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Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors

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Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors. “We are a non-profit trade association dedicated to protecting and promoting homeownership, ethics, and professionalism within the real estate industry.” Objectives.

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portland metropolitan association of realtors
Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors

“We are a non-profit trade association dedicated to protecting and promoting homeownership, ethics, and professionalism within the real estate industry.”

  • Motivate first time home buyers to consider buying a home with PMAR’s provided information
  • Encourage first time home buyers to use a Realtor
  • Promotion of the website, as a resource created by PMAR as an assistant to first time home buyers
market overview
Market Overview
  • With the number of increased new listings in the market, compared to the same time last year, it is a buyers market in the Portland Area. As of August the average length of active residential listings would last 6.2 months.
  • Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors can educate and assist 105.1 The Buzz’s listening audience to be a resourceful guide through the home buying process.

Source: Market Choice, publication of RMLS, Aug 2007

  • Entercom radio would like to partner with you to deliver the Balance message to our community. With you as the expert and Entercom Radio as the vehicle to deliver life changing messages, together we can make the necessary impact to help women in our community.
  • Our focus on areas for Balance include:
  • Health Management
  • Home and Finances
  • Diet and Fitness
  • Family and Relationships

Partnership Goals:

    • Generate a grassroots movement to educate women about the importance of creating a life that is in Balance.
    • Brand PMAR as the premium resource for women trying to attain this Balance.


  • Entercom will implement a marketing strategy that includes Digital, Audio and Experiential elements to relay this important message. We will be uniting the following Entercom female-based stations to support this program:
    • 105.1 The Buzz (Hot Adult Contemporary)
    • 94/7fm (Alternative)
    • 99.5 The Wolf (Country)
    • 97.1 CHARLIE FM - (Variety Hits)
    • With these four stations, your company will be speaking to over 308,200 women over the age of 18 ~ each month (Source: Arbitron Sp’07/W’07/FA’06/SU’06).


  • Entercom will customize a website for the Balance campaign. This website will be a hands-on resource for women in our community to find information on relevant topics such as:
    • Home & Finances
    • Also: Health Management, Diet & Fitness, and Family & Relationships.
  • PMAR will promote, with a logo and click through to the website, through the Balance website.


  • We will be podcasting interviews with well known women who will share their secrets of how they attempt to achieve balance in their lives. For instance, Police Chief Roseanne Sizer, TV Anchor Natalie Marmion, Gert Boyle of Columbia Sportswear or Claire Hamill of Nike. Podcasts will be available for live interviews and “ask the expert” chats on a monthly basis.
  • PMAR will have the opportunity to feature one testimonial or a knowledgeable representative to talk about the website per month!
  • Topics will include specific areas of expertise.


  • PMAR will have their own message combined as a vignette to a Balance message with a minimum of 2,004 commercials in the marketing months.
  • These will run on KRSK (and KNRK with the split buy) and equates to over 320,000 streaming impressions.
  • Streaming messages are unique because they capture listeners while they are at their desks and on their computers. The streaming screen that must be up to listen to the radio station offers a logo/link back to the Balance website where viewers can easily access the PMAR or website’s.
on site


  • Entercom will help create a Balance street team. This guerilla marketing concept will be implemented at various station appearances around Portland & Washington. This uniformed team will deliver materials which will include a gift (such as a soothing candle) and a brochure about the Balance Website. We will target women where they work, live, and spend leisure time.
  • PMAR will receive exposure at a minimum of 1 event per quarter!


  • Each Quarter our Balance street team will register people to win various BALANCING ACT prizes such as a free realtor fees, organizational makeovers or spa getaways. Each person that registers to win will be entered into a database which will be available for marketing purposes. We will also use this database to market links to the Balance Website.
  • *PMAR can be involved by offering a prize such as a free house-cleaning to one lucky participant. Prize to be determined.
street marketing
Street Marketing

Tee Shirts


street marketing1

How Do You Get Even?

Yesterday is but a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.~Anonymous

Street Marketing

Handout Cards: Front

How Do You Get Even?

Depending on your age, level of conditioning, and your fitness goals, you should train in a particular heart-rate zone. The higher your heart rate, the more calories you will burn and the more fit you can become.

To figure your maximum heart rate, simply subtract your age from 220. Then work at 70% of your maximum heart rate.


Handout Cards: Back

Sponsor logo

Sponsor Website

on air


  • Entercom’s creative department will produce a variety of community messages that speak to the subject of Balance. We will also create custom commercials for PMAR that highlight related topics and then have the Balance tag.
  • The :60 second message will consist of a :30 second Balance message giving women tips and hints of how to find Balance in their lives, then two :15 second vignettes featuring two non-competing sponsors.


  • PMAR will receive 285x :60 custom commercials to run throughout the year with a $50,000 commitment to 105.1 The Buzz.
  • OR, 143x :60 commercials will be on-air with The Buzz and 148x :60 commercials on 94/7fm with a split $50,000 commitment to both stations.
  • **These messages will rotate evenly per week in the morning show program, mid-day program, evening program, and afternoons throughout the weekends. These are the radio prime-time’s to advertise!
on air1


  • Entercom will provide a minimum of 600 (:60s) per year, dedicated to the Balance Message. PMAR will have a :15 custom message inside these :60s, along with another non-competing sponsor. So it will be a :30 Balance message, your own :15 message and then :15 other sponsors message. These community messages will run across the four stations: KYCH, KRSK, KWJJ and KNRK


  • Metroscope is a public service program that runs at varying times on Sunday for an hour on all six of Entercom’s stations. Between all stations Metroscope has a weekly audience of over 10,000 people between the ages of 25 and 54. Cause-related topics are discussed that are relevant to our local community. Every quarter we will highlight a subject that ties back to the Balance campaign. We will interview experts to offer advice regarding health, fitness, family, relationships, or careers.
  • ** PMAR will have the opportunity to receive 2x personal Metroscope interviews on the topic of balance through your living situation.


  • Microsite - implementation and updates
  • Podcasts Streaming - management
  • (2,004) streaming commercials on The Buzz (and 94/7fm with the split buy)
  • (160) promotional announcements leading up to events and appearances on 105.1 The Buzz (and 94/7 with the split buy)
  • Balance Street Team - development and organization, including staff
  • Street Marketing targeting greater Portland metro
  • Quarterly Balance BUSTERS Sweepstakes
  • Unique commercial production
  • (285) :60 customized commercials to run throughout the campaign.
  • (143) :60 on The Buzz and (148) on 94/7 with the $50,000 split campaign.
  • (600) :15 customized message inside a :60 community message to run throughout the campaign and across four stations
  • Inclusion in (2) Metroscope interviews

Value of this campaign: $146,229

May to August NET investment $50,000

thank you
Thank You!

I appreciate you time and consideration for 105.1 The Buzz and 94/7fm. Both of these stations will efficiently and effectively target new home buyers in the Portland Market.

The women (and men) of these two stations will be excited to know that PMAR and exist for their benefit!

Best wishes,

Tracy White

confidentiality notice
Confidentiality Notice

The proceeding pages contain proprietary information of Entercom Communications Corp and are to be used by the recipient solely for the purpose of evaluating a transaction or business relationship with Entercom Communications Corp. This Proprietary Information should be kept confidential and is not to be distributed, disclosed or disseminated by third parties.