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School Forum. 14 December 2010. Budget 2011/12. Schools Funding announcement Schools budget 2010/11 Budget issues Mainstreaming grants Equal pay Redundancy and retirement costs Business for January Forum. School Funding announcement.

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School forum

School Forum

14 December 2010

Budget 2011 12
Budget 2011/12

  • Schools Funding announcement

  • Schools budget 2010/11

  • Budget issues

    • Mainstreaming grants

    • Equal pay

    • Redundancy and retirement costs

  • Business for January Forum

School funding announcement
School Funding announcement

  • Headlines from last night’s settlement – posted at 6pm!

  • Hampshire DSG settlement

  • One year

  • Mainstreaming

  • MFG

  • Pupil premium

  • Academy funding and LACSEG recoupment

  • Early years

School funding announcement1
School funding announcement

  • One year settlement for 2011/12 only

  • Mainstreaming grants including diploma formula grant (not previously highlighted as in base line)

  • Flat cash settlement ….

    • For all authorities

    • Hampshire

      • 2010/11 Grants per pupil £515.74

      • 2010/11 DSG per pupil £4,131.89

      • 2011/12 GUF per pupil £4,647.63

    • With cash floor to protect those with fast falling pupil numbers

School funding announcement2
School Funding announcement

  • Minimum Funding Guarantee

    • No school with budget cut of more than 1.5% per pupil

    • In most areas LAs should be able to offer greater protection and in consultation with Schools Forums set a higher guarantee

    • Pupil premium not included in calculation of guarantee and must be added after guarantee applied

Pupil premium
Pupil premium

  • April 2011 introduction

  • Grant based on Jan 2011 census, children eligible for FSM years R to 11

    • “Ever free school meals” aimed for 2012/13

  • £430 per deprived child flat rate nationally for 2011/12

  • Deprived pupils in

    • Maintained schools and academies, non maintained settings publically funded

    • Special schools, independent schools, PRUs

    • Children looked after for more than six months

    • Premium for service children of £200

Pupil premium1
Pupil premium

  • Hold schools accountable for how they use premium

    • New measures in performance tables that capture achievement if pupils covered by premium

    • Require schools to publish on line how they have used the premium

  • Ensure parents and others aware of progress and attainment and concentrate schools’ minds on using it appropriately

Pupil premium estimate from 2010 11data
Pupil premiumestimate from 2010/11data

Academy funding 2011 12
Academy funding 2011/12

  • Budget lines calculated net of income not gross

  • LA budgets reduce this year, LACSEG will reduce accordingly

  • Central school improvement grants end so excluded from calculations for this year

    • Removes current LACSEG of £312 per pupil

  • CLG topslice from LAs will start for 2011/12, and will not be targeted at individual LAs but top sliced nationally

    • Less turbulence, but could be disproportionate impact

  • Updated ready reckoner promised imminently

Early years settlement
Early Years settlement

  • No pupil premium

  • Standards Funds for EFE £7.752m in 2010/11 included in cash baseline

    • Assume therefore it is mainstreamed, but through different approach to schools grants

  • More work required

  • Will continue with arrangement where LAs with less than 90% of 3yo pop’n take up free entitlement funded as though they did

    • No longer a benefit for us

To do
To do …

  • Much work to do to fully unpack settlement

  • Track through mainstreamed grants

  • LACSEG reductions to LA grant

  • Removal of Dual registration for excluded pupils

  • Standards fund for EFE transfer

Schools budget 2011 12
Schools Budget 2011/12

  • Base budget

    • Pupil numbers

    • Cash settlement – no inflation

  • Headroom from 2010/11 position

    • Risk appetite on current underspends given one off headroom

  • Current pressures

Current 2011 12 headroom
Current 2011/12 headroom

£7.853m in 2011/12 and an ongoing £597,000 in 2012/13

Current 2011 12 headroom1
Current 2011/12 headroom

  • Significant one off funding

    • Consider risk appetite for budget assumptions around on going underspends

      • Eg:- SEN statementing and out county placements

    • Consider one off funding for costs of restructuring and redundancy in schools

      • Potential MFG issues

Budg et issues mainstreaming grants
Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

  • flat cash settlement for the new schools budget

  • grants are not currently expected to be materially reduced/topsliced before being added into the Dedicated Schools Grant.

