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saridhoti sarees dhoti kurtas and shawls n.
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kanchipuram sarees and Dhoti - Saridhoti.com PowerPoint Presentation
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kanchipuram sarees and Dhoti - Saridhoti.com

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kanchipuram sarees and Dhoti - Saridhoti.com
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kanchipuram sarees and Dhoti - Saridhoti.com

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  1. SariDhoti- Sarees, Dhoti, Kurtas and Shawls

  2. Women's Latest Fashion- Saree

  3. Women's Choice- Kanchipuram Sarees

  4. Beautiful Chiffon SareesThe chiffon sarees are the most common sarees worn throughout the year. Chiffons never cling to the body and are never out of fashion and do not look odd. The translucency of the fabric offers a detail separation of the soft feel. The saree adds to a signature to a woman's appearance and stature. Chiffon is a delicate fabric that can tear within seconds if caught under a chair or a table.

  5. Net Sarees The net sarees are made from a combination of silk and cotton. The sarees are well known for their borders and designs along with their weaves. Most women make net blouses that look quite fashionable with a saree. These sarees are quite rare and when in the market are sold like hot pancakes.

  6. Wedding Sarees Sarees are the most common dresses worn at every wedding in town. Sarees for weddings are always silks and cottons. It is the only dress a woman knows how to wear and flaunt at any function. Sarees are India's national dress and is given a lot of respect and honor. It looks best on a woman's body. Silk sarees Silk sarees are look best during the winters as they bloom and blossom with color and texture. Nothing looks better when a woman wears silk in the cold. Silk with its smooth soft feel against the body looks perfect in the winters. Pure silk is made from worns and shines with glitter under the sun.

  7. Readymade Blouses @ saridhoti

  8. Men's Wear- Kurta and Dhoti The men's wear kurta look perfect and are a part of the Indian ethnic wear. Kurta's are often seen worn during weddings and functions.Kurta's come in all range and sizes. Men's wear dhoti include simple colored pieces of cloth wrapped around their waist elegantly. Dhoti's are bought in various colors and designs. The cloth is popular in the south. Dhoti's are often worn only in the south at every function celebrated.