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  1. E-Commerce

  2. E-commerce allows people to exchange goods and services electronically - The buying and selling of goods/services are performed on the Internet. No barrier of distance you can buy things in Africa, Asia, America or Europe.

  3. Around the world

  4. Electronically via internet Electronically via internet Via Internet

  5. Electronically You do not need to go to the shop personally.

  6. No barrrier of time

  7. You can do business at day or night anytime. You can shop in summer or winter

  8. No boundary of places You can shop anywhere

  9. Any Places

  10. You can sell physically anything

  11. Any things

  12. You can sell serivces too!

  13. Any Services Advertising Accounting Lecture Moving Information Technology Idea

  14. E-commerce E-commerce can roughly bedivided into four categories E-tailing Electronic Data Interchange E-mail / Fax Business to Business

  15. 1 E-tailing Online catalogue sales In 1997, Dell Computers reported orders of a million dollars a day.

  16. 2 EDI Electronic Data Interchange Exchange of business data using an understood data format among business partners

  17. 2 EDI

  18. 3 E-mail / Fax Companies use E-mail and Fax to send information to customers. Customers use E-mail and Fax to place orders

  19. 3 E-mail/Fax

  20. 4 Business to Business Companies can sell products/services to other companies. It is a quick way to reach the right people in a company for more information

  21. 4 Business to Business

  22. How does EDI work?

  23. EDI 1 Buyer completes an electronic purchase order

  24. EDI 2 Send order to the vendor electronically

  25. 3 EDI Purchase order reaches vendor’s mail box via network . Purchase order sits there waiting for vendor to open it Open the purchase order please!

  26. EDI 4 Vendor sends acknowledgement back to buyer and informs the buyer that the order is received and is being processed

  27. EDI 5 Acknowledgement in the buyer’s network waiting for the buyer to open it Buyer receives the acknowledgement

  28. EDI The Hong Kong government began accepting lodgment of Import/Export Declarations through EDI in April 1997

  29. Three Major Steps of E-commerce Great Product Good Web Site Attract Customer

  30. Major Steps involving E-commerce Great Product 1 Is there another online business with similar products? Can you do it better? Will your product promote well? Is your product going to be fun to sell on Web?

  31. Major Steps involving E-commerce 2 Build a good Web site Customer management Order tracking, Subscription Services Real-time credit card processing Inventory control, Security Web site hosting, Web site creation tools Promotion, marketing Detailed reporting functions etc.

  32. Major Steps involving E-commerce 3 Attract customers Affiliate Program Mail Order Online Catalogue Online Shopping

  33. Major Steps involving E-commerce 3a Affiliate Program In 1997, launched the first affiliate program. It allows owners of other web sites to refer customers to Amazon in exchange for a fee. A good affiliate program must be Easy to join Good product and price

  34. Major Steps involving E-commerce 3b Mail Order Design a user friendly web site Bring targeted customers to your mail order business You can sell clothes, books, software, hardware, old things, etc.

  35. Major Steps involving E-commerce 3c Online Catalogue There are many things that you can sell through online catalogues: Books Computers Food/Gifts Clothing Music ….

  36. 3d Major Steps involving E-commerce Online Shopping Make the online shopping experience a pleasure for your customers such as providing them with music when they are shopping around Getting them back for shopping again

  37. E-commerce Essential Elements

  38. Essential Elements High Availability Unlimited concurrent connections Modem dial-in and run-time event support Traffic redistribution Issue coupon to returning customers Good shopping cart

  39. Essential Elements 5-1 High Availability

  40. Essential Elements 5-2 Unlimited concurrent connections

  41. Essential Elements 5-3 Modem dial-in and run-time event support

  42. 5-4 Essential Elements Traffic redistribution

  43. 5-5 Essential Elements Issue coupon to returning customers

  44. 5-6 Essential Elements Good shopping cart

  45. How does E-commerce work?

  46. Consumer visits Web to select products and submit purchase request Consumer is linked to an Internet secure site to exchange address / credit card information Internet secure server hands off to local application server Transaction approved and issue consumer with on-line receipt for printing Consumer returns to merchant’s web for further shopping Steps Summary

  47. How it works Consumer visits Web to select products and submit purchase request Internet Merchant Consumer

  48. How it works Consumer is linked to a Internet secure site to exchange address / credit card information Internet Internet Secure Server

  49. How it works Internet secure server hands off to local application server BANK Merchant Internet Secure Server Local Server

  50. How it works Transaction approved and issue consumer with on-line receipt for printing Internet Secure Server