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Criminal Justice Overview

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Criminal Justice Overview. 10 th Judicial District Johnson County, Kansas. Organizational Chart. Law Enforcement. Johnson County Sheriff’s Office 19 Municipal Police Departments Total county force of over 1,700 officers 2007 18,269 booked into Jo Co Jail

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criminal justice overview

Criminal Justice Overview

10th Judicial District

Johnson County, Kansas

law enforcement
Law Enforcement

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

19 Municipal Police Departments

Total county force of over 1,700 officers

2007 18,269 booked into Jo Co Jail

Sheriff provides service to De Soto, Edgerton,

Specialized units in larger PD’s Prevention, Sex crimes, Homicide, Juvenile

pre trial services adult
Pre-Trial Services Adult

Bond Supervision Program expanded in 2004

Joint effort between Courts, Court Services, Corrections, and DA.

Specific Criteria set for initial qualification sorted by JIMS system

Eligible clients interviewed, criminal history check and address and employment verified by Corrections staff (3 fte’s)

Report to court placed on JIMS

Supervision provided by Court Services (3fte’s)

bond supervision program
Bond Supervision Program
  • 2007 stats:
    • 1,856 bond screens completed
    • 1,946 cases ordered to bond supervision
    • 170 cases placed on bench warrant status
    • 21 cases remain open
    • 600 average number on supervision with 100 in custody
pre trial services juvenile
Pre-trial Services Juvenile

Juvenile Intake and Assessment (JIAC) created through Juvenile Justice Reform act in 1997

Program contracted with Temporary Lodging for Children (TLC)

Johnson County Dept of Corrections has oversight and county provides supplemental funding

Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA) provides grant funding, sets outcomes, and approves screening tools


2007 1,887 intakes completed and 717 families accepted service

Services provided to both Juvenile Offenders and Child in Need of Care (CINC) cases

TLC provides additional case management services as other funding allows, including Truancy and Juvenile Offender case management pending disposition of the case.

district attorney
District Attorney
  • 93.28 employees
  • Specialized Units: Major Cases, Appeals, Warrants, Commitments, Domestic Violence, Economic Crime, Drugs, Juvenile, Sex Crimes, Traffic and Interns
  • 2007 case filing stats
    • Criminal Total 5,351
      • Felony 2,272
      • Misdemeanor 1045
      • Domestic Violence (DV) 2034 (1773 mis/261 fel)
    • Traffic 18,193
      • DUI Misdemeanor 337
    • Juvenile Offender 2,575 (2164 mis/411 fel)
    • CINC (Child in Need of Care) 365 /190 Truancy

Public Defender Office serves only felony cases by court appointment

Defendant may also retain private counsel

Public Defender office is a state managed program

Local office 24 fte’s

Misdemeanor cases handled by local appointment list and retained attorneys

district court
District Court

Chief Judge assigns docket and has authority over non-judicial personnel

Court Administration oversees court budget, personnel, and jury management

State managed through the Office of Judicial Administration (OJA)

Sentencing Guidelines established on felony cases in 1993

district court1
District Court
  • Judiciary
    • Criminal Dept 6.5 District Judges; 2.1 Magistrates
    • Civil Dept 5.5 District Judges; 0.2 Magistrates
    • Family Dept 4.0 District Judges; 0.2 Magistrates
    • Juvenile Dept 4.0 District Judges; .67 Magistrates
    • Probate Dept 1.0 District Judge; .33 Magistrate
    • Hearing Officers for non-support 1.5 officers
    • Total 24.5
district court2
District Court

Non-Judicial Staff

Court Administration 6

Clerk of the Court 53

Court Reporters 18

Administrative Asst’s 22 (county and state)

Research Attorneys 4 (county and state)

District Court Trustee 49 (county and state)

Court Services 66.73 (county and state)

