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  1. Spice up your style with elegant silk shawls Style is about how you carry yourself. However, over-burdening yourself with many different accessories does not make you in vogue. Keep yourself simple and stylish and convey your style with your own charm. Discover style adornments that can highlight your beauty and take your style to another level. A beautiful, bold, and smooth silk shawl can be a perfect accessory. You can team it up with denim, skirts or anything and you are set to create a style statement.

  2. Why to choose silk? Silk is not only elegant, but it has many wonderful properties that make it the ideal choice. It is lightweight, soft and highly durable. Moreover, it is resistant to dust, house mites, mildews, etc., so if proper care is taken, the fabric can last for years. Silk is comfortable during every season. In winters, it traps the warmth and in summers draws heat away from the body. Personification in itself The beauty of a fine quality silk shawl is determined by its design and color. Though, the choice depends upon individual preference, personality and occasion. Fashion bloggers can tell what colors to go with the season, however, a silk shawl looks overwhelming in every way. You need to be your own stylish and choose a color and pattern that simply works for you. How to drape them perfectly A shawl is one of the trendiest accessories to have in every season. They simply add glamour to your overall look and make you feel cozy. With different patterns, materials and texture, wide options are available for different age groups. It can be draped in different ways. You can put them over shoulders, wrap them around your neck or twist them in a knot for a chic look. They can be carried in any way and obviously, you can create your own draping style either. Originally published on: style-with-elegant-silk.html