upsc anthropology test series n.
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  1. UPSC ANTHROPOLOGY TEST SERIES Email: | Phone: +91-8700922126

  2. Anthropology helps to understand the past and present human experience, the use of holistic, comparative and promising areas of development and practice in the field. Students can acquire the necessary skills to create a solid foundation in the history of anthropology, theory and methodology, research and anthropological analysis, as well as the study and interpretation of the immediate environment.

  3. Why is Anthropology important? What does it mean to be human? This question is the answer to anthropology. Anthropology is the study of history and the study of various human cultures in the modern world. According to Hilo College, anthropology emphasizes a comparative group of people who understand human behavior and biology, and therefore consider people to be "people." It is also important to understand the origins and history of people who understand the culture and the international community. Consider the common aspects, you can find such common features as language, cultural relations, economics and curiosity. Thus, Anthropology is a really interesting subject.

  4. Course Overview The anthropology test series is a popular and successful program conducted by PRADIP SARKAR, both in offline and online coaching mode in SAPIENS IAS.

  5. Course Summary Test series consists of 10 tests – 6 area wise and 4 comprehensive tests. Schedule for which could be collected from our website Elaborate and complete discussion shall be held after every test. Personal feedback and attention shall be given to the students with properly evaluated test copies. In case, if anyone misses any test discussion which is valuable could be provided with recorded class since our institution is completely digital. Our teacher, Pradip Sarkar himself evaluates test copies; hence, test copies are evaluated reliably

  6. Regular students in test series participated in test discussions that were conducted very well on the UPSC final exam. Many of them scored 300+ and secured rank in IAS exam below 50. Therefore, a series of tests is a successful strategy in the study of UPSC / IAS.  Sapiens IAS has10 years experience in providing students with direct knowledge, hard work and talent with respect to the long-term goals of the IAS.


  8. NOTE • Discussion of every test shall be held on the date of next test (particularly after the test). • Properly evaluated paper shall be given back to students. • Sharing model Answer • Personal feedback and attention to individual students.