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Baron de Montesquieu

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Baron de Montesquieu. By Kat Staley, Jamie Shirtz and Kaitie Hess. Biography. Born Jan. 18, 1689 in La Brede, France to a wealthy family Sent to Tully, near Paris to receive a classical education Became lawyer Marries Jeanne de Latrigue and recieves great wealth

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baron de montesquieu

Baron de Montesquieu

By Kat Staley, Jamie Shirtz and Kaitie Hess

  • Born Jan. 18, 1689 in La Brede, Franceto a wealthy family
  • Sent to Tully, near Paris to receive a classical education
  • Became lawyer
  • Marries Jeanne de Latrigue and recieves great wealth
  • Uncle dies, leaving him his title, fortune, and office
  • Publishes his work, including “Persian Letters” and “The Spirit of Laws”
  • Dies February 10 in Bordeaux
philosophical ideas
Philosophical Ideas

People Cannot Govern Themselves:

  • Solid government ruling over people
  • Freedom is the right to be left alone
  • England’s government was well off
philosophical ideas1
Philosophical Ideas

Humankind is Bad:

  • Savage without art or science
  • “Eat or be eaten”
  • Civilizations devour each other
beliefs in government
Beliefs in Government
  • Best form of government: one in which power is balanced among three groups of officials

-contributed checks and balances

1.) Executive - enforced laws- King, President

2.) Legislative - made laws- Parliament, Congress

3.) Judicial – interprets laws- Supreme Court, English Court

beliefs in government1
Beliefs in Government
  • Contributed New Ideas:

- political liberty- people have the right “to do what one should want to do, and not being forced to do what one should not want to do”

- laws are not divinely inspired-they evolved naturally out of life

- “the separation of power”: balancing power so one does not abuse it

affect on the revolution
Affect on the Revolution
  • Colonists struggling under taxes and restrictions
  • Beliefs quoted in the media to support colonists’ protest
  • Use model government and constitution to contradict English government
  • “They should be adapted in such a manner to the people for whom they are framed that it should be a great chance if those of one nation suit another”
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