Total 218.73

diversion adult services
Diversion Adult Services
  • Managed by the District Attorney
  • Target population: first time low level misdemeanor crimes; select felonies and traffic
  • Low level of supervision with primary services provided by community agencies
  • 2007 Stats
    • Traffic 6,685 applications; 6,484 granted
    • Criminal 431 applications; 288 granted
    • Diversion 494 applications; 371 granted
    • DUI 179 applications; 144 granted
    • Mental Health 21 applications; 14 granted
diversion juvenile
Diversion Juvenile

District Attorney reviews cases and determines eligibility

Court Services provides supervision (6.5 fte’s state and fee funded)

Target population low level first time misdemeanors and select felonies

Youth Court and Project SKIP (3 fte’s plus cadre of interns and volunteers; county, grant and fee funded)

Juvenile Drug Court (1 fte grant funded)

ADP 500 standard diversion; 80 Youth Court and 60 Drug Court


Administers the jail

Serves civil process papers and criminal warrants

Provides dispatch for the Sheriff’s Office (SO) and 7 cities

Direct patrol

Investigations for SO and cities as requested

Crime lab and CSI county-wide

Offender registry

Courthouse security

  • Olathe facility constructed in 1985
  • New Century “phase 1” constructed in 2000
  • New Century “phase 2” projected 2009 opening
  • Current capacity 533 beds
  • With “phase 2” 1087 beds
  • Current Census
    • 470
    • 232 “farmed out”
    • Average length of stay (los) 17 days
juvenile detention center
Juvenile Detention Center
  • Constructed 1979 with addition in 1998
  • Capacity: 70 beds
  • 2007 ADP: 69.7
  • Current Census: 47
  • Services include:
    • Education through Olathe School District
    • Sanction House program (up to 28 day hold)
    • Crossroads Program 12 week treatment program
    • Mental Health Services 1.6 fte assigned from JCMH
    • Health Care Services
    • Volunteer Cadre who provide life skills classes
juvenile detention center1
Juvenile Detention Center
  • Composition of Inmate Population 2007
    • Pre-trial 488 Youth/20.8 days average stay
    • Misdemeanor 756 Youth/19.2 days average stay
    • Probation Revocation Holds 350 Youth/28.0 days average stay
    • Felony 315 Youth/29.7 days average stay
    • Federal Holds 0
    • State Holds 257/31.0 days average stay
adult probation
Adult Probation

Misdemeanor probation supervised by Court Services

Screening tool (LSIR)determines placement on felony cases

Pre-Sentence Investigations (PSI’s) provided by Court Services

“Standard” supervision provided by Court Services

Intensive Supervision (ISP) provided by Jo. Co Dept. of Corrections

adult court services
Adult Court Services
  • 28 fte’s
  • Average caseload 135
  • Specialized caseloads include: Drug, Domestic Violence, Sex and Financial Crimes
  • Interstate Compact and Intra-State transfer caseloads
adult court services1
Adult Court Services
  • 2007 Average Monthly Caseload Stats:
    • Felony 375
    • Misdemeanor 1454
    • Total 1828
    • Revocation (local disposition) 59
    • DOC 1.5
    • Successful Release 134
    • Warrant issued 44
    • PSI’s completed 152
adult corrections
Adult Corrections

Intensive Supervision Program (ISP)

22 fte’s

Average caseload 27

Total Average Daily Population 608

Average length of supervision 12-24 mos

adult corrections1
Adult Corrections

Residential Center

Capacity 348 beds

Total fte’s 163

Residential Program (117 days avg stay)

Therapeutic Community (180 days avg stay)

Work Release (150 days avg stay)

Case Management (15 fte’s caseloads of 15)

adult corrections2
Adult Corrections
  • Discharge Information (2008 to date)
    • 612 cases closed
    • 202 Revoked to KDOC
      • 141 Technical Violations
      • 43 New Felony Charges
      • 18 New Misdemeanor Charges
juvenile probation
Juvenile Probation

