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NextGen. Current System. Primary Radar – Creates blip on Radar Screen. Secondary Radar – Aircraft encodes identifier and telemetry data. VHF Radio – Voice Communications. ATC Radar Screen. ATCO. Surveillance Radar. Goals Remain the Sameqwqq [[[. Aviate Navigate Separate.

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current system
Current System

Primary Radar – Creates blip on Radar Screen

Secondary Radar – Aircraft encodes

identifier and telemetry data

VHF Radio – Voice Communications

ATC Radar Screen


Surveillance Radar

goals remain the sameqwqq
Goals Remain the Sameqwqq[[[
  • Aviate
  • Navigate
  • Separate
nextgen using 21 st century technology to
NextGen: Using 21st Century Technology to:
  • Increase Capacity
    • Increasing Airport/Airspace Capacity
    • Reducing complexity for Air Traffic Controllers
  • Simplify Communication
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve Environmental Impact
  • Maintain or Improve Traditional Safety Standards
increase capacity build
Increase Capacity: Build
  • Build More Runways: reduce bottleneck for takeoffs and landings
  • Open up additional Airspace
increase capacity utilization
Increase Capacity: Utilization
  • Reduce Distance between following Aircraft
    • Use Required Navigation Precision (RNP)
    • Automatic- Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast to provide ATC exact aircraft location
    • Cockpit Display of Traffic (CDTI)
    • Digital Communications
  • Reduce Distance for Aircraft on Parallel tracks
    • Use Required Navigation Precision (RNP)
    • Automatic- Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast to provide ATC exact aircraft location
    • Digital Communications
increase capacity coordination
Increase Capacity: Coordination
  • Eliminate unused slots by coordinating flow
    • Spacing and merging
    • Super dense operations
    • Utilize digital communications
increase capacity reduce atc complexity
Increase Capacity: Reduce ATC Complexity
  • More Accurate Aircraft Location
    • Use Relative Position Indicator (RPI) to merge arrival flows, sequence and space aircraft
    • Automated Terminal Proximity Alert (ATPA) to help monitor final approach
    • Converging Runway Display Aid (CRDA) uses visual runway spacing cues on converging runways to aid in spacing
    • ADS-B
    • Reduces uncertainty
  • Digital Communications
    • Reduces uncertainty or need to re-transmit
    • Reduces Routing information errors
reduce maintenance costs
Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Radar network spread across the continent
    • Maintenance of actual radar
    • Build/maintain roads to remote locations
    • Build/maintain facilities in remote locations
    • Aging Infrastructure
improve environmental impact
Improve Environmental Impact
  • Use of 4-D to make orchestration more optimal
  • Efficiently moving traffic reduces
    • Noise
    • Fuel burn
  • Flying at higher altitudes
    • Reduces fuel burn and pollution
  • Technology Cycle
    • How do we integrate a system of systems that is constantly changing
  • Who incurs the cost and when?
    • Needed capability – managing new and old system
    • Incremental capability – start easy and move on