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Faculty Presentation. Injury & Illness Prevention Program. Mandated In 1991 Under CCR Title 8, Section 3203. 6 Elements of IIPP. Then University President Has Taken The Responsibility For The University’s Injury And Illness Prevention Plan.

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Faculty presentation l.jpg

Faculty Presentation

Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Mandated In 1991 Under CCR

Title 8, Section 3203

6 elements of iipp l.jpg
6 Elements of IIPP

  • Then University President Has Taken The Responsibility For The University’s Injury And Illness Prevention Plan.

  • Methods The University Uses To Identify Unsafe Or Unhealthy Work Conditions And Practices.

  • Methods For CorrectingUnsafe Or UnhealthyConditions & WorkPractices In A TimelyManner.

6 elements of iipp3 l.jpg
6 Elements of IIPP

  • As Required By Law, Each Employee Will Receive GeneralizedTraining About The IIPP. Supervisors Will Receive Employee Job Specific Training On How To Recognize & Remedy Unsafe & Unhealthy Work Conditions.

  • MethodsRM&S Uses To Communicate Occupational Health & Safety Matters To Employees and Methods EmployeesCan Use To CommunicateSafety Matters Or Concerns To RM&S

  • Methods The University Uses To Ensure That EmployeesComply With Safe & Healthy Work Practices

Injury and illness prevention program l.jpg
Injury and Illness Prevention Program

  • Accountability for employees, students and supervisors (faculty)

  • Methods for reporting concerns or unsafe conditions

  • Allocation of resources (Each Department)

  • Written programs (RM&S services)

  • Training

  • Safety inspections (daily, monthly, annually)

  • Safety Committee

  • Accident investigation

Corporate criminal liability act l.jpg
Corporate Criminal Liability Act

  • In 1990 the California legislature enacted the Corporate Criminal Liability Act, later dubbed the "Be a Manager, Go to Jail Act."

  • If you knowingly put a worker at risk you could go to jail.

  • The law is designed to protect workers as well as the “public.” (students???)

Faculty supervisor s responsibilities l.jpg
Faculty/Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  • Must be able to identify safety concerns (mechanical, environmental, industrial, ergonomic, PPE)

  • Must be able to remedy those concerns

  • Use RM&S to communicate through training/e-mail

  • Employees must be able to communicate their safety concerns through some means

Faculty supervisor s responsibilities7 l.jpg
Faculty/Supervisor’s Responsibilities

  • Responsible for accident prevention

  • Maintain a safe and healthful work place

  • Assure employees observe and follow safety rules

  • Conduct safety inspections

  • Maintain safety equipment (fire ext.)

  • Correct hazards

Faculty supervisor s responsibilities8 l.jpg

  • Provide initial and annual safety training

  • Document employee safety training

Safety ethics l.jpg
Safety Ethics

A safety ethic is a good principle or value

related to safety.

  • Lead by example

  • Protect co-workers and students

  • Protect property and assets

Common iipp policies l.jpg
Common IIPP Policies

  • Emergency Prepardness

  • Ergonomics

  • Powered Cart

  • Communicable Diseases

  • Hazard Communication

  • Hazardous Materials

  • Smoking policy

Rm s environmental services l.jpg
RM & S Environmental Services


  • Biological, Chemical, Radioactive – Waste Disposal

  • IAQ’s – upon demand

  • Food & Sanitation - Events

  • Emergency Response – Fire, Spills

Rm s safety services l.jpg
RM & S Safety Services


  • IIPP – all encompassing

  • Accident Investigation – 2 forms

  • Workers Compensation & Risk Management

  • Safety Consultations – JHA’s – Safety Communications/Committee Assistance

Risk management safety l.jpg
Risk Management & Safety

Safety continued…..

  • Engineering, Administrative, PPE, controls

  • Ergonomic Evaluations – CPR/First Aid training

  • Industrial Safety – LOTO, Confined Space, Fall Protection, etc.

  • U.P Crossover – Reporting accidents X4567, Defensive Driving/GEM carts

Safety consultations l.jpg
Safety Consultations

Common Concerns


  • Cooking

  • Extension Cords

  • Portable Electrical Heaters


  • Propped doors

  • Blocked doors

General goal of all safety committees l.jpg

Conducting well planned, regularly scheduled safety committee meetings provides an opportunity to present training and exchange ideas, fosters an environment that promotes safe behavior, improves safety performance through collaboration and participation and reinforces everyone’sresponsibility to safety.

Safety committee members activities duties l.jpg
Safety Committee Members Activities & Duties

  • Review departmental self inspections

  • Review RM&S Safety Consultations

  • Evaluate equipment / work processes (JHA’s)

  • Report department safety suggestions, facilitate employee participation

  • Assist in solving safety problems.

  • Assist in developing and implementing safety training

Safety committee members activities duties continued l.jpg
Safety Committee Members Activities & Duties (Continued)

  • Review incident / accident trends

  • Conduct accident investigations

  • Review old policies and procedures and assist in developing new ones

  • Evaluate the safety program effectiveness

Slide18 l.jpg



What’s the difference?

An INCIDENT is an unplanned, undesired

event that adversely affects completion of a task.


An ACCIDENT is an unplanned, undesired event that results in personal injury or property damage.

Slide19 l.jpg



Why do we Investigate?

  • Identify problem areas

  • Prevent repeat incidents

  • Eliminate hazards

  • Identify root cause

  • Decrease workers comp costs

Slide20 l.jpg

Heinrich’s Triangle

Serious Injury


Minor Injury


No Injury Incidents




Slide21 l.jpg

Heinrich’s Triangle

  • (Major Injury) Forklift driver killed when heavy product pushes truck over

  • (Minor Injury) Forklift hits stack, product strikes employee

  • (No Injury Incident) Forklift hits stack, stack sways

  • (Hazard) Forklift operating in a tight aisle





Ergonomics l.jpg

What is Ergonomics?

  • The study of the interface between humans and workstation or machines, i.e. employee and computer keyboard. The goal of ergonomics is to “fit the job to the person” rather than making the person fit the job.

Ergonomics23 l.jpg

What is good Ergonomics?

  • Proper seating

  • Proper alignment to work

  • Height of VDT to employees view

  • Glare and eye strain

  • Work breaks

  • Exercises

Ergonomics24 l.jpg

Symptoms of poor ergonomics.

  • CTS: Pain, Tingling or Numbness in the first three fingers, thumb and Wrist.

  • Repetitive Injury

  • Cumulative Trauma


Biohazardous chemical safety l.jpg
Biohazardous & Chemical Safety

Use Universal Precautions

  • Assume all human blood or other potentially contaminated material is treated as infectious

    Chemical Hygiene Plan

    Specific provisions require:

  • Training

  • Labeling of Hazardous Materials

  • Management of MSDS’s

Campus non smoking policy l.jpg
Campus Non-Smoking Policy

  • Smoking is allowed only in “Designated areas”

  • No Smoking

    • In university vehicles or buildings

    • Within 20’ of doors or air intakes

    • Under overhangs or in porticos

  • See the RM&S website for more information.

Workplace injury l.jpg
Workplace Injury

  • Notify Supervisor

  • Notify University Police @ x4567

  • In the event of an emergency dial 911

Workplace injury28 l.jpg

Workplace Injury

Manager Transports to:

Concentra Medical Center

740 Nordahl Road, Suite 117

San Marcos, CA

Why were you here l.jpg
Why Were You Here?

  • To increase awareness and work toward ensuring the health and safety of all personnel.

  • To gain an understanding of your rights as employees.

  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements mandated by various regulatory agencies.