus Plan Buy Up Option

  7. Your Medical Benefit Plan • Choice Plus Buy Up Plan

  8. Mental Health and Substance Abuse Benefits Choice Plus Plan Choice Plus Buy Up Plan

  9. • Unique programs that take a new approach to wellness • Health and wellness surveys • Programs on nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, stress relief, and more • Health and fitness education materials • Tools for setting goals and tracking progress • Discounts on health and wellness products • • … the launching point for online wellness

  10. Health Discounts • Health Value Program – UnitedHealth AlliesSM • Provides savings of up to 50 percent on certain health care services not covered by medical, dental or vision plans • Discounts on alternative/ complementary care, cosmetic dentistry, laser eye surgery, long-term care, hearing services • Available through

  11. After logging in to, your personalized home page will be displayed. Select a section you would like to visit. Drop down menus will let you reach any destination on the site with just one click.

  12. REGISTERING IS EASY • Once you’ve received your ID card, go to • Click the “Register Now” button. • Enter your name, date of birth, ID number, and group ID number from your ID card. • Choose a user name and password. • YOU’RE ALL SET! Access the site at your convenience 7 days a week – day or night.

  13. NurselineSM Just a phone call away – 24 hours a day Experienced registered nurses provide information, support and education for health-related questions. How can NurseLine help you? 1. Helps you decide whether you should go to an emergency room, urgent care center, make an appointment with your doctor or use self-care. 2. If you’re curious about a health issue and want more information, answers to your questions are just a phone call away.

  14. When to Call • After an Emergency • Before Hospitalization out of network only • Before using United Behavioral Health