  • receive the total value of 2010/11 allocations, adjusted for :

    • changes in overall pupil numbers

      • the removal of funds allocated on the basis of sixth form pupil numbers

  • the exclusion of funds relating to known Academies

  • any clearly identified one off items.

  • Settlement added diploma grant funding £811,000 not previously referenced

  • Budg et issues mainstreaming grants1
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    Budg et issues mainstreaming grants2
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    • Schools Development Grant

    • combination of per pupil and flat rate produces a reasonable fit, to Support Staff element

      • Advanced Skills Teachers – retain current approach

      • Excellence in Cities grant - £1.41m over 16 schools (1 special, 2 secondary and 13 primary)

      • Leadership Incentive Grant (LIG) - £611,000 at 5 secondary schools

      • Model long term approach using some existing low attainment and deprivation factors and balance with pupil premium

    Budg et issues mainstreaming grants3
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    • School Standards Grant (SSG and SSG-P)

      • combination of flat rate and per pupil will broadly fit

      • SSG-P uses frozen data from 2006

      • bring more detail to the January meeting.

    Budg et issues mainstreaming grants4
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    • Specialist School Funding

      • Four schools get part year funding in 2010/11, propose finding £116,000 in 2011/12 to give full year effect

      • Two secondary schools receive no funding, some have second and third specialism. Initially propose the allocations be retained with those schools currently receiving them, seeking to move to move to standard formula over three year period

      • Quirk with 1,001st to the 1,200th pupil not recognised for funding purposes. Cost of a simplification so all pupils above the 1,000th were recognised would be £0.784m

    Budg et issues mainstreaming grants5
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    • School lunch grant

      • retain current formula and include it as part of the school meals management partnership line

    • Ethnic Minority Achievement Grant

      • Schools Forum previously agreed to hold centrally as “needs are real, dispersed and variable so schools are unable to build individual school capacity to meet the needs”

      • Propose to continue

    Budg et issues mainstreaming grants6
    Budget issues – mainstreaming grants

    • Potential headroom and flexibility £19.64m

      • Extended schools funding

      • National Strategies

      • One to one tuition

    • None are currently delegated to individual schools

    • All previously expected to cease

    • Consider first for any Schools Budget flexibility and to offset any top slicing before the grants are added into DSG

    Budget issues equal pay
    Budget issues – Equal Pay

    • Budget strategy for funding Option B

      • Seek borrowing of £80m, revenue funding for costs of borrowing £5.5m pa

      • 2011/12 funds set aside £2.4m

      • £5.5 m revenue cost of borrowing in 2011/12 requires further £3.1m (ongoing provision)

      • 2012/13 further £1.9m ongoing provision

    Budget issues equal pay1
    Budget issues – Equal Pay

    • Effect top slice equally or differentiate?

      • By school type – aided and foundation

      • By school phase

    • Aided schools

      • currently only one claim, but more could be generated if it is successful

      • Potential insurance cover for aided schools

      • Aided schools borrowing from school balances loan scheme

    • Schools Forum 2008 decision set aside £0.5 m per annum was collective with all schools impacted

    • Provision in budget shares for the costs of Pay and Benefits was shared between all schools

    Budget issues equal pay2
    Budget issues – Equal Pay

    By phase

    Primary 1.14% Secondary 0.58% Special 1.54%.

    Budget issues redundancy and retirement
    Budget issues - Redundancy and retirement

    • Net cost met by the local authority budget in 2009/10 was £2.810m

      • Continuing payments from previous years met centrally £2.455m

      • New cases – Share charged to individual schools £0.280m

      • New cases – Share met centrally £0.355m

    • Propose moving solely the budget provision for new commitments of £0.4m to the Schools Budget and then meeting all the resulting future costs that are funded centrally from that budget

    • Pressure of £0.4 m a year for Schools Budget budget proposals for 2011/12

    Hcc position
    HCC position

    • Current budget guidelines are for 8% cash limit reductions for services for 2011/12 and 2012/13 with activity pressures to be absorbed

    • Settlement headlines looking consistent with that planning scenario given front loading of cuts over 4 years

    January forum business
    January Forum business

    • School group pressures and issues

      • Presentations

    • Full analysis of Hampshire school funding settlement

    • Modelling of

      • Absorbed inflation impacts?

      • mainstreaming grant proposals

      • Teachers pay reform grant

      • SEN formula changes

    • Formal consideration of Equal Pay funding strategy

    • Consideration of MFG/ transitional protection

    • March Forum for central expenditure limit and January 2011pupil number changes