Feeling the pressure of looming crct testing week
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Feeling the pressure of looming CRCT testing week? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Feeling the pressure of looming CRCT testing week?. The CRCT is WHEN????? AARGH!!! I don’t have enough time to prepare… I have too much paperwork to deal with this! Relax-.

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The CRCT is WHEN?????AARGH!!!I don’t have enough time to prepare… I have too much paperwork to deal with this!Relax-

Here are 3 down and dirty, quick and easy steps to help you increase your students’ achievement on our most beloved yearly assessment!

Step 1 use the 12 powerful words l.jpg
STEP 1:Use “The 12 Powerful Words”

These 12 words tend to

“trip up”

the at-risk student on standardized tests. Simply integrate them into your regular daily activities and watch your children’s test scores rise!

Twelve words l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • List in steps

  • Outline




Twelve words5 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Break Apart

  • Study

Twelve words6 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Read between the lines

Twelve words7 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Judge

Twelve words8 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Create

Twelve words9 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Tell all


Twelve words10 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Back up with details

Twelve words11 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Tell how

Twelve words12 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Give the short version

Twelve words13 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Ways alike

Twelve words14 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • Ways different

Twelve words15 l.jpg
Twelve Words:


  • What happens next

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12 Words Song – tune Are You Sleeping?

(Introduce 1 word at a time; then build to it)

Can you __________? (word)

Can you __________? (word)

Yes we can.

Yes we can.



We can __________. (word)

We can __________. (word)

Example: Can you trace?

Can you trace?

Yes we can.

Yes we can.

Follow the steps.

Follow the steps.

We can trace.

We can trace.

Step 2 unraavel l.jpg
STEP 2:“Unraavel”

Use this strategy to increase your students’ reading comprehension and math problem solving skills for the CRCT.

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UNRAAVEL Reading Comprehension StrategyU nderline the titleN ow predict the passage R ead through the passageA re the important words circled?V enture through the passageE liminate wrong answersL et the question be answered Double check your work!IMPORTANT WORDS ARE:bolditalicsunderlined highlighted ALL CAPITALS (in parenthesis) “in quotation marks” *marked with an asterisk in a different font or color

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UNRAAVEL Math Word Problem – Solving StrategyU nderline the questionN ow predict what you think you need to do to solve the problem R ead the word problemA re the important words circled? (especially clue words)A pply the step(s) you chose to solve theproblemV erify your answer (is it reasonable; does it make sense?)E liminate wrong answersL et the answer stay or rework the problem Double check your work!

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(Sung to the tune of the “Brady Bunch” tune)

Draw a line, under the title

Take your best guess what it’s all about

Put a number next to each paragraph

To help you find the answer

Take some time, and read the questions

Circle all, the very important words

Write down what each word means

And now its time to read

Chorus UNRAAVEL (ing)


This is how we UNRAAVEL the “CRCT”

Cross out all the wrong answers

Pick the best of all that remain

Paragraph numbers will prove

you know the answers

Now double check your work


Step 3 ten instructional strategies that close the achievement gap l.jpg
STEP 3:Ten Instructional Strategies that close The Achievement Gap

Use these strategies to increase your students’ achievement levels and better prepare them for the CRCT.

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Stress reading every day!!!

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Use higher order thinking skills every day!!!

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Make them use complete sentences every time!

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Have a system to reteach missed questions.

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Provide structure in the classroom.

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Make every child participate every day.

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Use an inclusive/diverse curriculum all year long.

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Get your audience emotionally involved.

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Teach one grade level ahead and tell them why. Preview.

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And lastly, No matter how tough it gets…

NEVER give