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Heavy duty seals bring great efficiency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Heavy duty seals offer excellent operational efficiency by keeping the fluids free from contamination. They make the operations easy and a multiple types of seals are used in a variety of vehicles and machinery. There are quality manufacturers that manufacture each item with a great accuracy and perfection. They follow stringent quality standards while making sturdy heavy duty seals for different applications.

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Heavy Duty Seals

Heavy duty seals
Heavy Duty Seals

  • Oil seal or grease seal is a vital component for proper functioning of every type of vehicle.

  • It is also called fluid seal or dirt seal because it protects the bearings from dirt and retains lubricant or liquid.

  • It keeps the contamination and foreign particles away. Seal also separates fluids or gases of dissimilar type

  • Heavy duty seals are designed for maintaining the best operating conditions. Due to rubber ribs, it gives good coverage to the grove, nicks, and axle shoulder.

Mechanical face seals
Mechanical Face Seals

  • Mechanical face seals are engineered for extremely rugged and arduous applications where there is a possibility of severe wear and tear.

  • These heavy duty seals withstand the pressure and offer long service.

  • They can successfully resist the harsh and abrasive external environment.

  • These seals are known as Lifetime Seal, Floating seal, Duo Cone seal, Face seal or Toric seal.

Types of mechanical face seals
Types of Mechanical Face Seals

  • DO type:

    • These are the most widely used seals where an O-ring is used as a secondary element for sealing.

  • DF type:

    • In these seals a diamond-shaped cross-section acts as the secondary sealing element.

  • Both types of seals contain two separate housings that mount two metal seal rings that are exactly identical.

Types of mechanical face seals1
Types of Mechanical Face Seals

  • The two rings rotate face-to-face with one of the rings where one remains static, and the other is movable.

  • They are used in a variety of applications like gearboxes, power stations, stirrers, and mixers.

  • Since these seals are maintenance-free and rugged, they give lifetime service in harsh and tough conditions.

Types of mechanical face seals2
Types of Mechanical Face Seals

  • A few applications:

    • Heavy trucks, bulldozers

    • Conveyor systems

    • Axels

    • Agricultural equipment

    • Tunnel boring equipment

    • Mining equipment

    • Earthmovers and JCB machines

Rotary shaft seals
Rotary Shaft Seals

  • All rotary applications where separation or containment of fluid is required, there is a need for rotary shaft seals.

  • High-performance seals are available in a wide variety. They are also known as raial lip seals or flexible lip seals.

  • Pumps, wind turbines, pulp and paper industry, gearboxes, steel mills and ship stern tubes are typical industries where these seals are in high demand; Coal pulverizing industry also requires rotary shaft seals in bulk quantities.

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About Us

  • SAP Parts is a rapidly growing company in the field of precision products serving the heavy , construction and agricultural industry since 2009.

  • We (SAP Parts) introduce ourselves as a manufacturer , designer and OEM suppliers of technologically enriched and specially designed Duo Cone Seals, Float Seals and special surface treated bushings for the construction/mining/agriculture equipments.

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