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  1. SariDhoti 1.) Saridhoti works upon selling and crafting sarees like Kanchipuram, Dhoti, Arani, Uppada, Bomkai and other sarees from India. They believe in providing their produce to their retail stores situated in different parts of the city. 2.) The company's founders come all the way from the temples of Kancheepuram. The company believes in a very simple saying that simply says “ weavers to wearers”

  2. Kanchipuram sarees Sarees have always been the symbol and culture of India and have always maintained their stature as history has developed over the years. The sophisticated collection of the Kanchipuram sarees have come from a town called Kanchipuram. The sarees are crafted from pure silks that make it look elegant and stylish. South Indian brides have always worn Kanchipuram sarees as their wedding dress. There have functions or occasions where women and girls have worn a kanchipuram saree and ever since this saree has come into fashion. Besides the south Indians, nobody else wore a saree like this. These sarees are now bought for every festival under the Indian culture.

  3. Kanchipuram sarees: the symbol and culture of India. It has begun to talk about the religions and the festivals celebrated in India.

  4. Kanchipuram sarees: elegance and tradition of India

  5. Dhoti- Tradition of India The cloth worn has over the years have been worn by political leaders and present day politicians. The simple piece of cloth has gone on to making a political statement. Dhoti’s are not known to make a man or change his ideas or thinking but have gone on to creating havoc when worn by political leaders. Every piece of clothing has a history or a story behind it. The kind of prints accessible today have changed people’s demands and have began asking for a range of designs that only a craftsmen will comprehend. Apart from the sarees, Dhoti is another Indian dress worn by the south Indian men and a lot of the farmers even today wear a dhoti. Dhoti is a challenge when it comes to wearing it as a lot of the men till today haven’t mastered the art of wearing one.

  6. Different types of Cotton Dhoti

  7. The Embroidered Kanchipuram sarees

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