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Address Verification With QuickAddress Pro PowerPoint Presentation
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Address Verification With QuickAddress Pro

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Address Verification With QuickAddress Pro
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Address Verification With QuickAddress Pro

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  1. Address VerificationWith QuickAddress Pro

  2. Pop-up program • Checks addresses against the USPS database • Drops an address into any document,including certain Banner INB forms What is QAS Pro?

  3. Loads on PC Start-up • Always available, triggered by Hotkeys • Minimizes when you’re done • If shut down, it can be opened again How Does QAS Pro Work?

  4. Desktop Icon, Program Menu


  6. Pop-Up Window

  7. New Search Typedown Select Layout Back Single Line Click New Search to clear out an old searchand start over. Back takes the search back one level. Typedown and Single Line are search types. Layouts are address formats. Toolbar Icons

  8. Typedown: Progressive narrowing of selections.Best when ‘fishing’ for uncertain addresses. • Type address element, pick from a list • Type another element, pick, etc. • Choices narrow down to one address Typedown Searching

  9. Let’s see a Typedown search. (Page 3 of the user guide.) Demo: Typedown

  10. Single Line: Simultaneous search of multiple address elements. Used to format a known address. • Type address elements as on an envelope • Commas between each element • No spacing, no capitalization needed • Start with ZIP code Single Line Searching

  11. Address to verify: You type: 146 S. Water Street Kent, OH 44240 13715 Madison Avenue Cleveland, OH (no ZIP) 2112 Murray Avenue Pittsburgh, PA (no ZIP) 44240,146,southwater 146,southwater,kent 13715,madison,cleveland 2112,murray,pittsburgh 2112,murray,pa 2112,mu*,pittsburgh Single Line Examples

  12. Let’s see a Single Line search. (Page 5 of the user guide.) Demo: Single Line

  13. Cursor in the first address field of an INB form address block. • Press the appropriate hotkey. • Verify address using Typedown or Single Line • Accept (QAS Pro populates address fields & minimizes) • Save the Banner INB form. Review: Key Steps

  14. Do the search over • Always start fresh with a New Search • Check the address using other resources • Did you use the appropriate hotkey? • Close and restart QAS Pro You control the Accept button.(It’s OK to ‘play’ with searching.) Problems?

  15. TroubleshootingHotkey Slips

  16. The GOAMTCH hotkey is Alt+G. Using a Alt + A or Alt + R with GOAMTCHproduces these errors: • City name does not populate • Form is saved but error message displays • Address data is not savedHow to fix it: Update the *PAIDEN address. Wrong hotkey with GOAMTCH

  17. Using the Alt+G hotkey on forms other than GOAMTCH produces these errors: • Address elements appear in the wrong fields • Banner error message at lower left • Address data is not saved How to fix it: Do-over with correct hotkey. Alt+G on wrong forms

  18. Not Saveddue to errors!

  19. A Question mark can replace a single characteranywhere within an address element: C?lora,MD An Asterisk represents any number of charactersat the end of an address element: Bainb*, WA You can combine wildcards in a single search: 201,everhar*,cant?n,OH Tip: Wildcards

  20. Using a keyword with the asterisk wildcard If you enter: *university,cleveland All Cleveland addresses with an address element containingthe word “university“ are retrieved: Good if you are looking for a type of organization or institution; such as banks, colleges, hospitals, schools, etc. Tip: Keywords

  21. Use QAS Pro to verify addresses in documents and messages • Use any hotkey to open QAS Pro. • Change the Layout to <default>. • Verify the address in QAS Pro. • Accept to insert the address data. Tip: Use Anywhere

  22. An update notice may appear when QAS Prois opened for the first time in a session. --No action is required—Click OK-- Tip: Expiration Notice

  23. Only Ohio counties are populated in Banner forms. Tip: Counties

  24. Tip: Use Online Help

  25. Now you’re ready to use QuickAddress Pro. These guides will help you practice: QuickAddress Pro User Guide QuickAddress Pro Practice Exercises “Address Verification with QuickAddress Pro” movie and slide presentation Tip: Practice

  26. Training Technical Support • • • 330 672-1911 • QAS Pro Online Help • Help Desk: 330 672-HELP • Open a help request at Assistance

  27. Step By Step:Typedown Search

  28. Banner INB form open, cursor in first address field of address block.

  29. Hotkey Alt-A pops up QAS Pro.

  30. Select Typedown (Ctrl + T) Select Typedown search. Type the ZIP, <Enter> to Select the match.

  31. Begin typing the street,use arrow keys to highlight, <Enter> to Select match.

  32. Select the street number range.

  33. Type or select the street number.

  34. Address completed, <Enter> to Accept.

  35. Address appears in the INB form fields. (QAS Pro minimizes). Save the INB form.

  36. Step By Step:Single Line Search

  37. Banner INB form open, cursor in first address field of address block.

  38. Hotkey Alt-A pops up QAS Pro.

  39. Select Single Line (Ctrl + S) Select Single Line search. Type a search string, press <Enter> to Search.

  40. Use arrow keys to highlight,press <Enter> to Select.

  41. Address is complete,press <Enter> to Accept.

  42. Address appears in the INB form fields. (QAS Pro minimizes). Save the INB form.

  43. Remember, you control the Accept button. Addresses are pasted at your command. You can practice QAS Pro searchinganytime, with no risk at all.