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January , 201 1

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January , 201 1
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January , 201 1

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  1. MCM – Manway Cutting/Beveling/Welding Machine January, 2011

  2. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine Portable cutting/beveling/welding machine is designed for cutting and/or welding holes on flat convex or concave surfaces, pipes or tanks The MCM enables programmable comprehensive oxy-fuel or plasma manhole cutting with simultaneous beveling in wind tower construction, shipbuilding/repair and various metal working applications A welding head attachment allows door-frame welding and can be used for other applications

  3. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine Simple and handy interfaceenables an easy input and configuration of cutting/beveling/welding parameters Theprocess is performed in a full programmablecycle Innovative control system and software allow for double-sided beveling in one operation

  4. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine MCM is delivered with transport beam as standard The beam enables easy and safe transportation of the MCM to a working area • MCM is a fully portable machine because of its unique magnetic clamping system

  5. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine A unique control system makes shape programming very fast without the use of any external, costly software MCM control system holds a library of basic geometrical figures such as a rectangle, circle, ellipse and a rectilinear ellipse

  6. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine Programming process begins by choosing a required shape from built-in library. Next an operator inputs specific dimensions related to the job at hand. • Then the operator chooses beveling type, defines the method of burning lead-in & lead out and determines basic parameters of cutting.

  7. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine Once the necessary data is entered, numerical controller of the machine generates the torch path and angles The operator can also transfer his own software in G-CODE format to MCM through a USB port by means of flash-type memory(option) • If the hole to be cut has its own individual oval shape the operator can “teach” the machine and customize the hole shape by means of Measuring Slide System • Door frames which are welded into wind towers usually have their individual oval shapes which are far different from each other. Thus there is a need for custom made shapes each time a door frame needs to be welded into a wind tower.

  8. Door-frame Shape Programming A measuring slide system consists of: measuring arm, sliding clamp, main beam with linear scale, software. • The operator places the aluminum beam with perpendicular measuring slide on the doorframe and makes width measurement at selected points (both left and right side of the frame)

  9. Door-frame Shape Programming Then the measured values are entered into the machine’s controller. Next the MSS software calculates the exact hole shape and automatically generates the torch path. • It is cost effective, precise and quick way of doorframe shape programming. • The whole operation takes a couple of minutes and each time results in an ideal fit between beveled hole and door frame.

  10. MCM – ManwayCutting/Beveling/Welding Machine Thanks to the 5th axis, the MCM is able to bevel both with a constant beveling angle or with a constant bevel width

  11. Constant Groove Width MCM’s 5th axis controls torch position with accuracy up to 0.1°, what provides precise beveling angle and maintains constant groove width Hole dimensions when cutting at constant groove width: α– Variable β – Variable C – Constant D – Constant W – Constant This very unique feature is highly valuable when beveling curved shapes on cone shaped convex or concave structures

  12. Cutting

  13. Beveling

  14. Beveling

  15. Welding

  16. Welding

  17. Modes of work In vertical or horizontal positions • On flat surfaces like plates etc. (vertical position as option) • Inside tubes or vessels with diameter above 118”, 9.8’ (3000 mm) • Outside tubes or tanks with diameter above 118”, 9.8’ (3000 mm)

  18. Breakthroughin door-frame welding The way of door-frame welding is changing from manual into fully mechanized process by means of patent pending MCM designed and developed by PROMOTECH POLAND

  19. Breakthroughin door-frame welding MCM enables faster and more efficient welding with high quality results Manual process Mechanized process by MCM

  20. Technical specifications

  21. Additional features

  22. Advantages Summary The Manhole Cutting/Beveling Machine can run with oxy-fuel or plasma cutting equipment Cutting/beveling on flat, concave and convex surfaces Efficient double-sided beveling in one operation A welding head attachment can also be added for welding door frames and for other applications The control system ensures precise movement of the cutting torch and active compensation of torch position with regards to work piece curvature

  23. Advantages Summary User friendly control system interface The MCM machine can perform any G-CODE format program transferred from an external computer Light construction, flexible and user-friendly software allow MCM to be used as a portable CNC cutting machine which can be placed directly on a work-piece and fixed firmly by means ofpermanent magnets The MCM machine can also work on a steel wall in a vertical position Custom made versions are available

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