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Child Abuse PowerPoint Presentation
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Child Abuse

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Child Abuse - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Child Abuse. Michaela Walters, Matt Druffel , Kevin Sheehan. “My four year old was abused in a foster home…”. (to find a better story).

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Child Abuse

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    1. Child Abuse Michaela Walters, Matt Druffel, Kevin Sheehan

    2. “My four year old was abused in a foster home…” (to find a better story) A thirty year old woman put her three children in foster care, because she could not take care of them herself. She still went to visit them and act as a mother figure, she just could not provide for them. In the first home they were put in, she sensed something was wrong with the parent in charge. She reported the home to the DSS, and they issued an investigation. When they went into the home, they found a chair with straps on it. They asked her oldest son, who was four at the time, about the chair. He told them that she would put him in the chair so that he could not move and hit him. However, the woman was never prosecuted, and the case was ‘swept under the rug.’

    3. What if that was you, or your child?

    4. No one thinks these things will happen to them…

    5. Something must be done to prevent this.

    6. Our Goal (proposal goes here) statistics