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By TriVium Systems. Maximizes the return on your telecom equipment investment. 1. Contents. Section Introduction End User Benefits Target Markets & Customers Why Sell CallAnalyst? Product & Maintenance Reports Call to Action. Section 1 Introduction. Business Productivity Tools.

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By TriVium Systems

Maximizes the return on your telecom equipment investment




  • Introduction
  • End User Benefits
  • Target Markets & Customers
  • Why Sell CallAnalyst?
  • Product & Maintenance
  • Reports
  • Call to Action
what is callanalyst

Business Productivity Tools

Call Management

Network Server

What is CallAnalyst?

Call Accounting

  • Award winning software
  • Easy-to-use, graphically oriented software package
  • Transforms phone systems into a Business Intelligence platform
  • Scalable solution – Handles multi-site & remote implementations
  • Quick sale, Easy to install, Quick ROI


Network Access

Lite / Full (Standalone)






Assisted Living

Real Estate









Enterprise Server



Classic Editions


Network Version





Ports (Extensions)

CallAnalyst - Scalable Product Line

callanalyst solution matrix
CallAnalyst Solution Matrix

Application Profile

Software Package

callanalyst lite
CallAnalyst Lite
  • Nine (9) Summary reports

CallAnalyst Full and Network

  • All reports
  • Report Automation (send reports by e-mail)
  • Call Costing
  • Graphical reports
  • Access to CallAnalyst reports via the Network
  • Contact management & Time billing

CallAnalyst Full & Network Version

  • Run CallAnalyst from the convenience of your own workstation
  • More than one user for the program enabled using one or more Network Clients (NC)
  • Recommended where call volumes are higher.
  • Load sharing between server & client PC’s
  • Flexible call costing – Zone & Prefix based billing with incremental costing options
  • Company Directory – Multi-Level


CallAnalyst Full (Network License)

with Network Clients


*1 - Serial connection (RS 232) or

TCP/IP LAN connection (future)

call reporting
CallAnalyst Lite

Limited reports. Only 9 reports

Date and Time

• Summary Calling by Day

• Summary Calling by Hour-of-day by Day-of-week

Line and Extension

• Summary Calling by Extensions

• Summary Calling by Lines

• Summary of Call Distribution by Extensions

Account Codes

• Summary Calling by Account Code

• Summary Calling by Tenant/ Authorization Codes by Calls

Frequency and Duration

• Most Frequently Called Numbers


• Summary Calling by Area Codes

CallAnalyst Full and CallAnalyst Enterprise

All reports under these categories are available

Standard Reports

Date and Time

Line and Extension

Route and Tenant

Account Codes

Frequency and Duration

Trunk Type and Carrier



Advanced Reports



Call Reporting
callanalyst enterprise server
Multi-Site remote monitoring Capability

Handles heterogeneous switches

Connects to variety of switches

Real-time connectivity with remote sites

Centralized Data Storage

Multi-Level Site Directory

Scalable Solution with Standards Based Implementation

Relational Database

(SQL server or MSDE)

ODBC compliant

Robust Architecture & Great Performance

Multi-Tasking & Process Oriented

Broadcast Alerts!

Advanced Contact Management

Centralized backend for all modules

Single point of maintenance

Flexible costing module

Unlimited zoning & Rate Plans

Crystal 9.0 reporting engine

CallAnalyst Enterprise Server
multi site functionality
Multi-Site Functionality
  • Multiple sites
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Centralized Data Management
  • Automation – Archival & Restoration of data
  • Data recovery - Secure storage on network location, ftp server
  • Email archived data to central location
  • Support for multiple rate plans
system requirements
System Requirements

CallAnalyst Lite & Full

  • PC with Pentium III Processor
    • 512 MB RAM
    • 2 GB of free hard drive space
  • Recommended SVGA 1024 X 768
  • Windows 98/Me, NT-SP 6 or later, 2000, XP Professional
  • CD-ROM drive (if using CD for installation)
  • Available serial port and RS-232 cable
    • if data source is a serial connection to PBX
  • Printer
    • to print reports
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
system requirements1
System Requirements

CallAnalyst Enterprise Server*

  • Pentium 4 class CPU
    • 512 MB RAM
    • Microsoft Windows (NT-SP 6, 2000, XP, 2003 server)
  • Database (one of the following)
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2000
    • Microsoft Desktop Engine for SQL 2000 (MSDE is provided on the UCE application CD)
  • Memory – 512 MB Minimum
  • Free Hard Disk Space – 2 GB (for database)
  • Communication
    • TCP/IP LAN connection with RJ45 cable
    • Serial port and RS-232 cable (if data source is a serial connection to PBX)
    • Lantronix – serial adapter for LAN (remote site data connection over TCP/IP)
  • Display - SVGA 1024 X 768
  • CD-ROM drive (if using CD for installation)
  • Network Interface Card (NIC)
  • Printer
  • Browser
    • Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
  • Email Client - Outlook 2000; Outlook Express

