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Rain Poetry by Hone Tuwhare Music by Don McGlashan PowerPoint Presentation
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Rain Poetry by Hone Tuwhare Music by Don McGlashan

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Rain Poetry by Hone Tuwhare Music by Don McGlashan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rain Poetry by Hone Tuwhare Music by Don McGlashan. I can hear you making small holes in the silence rain. If I were deaf the pores of my skin would open to you and shut. And I should know you by the lick of you if I were blind. the steady drum-roll sound you make when the wind drops.

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Presentation Transcript

Poetry by Hone TuwhareMusic by Don McGlashan

hone tuwhare
Hone Tuwhare
  • Born October 1922
  • Died January 2008
  • From Hokianga – Ngäpuhi, NgätiKorokoro, Tautahi, Uri o Hau, Te Popoto and Scottish Descent
  • Lived in Auckland and Wellington
  • Last 20 years in Otago – Kaka Point
hone tuwhare1
Hone Tuwhare
  • His first volume of poems, No Ordinary Sun, hit bookshelves in 1964.
  • It marked him not only as a working - class poet - he was a boilermaker before dedicating himself to poetry - but it was also the first book of poetry by a Maori writer in English.
  • The collection also signaled his intense and lasting interest in political issues as subject material.
  • No Ordinary Sun was a passionate cry against nuclear weapons, written in response to the atomic bomb destruction of Hiroshima in 1945.
hone tuwhare2
Hone Tuwhare
  • Other collections followed, as well as plays. Poetry collections included Mihi (1987), Short Back and Sideways (1992), Deep River Talk (1993), Shape-Shifter (1997), and Piggy-Back Moon (2002).
  • His last book was simply called ‘Oooooo….!!!’ (2005)
  • Artist friend Ralph Hotere illustrated four of Tuwhare's volumes of poetry.
  • Honorary doctorate from Otago University, 1998.
  • New Zealand’s second Te Mata Poet Laureate, 1999
hone tuwhare3
Hone Tuwhare
  • Engaging Students – Maori and non-Maori
    • Local
    • Relevant
    • Accessible
    • Funny
    • Resources are available
    • Bilingual– used Maori within his poetry
    • Walked in both worlds – Maori and Pakeha
hone tuwhare4
Hone Tuwhare

“He is held in the highest esteem in both Maori and Pakeha culture. He writes from a Maori perspective, one that reveals his in-depth experience, understanding and knowledge of being Maori. Yet this conglomeration of attitudes and perceptions is universally identifiable. I believe all people can personally relate and respond to his writing. It is this skill that makes him so very special.”

Waana Morrell Davis, Chairperson – Teo Maori Aotearoa

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