Terena member development programme
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TERENA Member Development Programme. Stanisław Starzak GA, Limerick June , the 6 – 7 -th, 200 2. TERENA Development Programme. GA Zurich 2001 activities: inventory of needs and expectations knowledge dissemination and experience sharing ( workshops and consultation meetings),

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Terena member development programme

TERENAMember Development Programme

Stanisław Starzak

GA, Limerick

June, the 6 – 7-th, 2002

Terena development programme
TERENA Development Programme

GA Zurich 2001

  • activities:

    • inventory of needs and expectations

    • knowledge dissemination and experience sharing (workshops and consultation meetings),

    • long term strategy development,

    • joint projects,

  • remember:

    • not to repeat what others are doing (TF, CEEnet, APM meetings),

    • think to the future.

Terena development programme1
TERENA Development Programme


  • support and lobbing to local authorities

  • challenging monopoly: looking for alternatives

  • co-operation with operators: negotiations, SLA

  • secure investment: planning and logistic

  • long- & short-term development planning

  • fluent migration FR/ATM  GbE

  • deployment of countrywide services

  • peering on the national level: communities

  • permanent staff training: may be a e-learning

  • application oriented traffic engineering

Terena development programme2
TERENA Development Programme

Main idea

  • a series of workshops/seminaries with vendors (Acatel, Cisco, Juniper, Marconi, Nortel, ...)

  • presentations to answer the following questions:

    • how to make a better use of existing equipment (application oriented traffic engineering)

    • what requirements for operators, in terms of SLA, are suggested or should be required

    • what is the idea for fluent migration FR/ATM  GbE

    • a roadmap to optical internet

  • next: meetings with operators

Terena development programme3
TERENA Development Programme

How to setup meetings

  • for some NRENs a cost of a participation in a meeting is the fundamental issue

  • my approach:

    • take advantage of other meetings to minimize costs,

    • extend the meeting till the end of the day or stay one night more,

    • ask organizers to cover the cost of a meeting place

    • try to find sponsors for more

  • planning:

    • Cisco: January/February (Cisco NGI meeting),

    • Juniper: April (PIONIER conference meeting),

    • Alcatel: May/June,

Terena development programme4
TERENA Development Programme


  • CNGI unexpected competition: Budapest v. Poznan,

  • PIONIER Conference NRENs’ day with Cisco,

  • a chance to make use of SERENATE take off: May shifted to September with Juniper (already tested).

Terena development programme5
TERENA Development Programme

PIONIER Conference

  • Cisco cosponsored and supported

  • Jane Butler’s personal involvement: Thank You Jane

  • assumptions:

    • to cover costs of participation of 2 reps from each NREN except travel,

    • to start answering questions,

    • to start discussion on need and priorities,

  • 2 days meeting

    • national day: to share experience and stimulate discussion,

    • international day: to improve knowledge and ask questions

Terena development programme6
TERENA Development Programme

PIONIER Conference

  • national day:

    • Session 1: e-Poland,

    • Session 2: e-Education,

    • Session 3: e-Government,

    • Session 4: e-Science,

    • Session 5: e-Content

  • NRENs’ day:

    • Session 1: Advanced routing technologies - Axel Clauberg

    • Session 2: Application oriented traffic engineering - Igor Sikorski

    • Session 3: ATM to GbE migration on a national scale - Peter Tomsu

    • Session 4: Review on progress in optical networks - Peter Tomsu

Terena development programme7
TERENA Development Programme

PIONIER Conference

  • about 210 participants + 20 VIPs,

  • David Williams participation and address,

  • positive response from NRENs, but less then a little participation (competition: PIONIER, APM, Rumania),

  • great job done by Cisco,

  • hard take off because of the late gala evening,

  • NRENs’ day: 140 participants,

  • a meeting POL-34/PSNC – TERENA President.

Terena development programme8
TERENA Development Programme

Main goals

  • to draw conclusions and do better,

  • setting up dates:

    • September (Juniper after SERENATE take off),

    • October ( after GA, approaching Alcatel),

    • no date for Marconi and Nortel yet (November – January), may be SERENATE geographical WP meetings,

    • there is a need for Cisco to repeat,

  • coordinate with others (CEEnet),

  • not forget to give an adequate input to SERENATE project if possible, but not doing things in parallel.

Terena development programme9
TERENA Development Programme

Joint project:

  • e-Region cooperation: a fiberoptics testbed

    „Technology and Information Services Exchange for Cross Border Regions”,

  • at the moment: Czech, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland,

  • more participants to be invited as soon as fibers are available,

  • avoid repeating the SEERENE project,

  • cooperation with local telecoms and cableTV operators,

  • documents in preparation,

  • next meeting scheduled for June, week 17-21,

  • TERENA umbrella expected (remember: e-Region).

Terena development programme10
TERENA Development Programme

More ideas to be discussed in between

  • network observation tools:

    • not network management issues,

    • collect knowledge how we take care of national networks (accidents, responses, procedures, logistic),

    • joint afford to improve national network understanding,

    • an input from POL-34 to take off will be delivered,

  • e-learning support for NREN technical staff:

    • vendors invited to deliver a content,

    • NRENs to participate in developing content of their own,

    • TERENA project deliverables deployment manuals.

Terena development programme11
TERENA Development Programme


  • a very hard take off,

  • there is a delay to what has been planned,

  • hope things are developing.