* Recommendations may change based on the configuration and software requirements

collecting smdr data
Collecting SMDR Data
  • Aspire,,
    • Direct Serial to PC Com Port (RS-232)
    • TCP/IP to LAN
  • I-series
    • Direct Serial to PC Com Port (RS-232)
    • Serial to 3rd party serial to IP converter OR
    • Serial to PC with MSR Client
  • DS-series
    • Direct Serial to PC Com Port (RS-232)
    • Serial to 3rd party serial to IP converter OR
    • Serial to PC with MSR Client
multi site installation of enterprise server
Multi Site Installation of Enterprise Server

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 1






PC with Thin Client


CallAnalyst Enterprise Server with MSDE or SQL 2000

CallAnalyst Clients

ken barron vice president barron communications
Ken Barron, Vice PresidentBarron Communications

"We've sold more TriVium CallAnalyst systems than any other call accounting system and we've done no true advertising. For the customer who has had problems gathering information in the past, this is a natural. It's so easy to use and simple to install.

Our customers are delighted with CallAnalyst and the features it offers. One customer with 50 employees is thrilled employees can receive reports via e-mail. In fact, five different businesses share the resource, which is cost-effective for them."

end user benefits
End User Benefits
  • Flexible Call Reporting – extensive filters
  • Tracks and analyses calls (IN/OUT; Network)
  • Increases sales performance and productivity
  • Enables better Planning & Budgeting
    • Cost recovery; Telecom expense distribution
    • Ensures timely 3rd party billing
  • Improves resource planning
    • Traffic analysis
    • Trend studies; Call patterns for staffing
  • Measures success of marketing campaigns
  • Enhances Security
flexible call reporting
Flexible Call Reporting
  • Define reporting parameters
    • hourly, daily, weekly
  • Set reports to run automatically
    • email to the appropriate manager or rep
  • Easily separate inbound and outbound statistics
  • Set up customized rate plans
  • Run reports on individual extensions or groups
tracks calls
Tracks Calls
  • Track in-bound and out-bound call patterns
  • Adjust resources according to call patterns
  • Monitor Call Traffic
    • By Date & Time
    • By Agent
    • By Workgroup
    • By Type
    • By Carrier
  • Identify abandoned calls
improves agent productivity
Improves Agent Productivity
  • Generate Daily Call reports for Agents
  • Correlate phone activity with Performance & Goals
  • Balance Sales Resources
    • Optimize Loading for improved efficiency
  • Email reports to Agents and Managers
enables better planning budgeting
Enables Better Planning & Budgeting
  • Ensure complete and timely billing for shared resources
    • Improve cash flow through timely invoices
  • Quickly calculate usage by client, tenant or partner
  • Flexible on-demand billing
    • Do not wait for the end of the month phone company bills to determine usage
  • Consolidate reporting information
  • Schedule billing
improves resource planning
Improves Resource Planning
  • Reduce guesswork about sales activities
    • Base resource requirement decisions on real data
  • Manage Trunk usage and Balance Loads
    • Renegotiate terms and lines with the phone company based on actual usage patterns
  • Measure activity on toll free numbers
evaluate marketing campaigns
Evaluate Marketing Campaigns
  • Evaluate effectiveness of campaigns
    • By region
    • By group
  • Compare campaign effectiveness
enhances security
Enhances Security
  • Detect abusive phone activity
  • Avoid potential liability by tracking questionable inbound and outbound calls
  • Speed up emergency response through “local alerts”
fast growing market
Fast Growing Market
  • Call Accounting is one of the basic needs
    • Feedback tool that enables better management
  • ROI calculation for VoIP installations
  • Networked Systems
    • Looking for improving return on investment on their systems
    • Managing remote phone systems
    • Cost distribution to branch offices for services
    • Traffic analysis and trend studies
  • Great low cost alternative to ACD type reporting needs
growing segments verticals
Executive Suites

Shared Tenanting; Assisted living




Auto Dealers







Real Estate

Travel and Entertainment

Hotel, Motel, Ticketing


Tele-sales and Marketing

Call Centers

Growing Segments - Verticals
  • Call Management is an important Performance Management and cost recovery tool
  • Large untapped base of phone system installations
decision makers
Decision Makers
  • Finance Managers
    • Planning & Budgeting for Infrastructure
  • Sales & Customer Service Managers
    • Agent Productivity
  • Marketing Managers
    • Campaign Effectiveness
  • IT Managers
    • Planning, Sizing & Support, Security
  • Training Managers
    • Training Effectiveness
luke vossen cds telco

"Not only do we like the CallAnalyst product but we won't sell any other call accounting software but CallAnalyst! Their competitors don't perform and meet our stringent customer needs. Our customers are very pleased with the results.

