candy cane homphon e hunt n.
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Candy Cane Homphon e Hunt PowerPoint Presentation
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Candy Cane Homphon e Hunt

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Candy Cane Homphon e Hunt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Candy Cane Homphon e Hunt.

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candy cane homphon e hunt
Candy Cane Homphone Hunt
  • Read through the story of the “hunt” for the perfect candy cane. As you read through each slide, identify the homophone that is used incorrectly, and put the correct homophone on a separate sheet of paper. Number your paper 1-20. Hint, there are 2 incorrect homophones on each slide. Good luck, and happy hunting!
page one
Page one
  • It was a week before the knew Candy Cane Dance at our school, and I was busy getting ready for the big day. I wasn’t sure weather I should go get my dress, or go in search of the perfect candy cane.
page 2
Page 2
  • I decided I should choose the dress I would wear first. It was a tough decision, but I went with the blue dress. This would be the perfect thing to wear, and I could wear my sweater with the flours on it two.
page 3
Page 3
  • Now that I had that decided, it was on to search for the perfect candy cane. I new that the candy shop in town would have just the traditional kind of candy canes, so I had to travel out of town to get one that would be unique. I packed a bag, and left an our later to go on a candy cane expedition.
page 4
Page 4
  • First I had to bored the plane. It was the first time I had ever been to this candyland metropolis, so I was very excited. I didn’t want to waist any more time, so I gathered my things and headed down to my gate. I wasn’t sure what type of adventure I had in store, I just wanted to get there.
page 5
Page 5
  • Once I got to my seat, the pilot announced it was time to take off. I sat back and looked out the window at the brightly shining son. I decided to take a knap, and dream about the perfect candy cane. Would it big or small, would it be flavored? So many possibilities.
page 6
Page 6
  • Before I knew it, we were their. I could hardly contain my enthusiasm for shopping for this special treat. I wasn’t sure which weigh to go, so I had to ask the flight attendant for directions. She was most helpful, and told me the perfect way to get to downtown Candyland.
page 7
Page 7
  • I got in my rent a car, and drove off. Eye was cruising along, when suddenly, in the middle of the road, I saw something. I had to slam on my brakes, it was a dear! I managed to drive around it, and he scampered off into the distance. Whew, that was close. I remained focus on my destination.
page 8
Page 8
  • I took root 66 all the way into Candyland. It was about an hour later when I arrived at my destination. I got out of my car, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I realized I wood have to work quickly, as time was running short and I had to make it back to the airport for my return flight.
page 9
Page 9
  • I went in the store dedicated to candy canes. They had thousands of choices displayed, and plenty of samples to go around. They had green, read, blue, yellow, and every color you could imagine. I wanted to pick just the write candy cane for the dance. I wanted mine to be special.
page 10
Page 10
  • I finally found it, the perfect candy cane. It was flavored with my favorite fruits, and it was shaped like a heart. The best thing about it, was that it was on a necklace. I quickly had to by it, and make it back to the plane. The dance was that knight, and I didn’t want to miss it.
  • I made it back to the airport just in time for my flight. I wore my candy cane to the dance that night, and it was a hit. I was so glad I spent the extra time, and effort to get the perfect candy cane for the dance! I also got to visit the best candy store on the planet. I can’t wait till the next dance!