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Standards of beauty

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Standards of beauty

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  1. Standards of beauty The Evolution of Snow White

  2. Keeping with the theme Focusing on the fairy tale of Snow White, I am going to discuss the ways that standards of beauty have evolved overtime. I would like to prove that today’s contemporary fairy tales communicate standards of beauty in a more constructive and positive manner.

  3. What are STANDARDS OF BEAUTY? A standard is a principle that is used as a basis for judgment. All throughout history, women have been expected to meet certain standards of beauty, and are judged because of their physical appearance. These standards depict an "ideal beauty” which is admiredand in some cultures considered necessary to achieve perfection.

  4. Plan of action • Introduce and explain standards of beauty • Compare and contrast format • Limit sources to only those that pertain to film adaptations

  5. Source synthesis

  6. Beauty Fades But Fairy Tales Never Die The author, KathiMaio, discusses film adaptations of the fairy tale Snow White with particular focus given to "Mirror Mirror” and "Snow White and the Huntsman”, both released in 2012. The films' attempts to modernize the story with strong heroines are examined, and their relationship to the 1937 animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" by Walt Disney is touched on.

  7. PAST VS. PRESENT Grimm & Disney Mirror Mirror & Huntsman 2012 1812 1937

  8. The counter-argument “In Snow White and The Huntsman, the weak link is the casting of the title character. Kristen Stewart (of Twilight fame) stars as waif turned Jeanne d’ Arc version of Snow White, but she can’t pull off the character anymore than she can a British accent.” Therefore, Maio believes that the director of Snow White and the Huntsman failed at modernizing the tale of Snow White, whereas I am trying to convince my readers that he positively altered the way that standards of beauty are communicated in fairy tales. .

  9. Recapturing beauty This article written by Dr. LaNae Valentine discusses the beauty extremes to which women across cultures will go in order to reach perfection. The examples that she provides clearly demonstrates how serious standards of beauty are today, and truly emphasizes the need for reform. In central Africa, the Mangbettu tightly wrapped the heads of female infants in pieces of giraffe hide, to attain the elongated cone-shaped heads that were taken to be a sign of beauty and intelligence.”

  10. Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth aims to convey that with an increased gain in social power and prestige, women are now expected to adhere to more strict standards of physical beauty. Ultimately, Wolf argues for more normative standards of beauty.

  11. SIGNIFICANCE Information from this book will help me to introduce and define standards of beauty for my audience. In addition, since the book was first published in 1991, I could use evidence from recent adaptations of Snow White, to show that standards of beauty are slowly beginning to improve.

  12. According to Mary Poles, “This Snow White, albeit 10 minutes too long and loaded with the standard action sequences of 21st century summer, feels excitingly progressive because it actually represents the victory of inner beauty.” Then she says, “Not to cast aspersions on the loveliness of Kristen Stewart, but I believe—or hope—that’s the result of an intentionally bold move by first-time director Rupert Sanders in terms of casting his two female leads.”

  13. Relevance The author solely discusses the film adaptation of Snow White & The Huntsman, which is proving to be the most talked about adaptation in recent research. The author completely supports my thesis by saying that Sanders made an intentional, but very bold move by starring Stewart as Snow White.

  14. Snow White: Beauty is Power Maria Tatar says, “Snow White and the Huntsman captures deepening anxiety about aging and generational sexual rivalry in clever, self-reflexive ways, with CharlizeTheron as a beautiful cougar (and established Hollywood star) threatened by a younger, sylph-like Kristin Stewart. In the world of the film, beauty is the locus of female power, and is thereby fleeting in its effects (men are “enchanted” by women but “use” them until they eventually “tire” of them); it is the source of both fascination and horror.”

  15. Connection This article not only touches on standards of beauty, but it shows the connection between beauty and power. As standards of beauty have changed over time, different sexes have taken on new gender roles in society. In relation to the article from Times, this author also focuses on the casting of Snow White & the Huntsman.

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