It's easy to load and operate. The easy to use menu, simple layout, and setup features are the most talked about features from our internal staff and our customers.

Luke VossenCDS Telco
why sell callanalyst
Why Sell CallAnalyst?
  • Breadth of solutions
  • Increased sales with minimal effort
  • Established product
  • Need for solutions
  • Quick return on investment
    • For both customers & dealers
  • Makes you more competitive
  • Attractive dealer program
    • NEC Dealer incentives
    • Good Sales and Support tools
increased sales with minimal effort
Increased sales with minimal effort
  • Adds value to your phone system sales
    • High margin add on product
  • Revenue from
    • Selling CallAnalyst software
    • Maintenance/Support services
  • Minimal incremental sales efforts result in increased sales
  • Attractive margins add to bottom line
product overview
Product Overview
  • Proven customer base
  • Simple to demonstrate, sell and promote
    • Product is easy to install and support
  • Installation: as easy as 1-2-3
    • Connect Phone system to PC (serial port or TCP/IP) and enable the SMDR port
    • Install & Configure CallAnalyst – easy and quick process
    • Run the program
  • Great low cost alternative to ACD type reporting needs
    • Match customer needs
    • Great solution at an affordable price
  • Additional Security - FraudAlert!
customers looking for solutions in addition to phone systems
Customers looking for solutions…… in addition to phone systems
  • Customer expectations are changing
      • Earlier applications
        • Used to be Voice mail, some cases ACD, IVR
        • Wants more value added software
          • Call Management, Call Tracking
          • Customer Relationship Management
  • Changes quality of sale and relationship with customer
    • Dealer seen as solution provider
provides quick returns
Provides Quick Returns
  • Simple sale as an add-on to the Phone System
    • Immediate License Revenues
  • CallAnalyst Support Services generate additional revenues
    • Installation, Configuration, Training, Support
  • Larger Margins for Invested Time
product training sales tools
Product Training & Sales Tools
  • Regular product webinars (TriVium)
    • Free technical training for technicians
    • Free sales training for dealers
  • NEC Partner Portals
    • Pricing information
    • Sales tools
      • various media: Web, Electronic, Hard copy
    • Flash Product Demo:
      • Explains the benefits and usage scenario for customers
    • Collaterals:
      • Product brochures;Testimonials;Case studies
      • Verticals – Usage & Benefits
      • Sample reports
  • Demo & promotional versions of Ultra CallAnalyst
    • Can be downloaded from dealer portal
    • 21-day free trial

CallAnalyst Sales Process Guide

  • Uncover the opportunity
    • Consolidated reporting
    • Statistical reporting on station/agents, lines, account activity
    • Traffic analysis
    • Call costing
    • Others
  • Identify site details & requirements
    • Number of sites
    • Call volume per month
    • Total number of extensions
    • Connectivity between sites
      • LAN,WAN, Remote dial-up
  • Match Solution
  • Order product from NEC
callanalyst enterprise server solution matching
CallAnalyst Enterprise Server - Solution Matching

Questions to ask:

  • How many locations or switches need to be monitored?
  • How many extensions in total (all sites together), need to be monitored?
  • What connectivity exists at remote locations to the central site/hub and between locations?
  • Is there a need to cost the calls?
    • Zone based cost calculations or complex/multiple rate plans
  • Is there a need for consolidated reporting / costing?
  • Is there a need for individuals at each remote site to view and generate reports ?
  • How many users will concurrently need to generate ‘on-demand’ reports?
product licensing
Product Licensing
  • CallAnalyst products are purchased directly from NEC
  • Product Components licensed and priced individually
    • CallAnalyst
      • Lite
      • Full (Stand-alone Version)
      • Full (Network Version with one (1) client access)
        • Additional Network Client license available
      • Upgrade from Lite to Full license available
      • CallAnalyst is licensed by Switch and User
        • A license for CallAnalyst is required for every switch you want to report on
        • A user license is required for each concurrent user of the CallAnalyst Client software components
    • CallAnalyst Enterprise Server
      • Server software installed on a PC at the main site
      • Licensing based on the number of phone systems
      • And total number of extensions to be tracked
kurt anderson network system analyst one core financial network

"We had found some products that did bits and pieces of analysis, but nothing that pulled the data together like CallAnalyst does.

It's one of those products that just sits there and does what it's supposed to do. Installation was a piece of cake. I popped in the disk and let it go. I believe we are getting plenty of horsepower for the price."

