Annecy the trip
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Annecy- the trip. George P, Ben S, Jamie S, and John C. The journey. What do you want to look at?. School Our adventure market the town Culture Landscape Liz Pictures and Credits . La Plainé.

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Annecy the trip

Annecy- the trip

George P, Ben S, Jamie S, and John C

What do you want to look at
What do you want to look at?

SchoolOur adventuremarketthe townCulture

LandscapeLiz Pictures and Credits

La plain
La Plainé

We visited the school and we really enjoyed ourselves, we met some really nice friends including….


The school
The school

When we went to the school for the second time we went to the animation museum. We had a fabulous time and we found out lots of different things. We then went back to the school and had lunch, really delicious!

We found out that the children have the option to go home for their lunch. The overall lunch break was 2 hours!

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We went to the market and we saw a wide variety of things including cheese , salami and tourist attractions. It was fascinating seeing all the different things for sale.

The items on sale were very different to the markets in Britain, the items were all fresh and some were covered in flour to preserve them, there were loads of different items to.

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Our adventure
Our adventure

On our last full day we went into the Town hall. We preformed our presentation and admired Annecy. We had really enjoyed ourselves. We especially enjoyed the boat ride, It was really fun looking around Annecy.

One of the best bits was when we walked around the town looking at the different culture and attractions.

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The town
The town

Annecy is a beautiful town and we really enjoyed looking at all of the different buildings and shops. The town was very old.

Annecy is built around some canals and the lake that it is by is gigantic.

The town1
The town

The lake is quite hot in the summer and people can even go for a swim in it, not us though it was a chilly 17 degrees when we were there! The Annecy flag is a white cross on a red background with a fish on it!

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The landscape in Annecy was really beautiful because of the mountains surrounding the town and the lake.

The lake was a turquoise colour and looked lovely next the surrounding mountains.

The streets were all very narrow and the buildings were all pressed against each other.

The buildings were all different colours and most were yellow.

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C ulture

The French culture was very obvious in Annecy, especially in the market and throughout the town.

The main town was full of narrow cobbled streets , this suggested that the town was very old.

The town’s symbol was a fish on a red background because it is symbolic to there town as the lake has fish in it.

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Annecy the trip

On the first day in Annecy our minibus failed to arrive and so in the pouring rain we struggled toshelter. We then ordered some taxis but of course, they never came.

So Liz, an English woman invite us into her home, she then gave us a drink and biscuits. She then very kindly agreed to take up our luggage and ourselves up to the camp. We were there at last.

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For more information see the Annecy tourist board.


George P

Jamie S

Ben S

John C

  • With special thanks to:

  • Mrs Hubbard

  • Mr Tucker

  • Mrs Meadows

  • Liz

  • Without them this wouldn’t have been possible.