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Model for Sharing Facilities

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Model for Sharing Facilities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Model for Sharing Facilities. Bill Miller-U of M Lab Manager. Infrastructure Issues. Surface Building and Staging Requirements Joint facilities Lunchroom Sanitary needs Conference room Fresh Air and Cooling System Outreach Life safety Working within a State Park. Surface Building.

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model for sharing facilities

Model forSharing Facilities

Bill Miller-U of M

Lab Manager

infrastructure issues
Infrastructure Issues
  • Surface Building and Staging Requirements
  • Joint facilities
    • Lunchroom
    • Sanitary needs
    • Conference room
    • Fresh Air and Cooling System
    • Outreach
  • Life safety
  • Working within a State Park
surface staging area
Surface Staging Area
  • Important to have surface staging area
    • Shipping and Receiving
      • UPS, FedEx, large trucks
    • Stage materials for shipment underground
    • Overhead crane and forklifts for moving materials
  • Good organization of materials and hoist trips saves money!
  • Surface office space
staging underground
Staging Underground
  • Building large detectors require
  • Almost as much staging area needed as detector area-DON’T SKIMP ON OPEN AREA’S
  • Organized materials handling systems save time and money!
joint facilities
Joint Facilities
  • Make lunchroom facilities NICE.
  • Happy workers are productive workers
  • Very useful to have large enough facility so multiple disciplines have place to mingle!
joint facilities7
Joint Facilities
  • Plan for an underground sanitary and potable water systems
    • Running hot/cold water important
    • Real lavatory nice, but porta-potties work
  • Conference Rooms
    • Important to have good areas for phone/video conferences
    • Need several sized rooms, at least one large enough for expected underground occupancy
fresh air and cooling system
Fresh Air and Cooling System
  • Estimate occupancy, heat loads, fresh air needs carefully
  • Much cheaper to design systems with proper capacity right away
  • Redundant and backup systems important, many experiments can’t survive long without power or cooling
  • Fresh air to lower radon levels
outreach and education
Outreach and Education
  • Plan outreach program from the beginning
  • Public access to deep underground labs is possible if safe areas are designed in from the start
  • Surface facility should have educational space for both the scientist to meet as well as the general public and school groups
life safety
Life Safety
  • Underground Rescue Chambers
  • Mine Rescue Team
    • SCBA
  • Training, Training, Training!
  • High level of first aid training
    • Times to get full medical care can be large
  • Joint safety meetings
  • Pro-Active on Safety!
working with others
Working with others
  • The Soudan Lab has been working for 25 years within a State Park
    • Pluses
      • Joint Mine Rescue Team, safety program, cost sharing of safety equipment
      • Share of surface and underground equipment-Forklifts, shop equipment, building materials
      • Joint Ventures like Visitor Center, Outreach
      • Cost sharing internet and phone systems
    • Minuses
      • Less control!