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sap security online training in uk

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sap security online training in uk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on - " SAP SECURITY ONLINE TRAINING " contact or 1-6786933994, 1-6786933475, 919052666559, 919052666558 By Real Time Experts from Hyderabad, Bangalore,India,USA,Canada,UK, Australia,South Africa,Malaysia.

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sap security online training india
Sap security online training India

Online | classroom| Corporate

Training | certifications | placements| support

  • INDIA +91-9052666559,9052666558
  • USA : +1-678-693-3475


sap security online training uk
Sap security online training UK


  • What is Security
  • Building blocks
  • Common terminologies used
  • Most Common tools in Security
  • CUA


sap security online training usa
Sap security online training USA

What is Security?

Security concept is same around the globe like in your normal life, security

means removing or restricting unauthorized access to your belongings. For

example your Car, laptop or cared cards etc

IT Security?

Information security (sometimes shortened to InfoSec) is the practice of

defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption,

modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. It is a general term

that can be used regardless of the form the data may take (electronic, physical,


SAP Security?

In the same context of InfoSec. SAP security have the same meaning… or in

other words - who can do what in SAP?


sap security online training canada
Sap security online training Canada

Building Blocks

  • User Master
  • Record Roles
  • Profiles
  • Authorization Objects


sap security online training australia
Sap security online training Australia

User Master Record?

A User initially has no access in SAP

• When we create access in system it defines UMR User Master Record information includes:

• Name, Password, Address, User type, Company information

• User Group

• Roles and Profiles

• Validity dates (from/to)

• User defaults (logon language, default printer, date format, etc)

User Types: Dialog – typical for most users System – cannot be used for dialog login, can communicate between systems and start background jobs Communications Data – cannot be used for dialog login Internet services.


sap security online training new zealand
Sap security online training New Zealand

Roles and Profiles

Roles is group of tcode (s), which is used to perform a specific business task.

Each role requires specific privileges to perform a function in SAP that is


There are 3 types of Roles:

• Single – an independent Role

• Derived – has a parent and differs only in Organization Levels. Maintain Transactions, Menu, Authorizations only at the parent level

• Composite – container that contains one or more Single or Derived Roles


sap security online training south africa
Sap security online training South Africa

Authorization Objects

• Authorization Objects are the keys to SAP security

• When you attempt actions in SAP the system checks to see whether you have the appropriate Authorizations

• The same Authorization Objects can be used by different Transactions


sap security online training malaysia
Sap security online training Malaysia

User Buffer?

• When a User logs into the system, all of the Authorizations that the User has are loaded into a special place in memory called the User Buffer

• As the User attempts to perform activities, the system checks whether the user has the appropriate Authorization Objects in the User Buffer.

• You can see the buffer in Transaction ???


sap security online training dubai
Sap security online training Dubai

Executing a Transaction (Authorization Checks)

  • Does the Transaction exist? All Transactions have an entry in table TSTC
  • Is the Transaction locked? Transactions are locked using Transaction SM01 Once locked, they cannot be used in any client
  • Can the User start the Transaction? Every Transaction requires that the user have the Object S_TCODE=Transaction Name Some Transactions also require another Authorization Object to start (varies depending on the Transaction)
  • What can the User do in the Transaction? The system will check to see if the user has additional Authorization Objects as necessary


sap security online training pune
Sap security online training Pune

How to trace missing Authorization

Frequently you find that the role you built

has inadequate accesses and will fail during testing or during production usage.

Why? Why It happens?

Negligence of tester or some other reason How

process initiated?

This process kicks when security guy receives:

• Email or,

•phone call or

• ticket