YLS-CMI screening tool in pilot stage

Standard supervision provided by Court Services

ISP provided by Jo. Co. Dept. of Corrections

PSR’s (Pre-sentence Reports) prepared by Court Services

juvenile court services
Juvenile Court Services

Standard Supervision

10 fte’s

Average caseload 60

Specialized Units: Sex and Arson crimes

School based assignments

juvenile court services1
Juvenile Court Services
  • 2007 Average Monthly Caseload Stats
    • Felony 105
    • Misdemeanor 381
    • Child in Need of Care 9
    • Total 496
    • Revocation local disposition 18
    • Revocation to JJA .5
    • Release 48
    • Warrant issue 4
    • PDR’s 5 (most cases are bench probations)
juvenile corrections
Juvenile Corrections
  • Juvenile ISP
    • 6 fte’s
    • Average caseload 20/ Average total on supervision 120
    • Average length of time supervised 11.4 mos

Discharge Information (2008 to date)

108 Total

63 Successful

45 Unsuccessful or transfer to custodial placement

juvenile corrections1
Juvenile Corrections
  • Juvenile Case Management (cases in JJA custody placement)
    • 5 fte’s
    • Average caseload 21/Average total on supervision 106
    • Average length of time supervised 19.2 mos
    • Discharge Information (2008 to date)
    • 68 Total
      • 45 Successful
      • 21 Unsuccessful
      • 2 Transfer to ISP
victim advocacy
Victim Advocacy

Administered By District Attorney

10 fte’s; 19 volunteers

SAFEHOME 1.5 Domestic Violence Advocates

Services include: Sexual Assault, Elder Abuse, Domestic Violence, Survivors of Homicide, Child Victim Crimes and Select Property Crimes

2007 Victims served: 400

community based services
Community Based Services
  • Johnson County Mental Health (JCMH) Forensic Unit 16 fte’s
    • Sexual abuse treatment 4.5 staff
    • Jail services including 6 staff and .3 psychiatrist
    • Community Corrections 3 staff
    • Juvenile Detention 1.5 staff
    • Court ordered evaluations and competency assessments
    • 22,000 contacts annually at the three facilities
    • 583 individuals served through out-patient
  • Private Provider Monitor Program
    • Administrative fee covers cost of contractual staff who monitor the programs assigned by the court
      • Substance Abuse
      • Batterer Intervention
      • Anger Control
      • Parenting
      • Financial
      • Sex Offender
      • Evaluations
community based services1
Community Based Services

SRS (Social and Rehabilitation Services

Catholic Social Services

Multi-Purpose Centers

Johnson County Public Health Dept

Johnson County Health Partnership

Johnson County Housing Authority

New web-based system to locate services through United Way 2-1-1 and Johnson County AIMS dept.

jims justice information management system
JIMS Justice Information Management System

Integrated data management system that includes: Sheriff, District Attorney, District Court, Court Services, Corrections, JIAC and CASA

Created in 1993

Information entered in the system automatically pre-fills for other end users

Security allows for confidential information to be kept by department

Research and data analysis capabilities allow for multiple fields to be queried

Document imaging 14,000 pages per day

Web access availability to documents and records as security allows

state correctional facilities
State Correctional Facilities
  • Adult Facilities
    • El Dorado Multi-Use/1,350 capacity
    • Ellsworth Multi-Use/ 832 capacity
    • Hutchinson/1,830 capacity
    • Lansing Severely Mentally Ill Offenders/354 capacity
    • Norton Medium and Minimum Custody/707 capacity
    • Topeka Multi-Use (including all females)/698 capacity
    • Wichita Work Release All Male Minimum Custody/250 capacity
    • Winfield All Male Minimum Custody/554 capacity
state correctional facilities1
State Correctional Facilities
  • Juvenile Facilities
    • Beloit All Female Facility/100 capacity; 42 budgeted
    • Larned Substance Abuse and Mental Health beds/152 capacity; 122 budgeted
    • Topeka Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex/ 441 capacity; 240 budgeted
    • Atchison facility closed earlier in 2008
criminal justice advisory council
Criminal Justice Advisory Council

Community involvement in the Criminal Justice System

Faith Community

Multiple Jurisdictions

Civic Organizations



Defense and Prosecution

Mental Health


Criminal Justice Professionals