Kurt Anderson, Network System AnalystOne Core Financial Network
  • Over 100 reports
  • Schedule Report Generation
  • Email Reports to Users Automatically
  • Generate Custom Reports
common reports
Common Reports
  • Date and Time

Detailed calling by day

Summary calling by day

Summary calling by hour of the day, by day of the week

Line usage by minute of day by day of the week

  • Line and Extension

Detailed calling by extensions

Summary calling by lines

Detailed calling cost by extension

Detailed calling with Location & CLID/Line Name

  • Frequency

Most frequently called numbers

Longest called numbers

Most expensive calls

  • Geographic

Summary calling by area codes

United States calling distribution (U.S. map)

call to action
Call to Action
  • Sell CallAnalyst with every new phone system
  • Offer CallAnalyst bundled with Networked Systems
  • Go after your installed base

Thank You

By TriVium Systems

Maximizes the return on your telecom investment


list of standard reports 1
List of Standard Reports(1)

** Reports available with CallAnalyst Lite

list of standard reports 2
List of Standard Reports (2)

** Reports available with CallAnalyst Lite

list of standard reports 3
List of Standard Reports (3)

** Reports available with CallAnalyst Lite

list of standard reports 4
List of Standard Reports (4)

** Reports available with CallAnalyst Lite

sample callanalyst screen shots
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Easy Report Setup

  • Click on ‘Reports’ for the list of possible reports ( first screen on the left).
  • Click on ‘Criteria’ to set the criteria for the report you want to run.
    • Criteria includes dates, times, specific extensions, groups or lines.
    • You can also choose previously stored report templates.
  • Choose ‘Select’ to choose the extensions or groups you would like to report on.
sample callanalyst screen shots1
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Master List of Extensions, Lines and Account Codes

These are assigned to Groups and Departments

  • The Master Extension List (on the right) is used to assign names to extensions.
  • You should enter all of extensions and names before assigning them to groups or departments.
  • After all names and extensions are created, give the list a group or department name.
sample callanalyst screen shots2
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Quick view of All Calls

  • Use the “All Calls” button to quickly access all inbound and outbound traffic data for all phones
  • Clicking the ‘Refresh’ button gives you up-to-the minute data
  • Order the data by any column
sample callanalyst screen shots3
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Graphical Reports

  • In addition to text-based reports, CallAnalyst provides graphical reports
sample callanalyst screen shots4
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Cost Analysis and Billing

  • Create both costing and billing reports.
    • Costing reports are used internally to find out how much one is spending on rated calls
    • Billing reports are used to generate an invoice or a bill for the customer
  • Set "per call" surcharges and "per report" surcharges.
  • Supports “prefixed” or “zone”-based billing.
  • For tenants sharing phone resources, separate call records per tenant.
sample callanalyst screen shots5
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Importing/Storing Call Data Records (CDR/SMDR)

  • Store your Call Data Records (CDR/SMDR) on your hard drive for historical or trending purposes.
  • Accurately forecast resource needs or identify significant trends that affect your business.
sample callanalyst screen shots6
Sample CallAnalyst Screen Shots

Automation of reports and Archiving data for backup

  • Automate the report generation process
  • Send the report to an email address, printer or a file
  • Archive and restore data
examples of smdr collection
Examples of SMDR Collection
  • Direct Serial to PC Com Port (RS-232)

Serial RS232 cable

(usually DB9 Male to DB9 Female)

PC Running CES – or –

MSR Thin Client

examples of smdr collection1
Examples of SMDR Collection
  • Serial to Lantronix (3rd party Serial to IP converter)

RS 232 (DB9 Male to DB25 Male) Cable

PC Running CES

Note: When using the Lantronix Device a Null Modem Cable or Adapter must be used.

RJ-45 Ethernet Cable’s


examples of smdr collection2
Examples of SMDR Collection
  • TCP/IP; SPE( ) –U10 ETU (LAN)
    • For Serial from SPE refer to Direct Serial to PC Com Port (RS-232) Slide

PC Running CES


single pc server installation
Single PC/Server Installation
  • Single PC with MDSE / CES / Call Alert Installed
single pc server installation1
Single PC/Server Installation
  • Single PC with SQL 2000 / CES / Call Alert Installed
multiple pc server installation
Multiple PC/Server Installation
  • PC with CES / CallAlert Installed – Server with MSDE Installed


  • PC with CES / CallAlert Installed – Server with SQL 2000 Installed


single site installation
Single Site Installation

PC/Server with the following installed:

  • SQL 2000 or MSDE
  • CallAnalyst
  • Call Alert

Serial Cable

single site single network client installation
Single Site/Single Network Client Installation

PC with the following installed:

  • CallAnalyst Client
  • CallAlert Installed (optional)

Note: If MSDE is used for the Database only 5 Network Clients are allowed.

Serial Cable

PC/Server with the following installed:

  • SQL 2000 or MSDE
  • CallAnalyst
  • CallAlert


multi site installation
Multi Site Installation

Site 2

Site 3

Site 4

Site 1





PC with Thin Client



CallAnalyst Enterprise Server with MSDE or SQL 2000

CallAnalyst Clients