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Time Management Tips: Myth, Reality and Practicality PowerPoint Presentation
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Time Management Tips: Myth, Reality and Practicality

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Time Management Tips: Myth, Reality and Practicality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Time Management Tips: Myth, Reality and Practicality. 18-Mar-09. From the Expert. "Time is the scarcest resource; and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” Peter F. Drucker. Myths, Realities and Practicalities.

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Time Management Tips: Myth, Reality and Practicality

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    1. Time Management Tips:Myth, Reality and Practicality 18-Mar-09

    2. From the Expert "Time is the scarcest resource; and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed.” Peter F. Drucker 18-Mar-09

    3. Myths, Realities and Practicalities • Myth: You can manage time.Reality: You can’t. You only manage what you can control.Practicality: Manage yourself within the confines of time. • Myth: Time is money.Reality: Time is more – it’s life. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.Practicality: Learn to manage your tasks within the constraints of time. • Myth: You need a personal organizer or time management system.Reality: If you’re not organized, a personal organizer won’t do the job for you. Practicality: Break old habits; form new, effective ones. 18-Mar-09

    4. Myths, Realities and Practicalities cont’d • Myth: Time management means getting more done in less time.Reality: Time management means doing fewer things of more importance.Practicality: Prioritize what needs to get done and focus on those with the most impact. • Myth: You need “quiet time”.Reality: This doesn’t exist. Time management writers make it up.Practicality: You have to let work happen to be effective. • Myth: You need a “to do” list.Reality: This is a reminder of what hasn’t been done.Practicality: Schedule blocks of time to work on tasks. 18-Mar-09

    5. Myths, Realities and Practicalities cont’d • Myth: You need 2 planners: one for home, one for work.Reality: You need one planner. Work and personal time often collide.Practicality: Include your personal appointments in your work planner. • Myth: You need a time log.Reality: You need to get organized first, adopt good habits and implement time-reducing techniques.Practicality: Keep a time log after to help make further improvements. • Myth: You need to stick to one task until it is complete.Reality: This is unrealistic; you will seldom have time to finish it.Practicality: Break tasks into smaller chunks. 18-Mar-09

    6. Myths, Realities and Practicalities cont’d • Myth: The biggest time wasters are phone calls, visitors, meetings and rush jobs.Reality: These are time obligations – they come with the job. The biggest time wasters are self-imposed.Practicality: Manage your response to interruptions. 18-Mar-09

    7. More on Practicalities • Meetings • use agendas, set time limits, only meet if you have to, • decline any meetings you don’t need to attend • check out our Effective Meetings brochure • Tasks • use the one with your calendar; include brief details of what needs to be done • Email • file attachments • delete/file email • set filters • turn off notification • Learn to say “No.” • or at the very least, “Yes, but . . .” • Plan your day the night before 18-Mar-09

    8. More on Practicalitiescont’d • Calendar • book time for tasks • use Notes • book time for yourself • book only 80% of your time • set aside time for “administrivia” • PM2 • use it to plan your tasks • Evaluate your habits • what can you change or improve on • Multi-tasking • simple or routine tasks 18-Mar-09

    9. Tools: The 4 Ds 18-Mar-09

    10. Tools: The Grid 18-Mar-09

    11. Tools: You Shut off negative thoughts; visualize; consider consequences; eliminate worry Lighting, comfortable chair, physical needs Take pride Clear distractions, have supplies you need 18-Mar-09

    12. Partnership 18-Mar-09

    13. Mantra “Plannin’ my work; workin’ my plan.” 18-Mar-09

    14. PM Knowledge Areas & Process Groups 18-Mar-09

    15. In conclusion . . . . . . follow process and progress will follow. 18-Mar-09

    16. Questions? Contact us at deliver.it@ucalgary.ca or 210-8792 Visit our web-site at www.ucalgary.ca/deliver.it Next PMCP: Lean Six Sigma Wed, Apr 08, 2009 Thank you for coming! 18-Mar-09

    17. The end. 18-Mar-09